McSweeney Gets Three More Co-Sponsors on Resolution Against Taxing Retirement Income

David McSweeney

David McSweeney

State Rep. David McSweeney now has 64 sponsors on his House Resolution 890.

That’s the one that calls for “no taxes on retirement income.”

The three new co-sponsors are

McHenry County State Rep. Barbara Wheeler is not yet a co-sponsor.


McSweeney Gets Three More Co-Sponsors on Resolution Against Taxing Retirement Income — 11 Comments

  1. I have great respect for Mr. McSweeney’s integrity and his competence.

    He gets things done in Springfield.

    And that shows he has the respect of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle.

  2. Still waiting on our local Republicans to get on board with this?

    Will Mike Tryon and Barb Wheeler support this?

    Which candidates in the 66th will support this?

    Paul? Allen? Carolyn? Dan?

    Will any of you back David McSweeney?

  3. A resolution doesn’t “get anything done” in Springfield Steve Willson.

    A bill does.

    Compromise does.

    In order to actually have a good bill, let’s sit down and compromise- not throw anything off the table by supporting a resolution indicating unwillingness to actually pass any sort of BILL that WOULD get something done.

  4. Don’t tax retirement incomes… don’t chase more from this state! Thank you David! keep up the good fight…..

  5. Dear Hmmm:

    I was talking about other things McSweeney has done, such as convincing the legislature to change the Alternate Revenue Bond act to prevent MCC from easily issuing bonds without a referendum.

    That was not the first time McSweeney has been able to work not only with his fellow Republicans but reach across the aisle and show Democrats that some issues are not partisan, and get good things done.

  6. Legislative pension benefit hikes to underfunded pensions is legislative crack cocaine & heroine.

    Addictive, damaging, and if you don’t have the money to pay for it you have to steal the money from others to support the habit.

  7. Tryon sponsored a bill to tax retirement in 2013.

    It gained no traction.

    His endorsement of Carolyn Schofield as well as his contributing many thousands of dollars to her, pretty much indicates where she will stand on this issue.

    Barb Wheeler, also a vocal proponent of this tax, is promoting Dan Wilbrandt.

    One can only surmise that Dan would also see his way to justify imposing this tax on retired folks.

    Particularly looking at his voting record in West Dundee, where he has voted for many tax hikes.

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