Hultgren Holding Fundraiser March 9th

The following invitation to a fundraiser on March 9th at 31 North Banquets in McHenry for Congressman Randy Hultgren has been forwarded by McHenry County Republican Party Chairman Sandra Salgado:

Congressman Randy Hultgren's fundraising invitation.

Congressman Randy Hultgren’s fundraising invitation.


Hultgren Holding Fundraiser March 9th — 7 Comments

  1. Since when does a county level party chairman rate an honorific title before his/her name?

    I sure hope that wasn’t her idea.

  2. Billy Bob,

    All elected officials are “Honorable”.

    Whether you are a congressman, a county board member, or a precinct committeeman.

    In this case, Sandy is the elected precinct committeeman.

    She is Honorable.

    Ken Cabay is also an elected precinct committeeman and is Honorable.

    Fred Wickam is a precinct is committeeman and he is Honorable.

    However, I do see your point.

    We in McHenry County have no idea what ethical behavior is so how do we know what Honorable is either.

    I hope this answered your question – now back to the grind.

    Andrew Gasser

  3. To the Honorable Chuck Ruth,

    You are an elected precinct committeeman and are Honorable. I did not mean to forget you in the post above.

    Andrew Gasser

    PS If I missed anyone it was not on purpose.

  4. @andrew gasser

    A party official, even if elected, is not an elected official in the conventional meaning of the word.

    Also, Hon. Xxx Xxxx is incorrect.

    It should always be the Hon. Xxx Xxxx

    The way it is written is presumptuous and silly at the same time.

  5. Andrew…in one post you claim for all 300,000 of us,

    “We in McHenry County have no idea what ethical behavior is so how do we know what Honorable is either.”

    Then in the next post you awkwardly apologize for leaving some guy named Chuck out of the Honorable first post, then apologize to everyone.


    Is the apology for saying NONE of us know ethical behavior or for leaving out the “honorable” title on those you really don’t think are honorable at all?

  6. How did Randy Hultgren get to the top of the food chain?

    This guy would lose an argument with a potted plant

  7. Andrew u the biggest bag of wind in the tea baggers party. untill u get out of your mommy and daddy basement than open your mouth. u dont pay and property taxes nothing , just shut up, go chris jaeger , u win you have Andrews girlfriend

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