Franks to Rauner’s Rescue?

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Statement on Override Vote of SB 2043

SPRINGFIELD – The following statement can be attributed to Catherine Kelly, Press Secretary for Governor Rauner:

State Representative Jack Franks (right) meets with Governor Bruce Rauner and Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager (left) in Woodstock on April 8th.

State Representative Jack Franks (right) meets with Governor Bruce Rauner and Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager (left) in Woodstock on April 8th.

“SB 2043 can only become law if Representative Franks or Representative Drury succumb to pressure from Speaker Madigan and flip their votes to force a massive tax hike on the people of Illinois.

“These members sided with taxpayers the first time around because this is a sham bill and an empty promise to students.

“We believe these members will do the right thing to ensure taxpayers are not left holding the bag.

“All of us want to fund higher education and MAP, and we stand ready to work with the General Assembly to find ways to do so without adding to the deficit or forcing a massive tax increase.”

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Of course, if Steve Reick were in office, instead of Jack Franks, the Democrats would not have a veto proof majority.


Franks to Rauner’s Rescue? — 7 Comments

  1. Of course, if Mike Brown was in office, the Goode Olde Boyz would have traded everything away so the Gravel Pits could run trucks destroying our roads with impunity.

  2. Ya have to admit Jack’s talent for moving his nose so quickly from left to right as the wind blows.

  3. It’s impossible to have a competitive government with the hiked pensions.

  4. Senate Bill 2043 (SB 2043) failed in the State House late this evening in the 99th General Assembly, in the Democrats attempt to overturn Republican Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto.

    69 Yeas
    48 Nays
    00 Present

    McHenry County Democrat State Representative Jack Franks (63rd District) voted Yea in favor of the bill in an attempt to overturn Governor Rauner’s veto.

    Another swing vote, Lake County Democrat State Representative Scott Drury (58th District) voted Nay and thus in favor of upholding Governor Rauner’s veto.

    The other State Representatives whose district’s partially fall in McHenry County also voted nay:

    – Dave McSweeney (52nd – Cary)
    – Barbara Wheeler (64th – Crystal Lake)
    – Steve Andersson (65th – Geneva)
    – Mike Tryon (66th – Crystal Lake)

    The city listed is the city in which the district office of the State Representative is located.

    The bill was for unbudgeted MAP grants for lower income college students…the message behind the veto seemingly work on a complete budget instead of cherry picking legislation that would require a tax hike or adding to the deficit or other gimmicks.

    There will likely be many more games to come as past legislators and Governors for decades have passed legislation that makes no fiscal long term sustainable sense…dysfunctional extraordinaire.

  5. Last year when Jack’s minions were out gathering signatures for him, I confronted the lady with the clip board regarding Jack’s part in the Democrat machine that has driven this state into the ground.

    Her defense…

    “He’s not like a real Democrat”

    (That is a true quote).

    Needless to say, I was stunned and didn’t sign.

    This is what he does…act like you’re against Madigan, unless it’s close.

    Then vote with the comrade leader.

  6. Rep. Arroyo (D) had an excused absence, and Rep. Drury (D) voted “no”, thus making Franks’ vote inconsequential.

    He’s made a career out of taking inconsequential votes and then thumping his chest over his political “courage”.

    Franks did the same thing on S.B. 580 and S.B. 1229. The sad thing is that he actually gets away with it.

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