Did Serwatka Taxpayer PAC Contribution Pledge Lead to Teacher Union Mega-Contribution to Schofield?

Paul Serwatka

Paul Serwatka

Carolyn Schofield

Carolyn Schofield

I awoke yesterday morning with the thought that a campaign promise by 66th District Republican Primary Election candidate Paul Serwatka may have stimulated the biggest teachers union in the state to give 66th District opponent Carolyn Schofield $53,900.

Serwatka’s press release said he would create “a PropertyTax Relief Fund to combat the extreme Property Taxes plaguing 66th District families.”

Further, he would jump start that fund by donating his “entire salary” to the Political Action Committee.

His goal is “to hold local taxing bodies accountable, effect fiscal responsibility and promote fiscal conservatism within – and in a very meaningful way.”

The only way to do that is to get involved in local elections and those who take a look at their property tax bills know that most of the money goes to schools.

That’s pretty much was Serwatka says in this part of his press release where he explains that the fund would be

“…a concerted effort to stop reckless and abusive spending by local taxing bodies which results in the increased tax levies that affect our property taxes most.

“The fund will focus on creating a local awareness of relevant issues, organizing residents, promoting fiscally conservative policies and electing fiscally conservative members to local taxing bodies within the 66th Dist.”

If you were one of the leaders of the Illinois Education Association, wouldn’t that catch your attention?

Especially after the Northwest Herald put it in ink.

The teachers unions in most school district are local affiliates of the Illinois Education Association.

The Crystal Lake High School District 155 union was deeply involved in last spring’s elections and won two out of three of the seats on the ballot.  It’s Political Action Committee–School District No 155 Education Assn IPACE Fund–has over $3,300 more that could be given to Schofield.

The importance of the elections is noted in the following, found on this IEA local union web site:

“We’d like to stress again that these elections are very important.

“Historically, these elections have very low turnout, so every vote counts!

“Especially in these times when both public education and unions are under attack, it is very important that we all exercise our right to vote and elect officials who see us as part of the solution, not part of the problem.”

Maybe I’m wrong.

But, I might be right.


Did Serwatka Taxpayer PAC Contribution Pledge Lead to Teacher Union Mega-Contribution to Schofield? — 11 Comments

  1. You are exactly right!

    And the fact that “Republicans” aren’t rallying behind Serwatka, lends credence to the concept “the people will have the government that they deserve”.

    Serwatka has ran his entire campaign using almost entirely his own money.

    He was first to waive pension, forcing two other candidates to as well (Schofield of course will take the pension)

    He is the only candidate to term-limit himself and the only candidate to pledge his entire years salary to fight to lower our property taxes!

    For this, he makes an enemy of perhaps the single most powerful lobby in Illinois.

    And yet, the are those here who would trash talk Him and accuse him of being ego driven.

  2. While I understand that people struggle to give credit to Serwala for something, my guess is that the unions want to buy the seat and the best way to do it is to make sure both the Democrat and the “Republican” will side with them.

    Schofield is no Republican.

    Not at all so if they can help her get the nomination then regardless of who wins in November, the unions win.

  3. Especially in these times when some unions continue to attack taxpayers, it is very important that taxpayers understand what has transpired and exercise their right to vote and elect officials who do not cave to union demands and whom see taxpayers as part of the solution, not a bottomless piggy bank.

    Historically the easiest way to get elected as State Representative is to agree with the teacher union.

    How has that turned out for your property tax bill and state finances.

    The public education system including pensions, retiree healthcare, and bond debt is unsustainable in Illinois.

    Now there is a big push for school funding reform which is diverting state money from richer to poorer school districts, so richer school districts will be asking for local tax hikes to fill the void left by the diversion.

    If the teacher unions were wholesome they would have had rallies and strikes to fully fund pensions 45 years ago.

    Fully funding pensions would have brought a screeching halt to many games.

    Freezing the pension code preventing any legislative benefit hikes until pensions were fully funded should have happened 70 years ago.

    But instead they relied on the pension sentence added to the state constitution on December 15, 1970; which allowed for unlimited benefit hikes and salary hikes to underfunded pensions, permitted diversion of pension funding to pet projects such as salary hikes, and allowed all sorts of actuarial games to be played; and somehow taxpayers would come up with the dough to keep the scheme alive forever.

    That’s doubtful.

    The unions and others were complicit in the scheme and the result is unsustainable government finances.

    There were so many games played that it’s almost impossible to comprehend the schemes in their entirety.

    This state is a train wreck.

    One important course of action is to pick a unit of government and watchdog, and network with other watchdogs, because it takes manpower to fight the machine.

    You can’t do everything but you can do something.

  4. Cal you are day dreaming and showing your partisan.

    Pull down your little skirt, Bilboo is closer to the truth.

  5. “………Especially in these times when both public education and unions are under attack, it is very important that we all exercise our right to vote and elect officials who see us as part of the solution, not part of the problem.”

    The public employee unions ARE part of the problem. The BIGGEST part.

  6. And Paul Serwatka is the only candidate who has pledged to take them on, at the local level, where our property taxes are directly affected!

    And with his own money!!

  7. Fed -we should only be electing people that have a windfall of money???

    How shallow.

  8. old timer – the only thing shallow is you and some of the others who berate Serwatka only because you support Dan Wilbrandt.

    Are you not able to sell Dan without berating others?

    Dan is a nice guy, with not such a great voting record as an elected official.

    That being said, I would certainly rather have Dan represent us than the likes of the Schofield or Skillicorn.

    But No one, Dan included, is willing to sacrifice so much, or serve so selflessly as Serwatka has done and continues to do.

    We watch Paul fight for us, tirelessly, in Lakewood. and even as our trustee, he doesn’t take a salary!

    Does Dan take a salary as a trustee in his village?

    We know Allen and Carolyn certainly do!

    Now, Paul pledges to contribute his salary to fight to lower OUR property taxes, yet some of you will spin that into a negative!

    Hence, you deserve to have the likes of Schofield or Skillicorn governing over you!

    My point is,

  9. Here’s the reason why Carolyn will win.

    The other candidates are essentially the same in the voter’s eyes. Each will garner their share of fervent supporters.

    Each will garner a few of the low information voters but they will split these.

    Schofield will garner the vote of every low information voter who believes in Tryon’s endorsement, every special interest voter, every Jackie Boy “Republican” supporter and every government worker who will vote their paycheck.

    Unless one of the other three breaks from the pack hard and/or goes very seriously negative in an effective way on Carolyn in the next few days Carolyn wins in a relative landslide.

  10. I fear you are correct, Priest.

    Carolyn will net most of the RINO votes, and the all of the votes from Dems who pull a Republican ballot.

    The other candidates will split the rest. Wilbrandt,

    Serwatka and Skillicorn should have met a few months ago and drawn straws to decide which one would remain on the ballot.

    Nancy Zettler is on the ballot for the Dems.

    I think that a strong conservative would have a good chance against Carolyn and her as an independent or third party candidate in the general election.

  11. Pledging to donate your salary to a particular cause shouldn’t be the only reason a candidate is “qualified” for a position.

    Voters need to understand that they are electing an official to take on many issues – some of which we are not even aware of yet.

    We need someone who can work through tough problems and have the people’s interests at heart in every decision.

    Foregoing payment for an elected office is not a “free pass”.

    A candidate needs effective communication and problem-solving skills – something Serwatka has been shown lacking time and time again during this campaign season.

    Paying his own way and donating his salary (if elected) is a bandaid to his gaping hole of essential qualifications.

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