Jeff Lichte Sighting

The Democrats sham candidate in the Republican Primary Election, Jack Franks’ supporter Jeff Lichte, finally made an appearance at a public meeting.

At least that is what the minutes from the January 27, 2016, minutes of the Valley Hi Operating Board say.

Lichte even spoke at the meeting, as you can see from this excerpt from the minutes:

Jeff LIchte couldn't make the League of Women Voters Candidates' Forum or the Northwest Herald's interview session, but he was able to attend the January 27th meeting of the Valley Hi Operating Board.

Jeff LIchte couldn’t make the League of Women Voters Candidates’ Forum or the Northwest Herald’s interview session, but he was able to attend the January 27th meeting of the Valley Hi Operating Board.

Lichte is running against Jack Franks’ General Election opponent from two years ago.


Jeff Lichte Sighting — 7 Comments

  1. Glad to see one of the two candidates are supporting seniors.

    Where was Reick?

    Valley Hi is such a huge line items and their surplus such an issue, you would think Reick would attend the meeting…..

    I know you play favorites Cal, but this is just blatantly obvious you are covering for Reick

  2. Valley Hi is a county deal, neither are running for a county elected position.

    Was Jack there?

  3. Who cares if franks was there?

    I’m only concerned about he right candidate winning this race and Reick proved last election he can’t handle himself.

  4. Me. Reick showed up for the League of Women Voters debate for the State Representative district race.

    Mr. Lichte did not show up for the debate.

    Debating an opponent is more important than showing up for a board meeting.

    Does Valley High video and audio tape their board meetings and indefinitely archive them on their website or the McHenry County website so the public can review them as time permits.

  5. The race is a three person deal, pull down your little skirt, your bias is showing.

  6. Another blogger suggested that Jack is going to step away from the state race and be caucused into the chairman race against the republican.

    Is that even possible?

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