Candidates Offer CL Property Tax Appeal Seminar

A press release from State Senate candidate Dan McConchie and State Rep. candidate Allen Skillicorn:

Dan McConchie & Allen Skillicorn Host Property Tax Relief Workshop

Allen Skillicorn

Allen Skillicorn

Dan McConchie

Dan McConchie

CRYSTAL LAKE, March 2, 2016 – Dan McConchie, candidate for State Senate in the 26th District, and Allen Skillicorn, candidate for State Representative in the 66th District, are sponsoring a workshop “Learn to Lower Your Property Taxes” with the Illinois Policy Institute and The Property Tax Show on AM560 on Tuesday, March 8 at 7pm.

Illinois has the second highest property taxes in the nation.

For too many families, out of control property taxes are akin to a second mortgage.

Join Ted Dabrowski of the Illinois Policy Institute and Brad Hays of The Property Tax Show to discuss the drivers behind the state’s record property taxes, policy recommendations for fixing the problem, and ways homeowners can lower their property-tax burden.

WHAT: Workshop – Learn To Lower Your Property Taxes
WHO: Ted Dabrowski of the Illinois Policy Institute and Brad Hays of The Property Tax Show on AM560
WHEN: Tuesday, March 8 at 7-8:30pm
WHERE: D’Andrea Banquets & Conference at 4419 Northwest Hwy in Crystal Lake


Candidates Offer CL Property Tax Appeal Seminar — 11 Comments

  1. I hope it is crystal clear to everyone:

    when someone gets an assessment lowered, everybody else’s taxes go UP.

    The term “Tax Relief” is misleading.

    It is only a relief to the property winning the assessment appeal.

    Everybody pays more so that property owner pays less.

    The only “Tax Relief” that works for all citizens as a Team (rather than individual adversaries fighting to the death over leftover scraps) is LOWERING THE LEVY.

    LOWER SPENDING by governments empowered by law to tax properties is the only ‘relief’.

  2. Fed Farm – AGREED!

    If you want lower property taxes – start by voting PAUL SERWATKA for State Representative.

    No one is as committed to this fight! and, as he says, Paul is the only candidate putting his money where his mouth is!

  3. Susan, I think you know that what Paul Serwatka is talking about is something totally different.

    He’s talking about reducing actual levies, not helping folks appeal their assessments.

  4. Of course.

    My comment was directed at the article talking about tax assessment lowering seminars.

    Woodstock Il. Property tax rate is 4.6% of total home value (13.8% of EAV)…

    it is so deep in crisis, it is off the charts. (Note 2.3% property tax rate in the linked article considered high!!!)

  5. Susan!

    You are only speaking to people with integrity.

    Sadly, I don’t see so many of them these days.

  6. I guess as a candidate, such as McConchie and Skillcorn, you grasp at anything, any gimmicak, that will give you an audience.

    There is adequeate notice on your tax bill about tax appeals.

    The County Assessor has the forms; the hard part is getting enough comparables to make your case.

    It’s time consuming.

    You can, perhaps, contact an appraiser to gather comps, or you can retain an attormey who specializes in tax appeals.

    Generally, their fee will be based on the amount they are able to save for the taxpayer.

    For anyone planning to attend, it’s a do it yourself process.

  7. This isn’t the answer. The answer is to shrink govt., cut spending, consolidate where you can. Start attending the school board meetings, city council/village board/library board/county board meetings!

    Join if you live in McHenry County.
    They’re responsible for fighting several boondoggles!

  8. Amazing how many just ignore what Susan said and keep going for the brass ring the gubermint offers. There is no hope for mankind!

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