Teachers Union Gives Schofield $53,900

The race to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon may be heading to the most expense Republican State Rep. Primary Election.

The political arm of the Illinois Education Association (IEA) has kicked in $53,900 into Carolyn Schofield’s campaign fund:

$53,900 was given to Carolyn Schofield's campaign by the Illinois

$53,900 was given to Carolyn Schofield’s campaign by the Illinois Education Association.

The campaign contributions from PACs is making Paul Serwatka’s $100,000 contribution to his own campaign look like small potatoes.


Teachers Union Gives Schofield $53,900 — 15 Comments

  1. And so goes Illinois government.

    As with most others in the General Assembly, Schofield and Skillicorn are both bought and beholden.

    Illinois families are captive to Special Interests who own our General Assembly.

    What are the chances the uninformed electorate will know, or care…

  2. In most all cases an investigation into corruption begins with following the money.

    With public officials the following of the money is generally easy as they all believe they are completely above the Law and Good Sense.

    With this massive injection of money into Carolyn’s campaign from one very corrupt special interest she absolutely disqualifies herself from public office.

    If this is what Mike Tryon wants to endorse he has damaged any good name he may have built for himself over his years serving our community.

    I would call for him to rescind his endorsement and offer none.

    Whatever this woman may or may not be in her personal life or her own mind she has shown she is fully bought and paid for in public life.

    Every voter who offers her the opportunity to fleece them from higher office gets exactly what they deserve.

    I’m certain Mark’s very incisive mind can be applied to who or what the IEA stands for and we all know it is not Teachers but Administrator pensions which are bankrupting this state.

    This woman continues to show her colors and what a joke she truly is as a candidate.

  3. IPACE = Illinois Political Action Committee for Education.

    That is the state teacher union PAC for Illinois Education Association, which in turn is a statewide teacher union, the larger of the two major statewide teacher unions in Illinois, the other which is the Illinois Federation of teachers.

    Each local school district (there are a few school districts that do not have teacher unions in Illinois) has a teacher union, and many of them have PACs as well.

    At the national level, there are the two major teacher unions, the National Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT), and each has a PAC.

    These unions are major political players at the national, state, and local level.

    There is no effective counter at the parent and taxpayer level.

    The teacher unions do not represent parents, students, or taxpayers.

    The unions represent their dues paying teachers, and in non right to work states that includes fair share fees (forced fees) from teachers whom do not want to give the union a dime because sone teachers do not believe in much of the speech of the union.

    That latter issue is at the heart of the Friedrichs v California Teachers Association case in the US Supreme Court, which with Justice Scalias death, it seems Friedrichs is a long shot to win.

    The minutiae of rules, the policy, the procedures, the laws, the processes, and the political environment under which the unions operate has strangled Illinois.

    Unions have their place but the playing field must be leveled and we need more participation from taxpayers and parents, and people need to better understand what has transpired.

  4. That is terrible!

    Most of her money is from unions!

    She can’t get 20 people at her fundraisers, but apparently she is willing to sell herself to the highest bidder!!!

    Meanwhile, the other Republicans downstate are fighting the public unions to bring the state under some kind of fiscal sanity.

    I have to ask what Rauner thinks of this candidate.

    It is exactly what he DOESN’T want.

  5. Rep. McSweeney has taken an interest in this race.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if his finger prints were on that check

  6. But, she “stands with Governor Rauner” and “understands the critical need to address pension reform”..

    She is definitely among the most brazen liars in political realm.

  7. She’s on her Facebook page thanking Sierra Club members for walking with her today…

    Not that it is surprising, but what a fraud.

  8. **the most expense Republican Primary Election**

    Umm… huh? Y

    ou clearly haven’t been paying attention to the primary downstate where Rauner/Proft are trying to take out Sen. Sam McCann.

  9. **Rep. McSweeney has taken an interest in this race. I wouldn’t be surprised if his finger prints were on that check**


    McSweeney and the IEA aren’t exactly friends…

  10. I changed it to State Rep. campaign.

    Point well taken re the State Senate race.

  11. This is so frustrating.

    Elected officials should not be decided based on how much money their campagins have.


    I truly hope that voters are smarter than this and can see through the bullshit in commercials, radio ads, and thousands of mailers that these sleezballs are putting out there.

    Money shouldn’t be the deciding factor in an election, but what would politics be without it these days?

    These are sad times, and a Schofield or Skillicorn victory would definitely be a tragic example of this “bought-and-paid-for” problem that is ruining our government.

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