Rauner Criticizes Senate Vote on Union Bill

A press release from Governor Bruce Rauner:

Statement on the Senate’s Vote of HB 580

SPRINGFIELD – The following is a statement from Catherine Kelly, Press Secretary to Governor Rauner:

“HB 580 is unprecedented and unaffordable, putting hard working families in Illinois on the hook for a $3 billion tax hike. Once again the Democrats in the legislature pandered to special interests and prioritized them over taxpayers. The Governor thanks those Senate Republicans who took the pro-taxpayer position today.”

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Here’s what the bill does:

Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Amends the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act.

A view of the AFSME demonstrators last summer in Woodstock.

A view of the AFSCME demonstrators last summer in Woodstock.

Provides that with respect to collective bargaining agreements initially scheduled to expire on or after June 30, 2015, but before June 30, 2019, between the State of Illinois and a unit or units of employees of State agencies which are not resolved by the initial expiration date of the agreement, mediation of the outstanding issues shall be initiated within 30 days from the initial expiration of the agreement or the effective date of this amendatory Act.

Provides that if a mediator is unable to bring the parties to agreement through conciliation within 30 days of the commencement of mediation, or such additional period as the parties may mutually agree on, either party may initiate impasse arbitration procedures, except that for the purpose of determining the jurisdiction or authority of the arbitration panel, arbitration procedures shall be deemed to have been initiated prior to the commencement of any fiscal year occurring after the initial expiration date of the agreement.

Provides that the provisions of the expired collective bargaining agreement shall be in full force and effect from the initial expiration date, and that conditions of employment in effect on the initial expiration date shall not be changed by the action of either party without the consent of the other until a successor agreement is adopted. Provides that the right to strike shall not be considered waived until the actual convening of the arbitration hearing.

Effective immediately.


Rauner Criticizes Senate Vote on Union Bill — 2 Comments

  1. HB 0580 passed the State House February 16, 2016.

    It passed the Senate today.

    Rauner will veto it.

    Madigan will probably try to overturn the veto.

    Franks will be a key vote.

    This is the Democrats and Union supporters attempt to change the negotiating rules over state collective bargaining agreements when the unions and the Governor can’t agree, and thus an attempt to strip some negotiating power away from the Governor.


    For decades games were played such as legislative pension benefit hikes to underfunded pensions, budgets that were not truly balanced, caving in to union collective bargaining with no true plan to pay for the hikes, etc.

    Basic financial principles were not followed.

    Any organization run like that should be allowed to go bankrupt.

  2. I was there that day.

    What a sad bunch of low information, purely selfish, idiots.

    I’m sick of hearing “the workers”.

    Like all the non-union employees aren’t workers too?


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