Demetri Mails “Vote Early” Piece, Polling Locations Included

The second mailing for Demetri Tsilimigras arrived today.

Demetri is running for Circuit Court Judge.

Besides listing the locations people can vote early, Demetri tells of his seventeen years as a prosecutor.

He explains his duties in the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Demetri Tsilimigras' mailing says he will be "an exceptional Circuit Court Judge."

Demetri Tsilimigras’ mailing says he will be “an exceptional Circuit Court Judge.”

Early voting locations are listed on the back of Demetri Tsilimgras' mailing.

Early voting locations are listed on the back of Demetri Tsilimgras’ mailing.


Demetri Mails “Vote Early” Piece, Polling Locations Included — 19 Comments

  1. Democrats traditionally have massive get out the vote operations because Joe-Schmoe-low-information-voter off the street is more likely than not going to be a democrat voter.

    Not saying that Demetri is a democrat (or that his party affiliation should have anything to do with being a Circuit Court Judge), but in sending out this mailer he must think he’ll do better among Joe-Schmoe-low-information-voters than Cowlin will.

    Not sure what to read into that.

  2. A recently retired judge and 3 lawyers I have talked to all say Demetri has never argued any kind of case in the 8 years he has been in the McHenry County states attorney office.

    I’m not trying to convince anyone but you can always ask someone yourself.

  3. Oh please, to re-elect Cowlin would be a travesty.

    If only the tax payers new the half of it.

    Definition of Travesty: a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something

    Vote Demetri.

  4. Judge Cowlin was appointed to his Circuit Court Judgeship.

    He was also appointed as Associate Judge.

  5. Warpath – your question deserves an honest answer.

    The answer is numerous.

    In fact, Demetri was certified for capital cases ( where the death penalty was sought).

    That certification required numerous jury trials.

    I suspect your question was rhetorical.

    In addition to his trial experience, Demetri has trained new ASAs in trial preparation.

    Moreover, he has tried numerous cases here in McHenry county.

    I am an attorney practicing out of Crystal Lake and I opposed him several years back.

    He was courteous, professional, prepared and knowledgable about his case.

    The Cowln camp is going nowhere with this foolish attack.

    A better question is do you want a judge that doesn’t follow the law?

    Cowlin didn’t comply with the election code.

    That may appear petty but he is supposed to follow the law.

    Importantly he is wearing his robe in his mailer while failing to abide by the law.

    Warpath you also fail to ask about judge Cowlin’s trial experience.

    That may be because he never did a jury trial before becoming a judge.

    In fact, only after he decided to run did Sullivan move him to where he could hear a jury trial.

    I was in his court when an attorney observed directly to him:

    “Judge [cowlin] you either don’t know what the law is or you chose to ignore it”.

    That quote summarizes the Cowlin trial experience.

  6. Tsmiligras’ first mailing boasted of trying “hundreds of civil and criminal cases.”

    Now he says “numerous” misdemeanor and felony jury trials.

    Both mailings were scanned and posted.

    Where were the “hundreds” tried?

  7. Actually, the first one says “hundreds of civil and criminal TRIALS (emphasis added).

  8. A McHenry County Attorney explained to me as we talked about a potential custody case,

    “Sometimes the Judges will give the child to the highest bidder”

    However, when the case was taken out of Illinois, there was not custody case.


    Wake up people, if you want fairness and justice in the courtroom, vote Demetri.

  9. I asked and Martin McLaughlin told me he was not an attorney.

  10. I think Martin is an attorney, paralegal or former judge because he responds with case law and seems to have access to the court docket.

  11. Martin you obviously support Cowlin.

    Cowlin is running on the slogan Experience Counts.

    Please inform us how many misdemeanor and Felony trials Cowlin did on his own as an attorney.

    Be specific.

    His website says he did family law and there are no jury trials in family law.

    His website says he did estate law and again no jury trials because those issues are generally a matter of law.

    And according to another blog post he was only recently assigned to misdemeanor and traffic court when he had to run for office in this campaign.

    What experience counts.

    Any experience after he became a judge should not count.

    All judges have that experience once they are on the bench.

  12. I’ll be blunt.

    The best and brightest law school graduates don’t typically seek employment with collar county state’s attorney’s offices.

    Entry level positions are usually filled by graduates of third and fourth tier law schools (the bottom 50% of schools) who can’t find anything better.

    The salaries are not good and it’s not considered a particularly high prestige job.

    The smartest and most ambitious of these people usually stay for a few years, gain some experience, and leave for the greener pastures of the private sector.

    The people who stay on long term have basically two options to become financially successful: run for political office or become a judge.

    An Illinois Circuit Court Judge makes north of $180k a year, and can receive a full pension (85% of the average salary for the last four years + 3% cola) after 20 years of service. Because of the crazy pension laws in this state, a newly minted judge who has previously worked in the public sector can apply his years of service from his former public sector employment.

    Mr Tsilimigras has worked for ~15 years with the Kane and McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Offices, so he would not need to serve very long as a judge in order to become vested in the much more lucrative Judges Retirement System.

    The man is in his mid forties.

    I don’t want the taxpayers of this state to overpay a guy for a job he’s not qualified for and then have to pay him a huge pension bonanza on top of that just because he’s been very active with a certain faction of the Algonquin Township Republican Party.

    Realistically, that’s the only reason that he is being promoted as a judicial candidate.

  13. Bully Bob you are clueless. You are no better than Family Man.

    Demetri’s entire career has been to serve the community not to line his own pockets.

    Demetri also volunteers on a regular basis.

    He worked hard to put himself through school.

    He was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

    Nothing has been handed to him on a silver platter.

    All his achievements have been through his hard work.

    Where does Cowlin volunteer on a regular basis.

    Does he donate his $180,000 plus yearly salary to charity.

    If anyone is lining their pockets look no further than the good old boy network.

    Quit trying to divert the issues in this judicial campaign.

    It’s about stopping favoritism when appointing judges based on who they know and who their family knows.

    The position of judge is not inherited.

    We need to stop the madness.

    A Vote for Demetri on March 15 is a vote in the right direction.

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