Keep Windows Open a Crack Advice May Be Robbery Technique

From Kristin Ottolino of the Citizens Alert Social Media Network:

To All Concerned McHenry County Citizens,

In our mailboxes north of town today, many people have received the flyer (below).

Marengo mailling keep window open 3-2-16


This flyer was indeed and in fact delivered by the post office after multiple people have checked their security cameras to see who delivered it.

I confirmed that with my own security cameras watching the post office deliver the mail.

I have contacted the Marengo post office and they said, “Someone paid to have this mailed out,” and “by law” they had to deliver it. That being said, however, IF there is a reported burglary as a result of this, they DO have the name of the individual responsible for this mailing.

I have also contacted the USPS (United States Post Office) and filed a complaint for “Mail Fraud”. I believe this is an individual in our community that is simply harassing the community because they don’t like hearing the gunfire north of town. That is my own personal belief. However, my cause for concern is the safety of our community. This concern is in my complaint.



Keep Windows Open a Crack Advice May Be Robbery Technique — 13 Comments

  1. Yes, wet your panties, turn your neighbors in, and beg to be protected.

    Sounds just about right for the “It takes a village” idiots.

  2. Four legged coyotes are most active at sunset.


    Cindy makes a valid point.

  3. What’s not being discussed here is how angry the people of Marengo township are over the constant shooting going on.

    Picture having your Dog barking all night, not being able to open your windows all summer or enjoy sitting on your property with friends because of the constant heavy duty gun fire.

    As I walked my precinct citizen after citizen complained about the gun fire going off from 10am on a Saturday to 4:30 pm non stop..

    People’s horses jumping, dog’s barking and agitated inside of peoples homes etc..

    Now those people doing the shooting think they can just do what ever they want and too bad if it effects other peoples quality of life.We have a right to shoot all day and night.

    Kristin Ottolino is one of those people saying this.

    The citizens and tax payers around her who also happen to own guns and shoot but do so with smaller ammunition so as not to disturb the entire County and usually not all day long and every weekend.

    They are considerate neighbors and good Rifleman and they want this stopped.

    They are all ready to start a petition to get some reasonable rules in place.

    The Riflemans association supports being a good neighbor because they know some people do not know how to be good neighbors and will end up ruining it for everyone.

  4. The County Board has received many many calls from citizens with these same complaints..

    As areas grow in population some citizens cannot seem to adjust to the need to be courteous to their neighbors with the shooting issue. As the east side of the County increased in population so had the complaints, now its shifted to the west side.

  5. Consider these real situations: Family living on 10 acres has bullet through their bedroom wall.

    Women who lives on just two acres, known alcoholic comes out of her home at 10pm with two other drunk friends and starts shooting.

    Does not have required set up by law and another home is less than 300 yards away.

    Man and women live on 20 acres they are sitting on their patio while they hear bullets fly by their head.. vacant land next door of 20 acres is renting the property out to shooters. People come and go ( not from Marengo) all day and night.

    Some have never even shot guns before.

    People are now afraid to sit outdoors.

    Another family lives on 10 acres across the road from a house being rented out to 4 families..People changing all the time, police coming and going constantly.

    Big lights put up on the back of the house so again rented shooting goes on all night long.

    I have heard about 30 more stories from people just like this all around the township.

    These people have rights also.

    They have the right to live in peace and safety.

  6. Errrr.

    Marengo PD is the authority in the corporate limits of the village.

    911 is not going to transfer anyone to County just because the caller “feels this is bigger than Marengo PD can handle”.

    Don’t even get me started on the “crack open a door or window” request—that’s just inane.

    I agree with the other posters, this sounds like someone working out a vendetta.

  7. Did anyone see the Marengo police chief’s statement that THREE (count ’em three)reports of gunfire were filed since January 2015!

    Kind of lays waste to Cynthia’s report above.

  8. No I don’t think anyone is working out a Vendetta.

    The flyer was foolish..

    But I think the persons concerns are very valid. And anyone can do a FOIA to find out who sen the mailer.

    But again, I was out walking all weekend and people are really fed up with the shooting.

    Fed up with the all weekend long disruption.

    The only Vendetta is Kristin Ottolino who hides behind a phony name posting and has said she will derail my efforts for any of the candidates I am working on and my own committee man efforts.

    Ottolino doesn’t even understand the difference between municipalities and the township.

  9. Marengo police know the women is who sent the flyer and she was sincere with her concerns.

    Could have been handled differently yes, but she has a right o her opinions.

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