District 6 County Board News

The Daily Herald has endorsed Grafton Township Supervisor Jim Kearns and incumbent Mary McCann for Republican nomination to the McHenry County Board.

There was a time when the Daily Herald’s Editorial Board would not endorse someone who held another elective office, if he or she was going continue to hold it.

Having not read the Daily Herald’s questionnaire, I don’t know if that “double dipper” question is on it.
DH Endorsement D6
In other news, tonight there will be a candidates’ night for District 6 at Marengo High School.

It will run from 7-9

The high school is located at 110 Franks Road.


District 6 County Board News — 9 Comments

  1. McCann has NEVER voted against a wage increase.

    For McHenry County to continue its freeze on the budget / levy we MUST continue to lose population if wages continue to escalate.

    However, with that process in place, who will be left to pay the necessary taxes?

    Now you know why McCann supports taxing retirement income – along with Barb Wheeler?

    The Valley Hi reservoir only holds so much!

  2. McCannn?

    Is the paper written by chimps now?

    You don’t expect them to get things right, but you also don’t expect them to make the worst choice and I think that’s exactly what McCann is.

    I don’t even know who Kearns is.

  3. I lived in District 6 for 13+ yrs.

    McCann was the worst rep we had and can’t seem to get rid of!

  4. Ask each candidate: “What is the highest survivable property tax rate?”

    If they cannot or will not answer, there is your answer.

  5. Mary Obama McCann…supported Obama and NEVER met a tax she didn’t like!

    Jim Kearns “Says” he’s a Republican………a new democrat convert?

    Supported by Tryon …Good ‘ole boy….

    More of what we’ve got now.

    We sure as H— DO NOT need these two on the board!

  6. Kearns best contributions as supervisor are avoiding the press and the office. LOL

  7. Was at the Marengo forum. Kearns is against any kind of consolidation.

    Was dogging Joe Tirio for his plan to abolish the Recorder’s elected position and merge with the Clerks office.

    His belief that it can’t or shouldn’t be done is proof enough for me that he doesn’t know what he’s doing or shouldn’t be running for County Board (His township roots run too deep for my liking)

    Anything to protect that his township empire and to hell with the taxpayers.


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