Jim Cosler’s Precinct Letter

A Friend of McHenry County Blog supplied me with the following Algonquin Precinct 12 letter from Jim Cosler.

Jim Cosler's letter to Algonquin Township Precinct 12 in Cary.

Jim Cosler’s letter to Algonquin Township Precinct 12 in Cary.


Jim Cosler’s Precinct Letter — 15 Comments

  1. All excellent choices, thanks for stepping up and doing the work to install better govt!

  2. Cary Grove High School Trojans belongs to Crystal Lake High School District 155 which does not video tape its board meetings and post them indefinitely on the district website.

    The teacher and administrator pension (TRS) unfunded liability attributed to the school district is roughly:

    State share: $429,875,886.
    District share: $8,028,083.
    Total: $437,903,969.


    Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois
    Information Required Under Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 68
    Based on Measurement Period Ending June 30, 2014
    August 11, 2015


    https://trs.illinois.gov > Employers > Employer Bulletins > Current Years > School Year 2015–2016 > GASB 68 Actuary Report > BuckReport.pdf


    The language in the Buck Report is:

    City: Crystal Lake
    Employer Name: Community HSD 155
    TRS Code: 063-1550
    Current Net Pension Liability at Current Discount Rate (7.5%): $8,028,083
    Employer’s Share of State Current Year NPL for RSI, per Paragraph 81: $429,875,886


    The complete audited annual financial report (AFR) or comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR) will have those figures listed as:

    State’s proportionate share of the net pension liability associated with the District: $429,875,886
    District’s proportionate share of the net pension liability: $8,028,083
    Total: $437,903,969


    That is required by GASB 68 for school districts as of Fiscal Year 2015.

    The first number (big number) is a state taxpayer responsibility, and the state gets a lot of its revenue from state income taxes.

    The second number (smaller number) is a local taxpayer responsibility, and the local school district gets a lot of its revenue from property taxes.


    Since the state can’t pay the big number given current taxation and services, a lot of people are going to be angry from hiked taxes, cut services, cut pensions, etc.

    Legislative pension benefit hikes to underfunded pensions was a scam that along with other games resulted in the big number.

    That’s the type of conversations that need to happen, that are not happening.

    The politicians who have been in office a long time don’t want to blame themselves so they are not going to educate the voters about the scam.

    Most pensioner contributors and recipients don’t want to think their pension is a scam, many don’t know the story, and most think it’s in their best interest to not reveal the information anyways, so they are not going to educate the voters about the scam.

    So the scam perpetuates decade after decade.

  3. Thanks for being a leader in Cary!

    I am so grateful for everything you’ve done to move our small town forward.

    Great candidates you’re supporting here!

  4. I am truly conflicted right now.

    I have been friends with the Miller family for many years.

    They are nice people.

    I also voted for Jim in his election.

    When I received this letter it was exactly the opposite of who Bob told me to vote for.

    We as a family have made the decision to take down the signs for Mr. Wilbeck and Ms. Barnes and my husband refuses to allow any more signs including Anna May’s and Daves.

    The pressure my family has been put through the last few days has been horrible.

    The facebook drama from Christina Anderson and the personal phone calls telling me about certain people really bothers my husband, my friends, and myself.

    The gossip in the Cary Mom’s group is like nothing I have seen before.

    Thank you Jim for giving your honest opinion on these races.

    I continue to be friends with Bob, Anna May, Rebecca, and Christina but I just cannot condone this kind of behavior.

    I really hope the Cary-Connection facebook group says something about this.

    I know I feel really uncomfortable now about our local government.

    I always vote but looking back I may have neglected some of the local races.

    Thank you,
    Pamala C

  5. When evaluating units of government arguably the most important criteria is, are the finances sustainable.

    Next, is the government transparent in the way it conducts business.

    It takes time and effort to understand that.

    Once that’s better understood, then one can make more informed decisions.

    Since many governments are not sustainable or transparent in various ways, we have a big problem, and that’s at the Federal, State, County, and local level.

    Why would elected officials get us into this situation?

    Prestige, power, money, organizational culture, and politics.

    The result has been kick the can, hide and seek, catch me if you can.

  6. Pamala, Millers are not your friends.

    Christina wrote her letter and has been talking around town. S

    he is telling me that I have to vote for her dad because our daughters are in gymnastics together and because her family deserves to be elected.

    She turned me off.

    She aggressively told me who I should vote for and she told me she doesn’t like politics!

    Yes, right.

    I’m conflicted too.

    If I don’t vote for her candidates I will never hear the end of it.

    She got mad when my friend put Jennifer Weinhammer sign in the yard.

    Made my friend feel scared.

    The person giving Weinhammer a problem about the signs on fb works for Christina.

    They are partners.

    I will vote for Jim Coslers list.

    He is honest and respectful.

    I am afraid I will get in trouble for saying that.

  7. Pamela, When you vote, that is a personal and private ballot.

    One should never feel intimidated within the voting booth.

    It appears as though the Millers have taken a page from the Black Panther or Sual Alinsky’s handbook.

    That’s not a “friend”, that’s not a “Conservative” or even a “Republican”.

    Are people actually starting to see that the Millers for who & what they really are?

    In no uncertain terms are they anyone I would ever in good conscience vote for.

    Thank you for coming forth. Your courage has prompted another.

    I hope more will have your courage and follow.

  8. I sure the Miller were holding you down to vote ?

    The social media attacking family’s is so crazy just make a call and ask them why they support the candidates that they recommended.

    But remember do your homework by your self

    Check on each person see who they are being support by Examples Republican party’s,Democrats Party’s or both party’s and the Miller’s aren’t sending misleading ballots

  9. Anna May Miller purportedly works full time as an Administrative Assistant for her husband Bob Miller at Algonquin Township Road Commissioner’s office.

    Bob in turn charges the taxpayer nearly $96,000 for Anna May’s most difficult work.

    Given the road commissioner maintains 55 miles of road, how much paperwork is there for the full time Administrative Assistant, Anna May?

    Ohh the paperwork!

    I’m outraged at the thought that Anna May is paid that kind of money (over $96,000) to do the intensive work of an Administrative Assistant. (The national average for administrative assistants is less than $15/hr)

    My outrage builds further when people tell me they see her at home during the work week.

    If anyone has seen her at home playing with her grandkids or even sitting in a rocking chair speak up.

    My outrage grows when I see both of Anna May’s son-in-laws are employed by the township highway department, both in excess of $90,000/yr.

    What tops off my outrage is that Anna May has to file an Affidavit with the IMRF stating that she worked (it may be a difficult concept for her) over 1,000 hours in a year for the county board.

    See her sworn statement.

    My outrage at this point is fueled from the fact that if you add up all the time Anna May spent in County Board meetings you will see she was present for less than 150 hours in an entire year at County Board meetings (including committees).

    The only reason Anna May signed the Affidavit was to get herself additional pension benefits.

    That’s because there is no other reason to sign it.

    Anna May Miller has a do nothing paid position at the Algonquin Twnsp Highway Department.

    She gets a pension from that “job” and it’s still not enough.

    No, she has to seek more pay/pension benefits by signing a benefits affidavit with the IMRF.

    Christians Miller Anderson – this is why the people are upset with the Millers.

    The Millers take care of thier own.

    The Millers have played the Miller game at our expense too long.

    It’s No longer Miller time!

  10. Christina not Christians (oops).

    Definitely not Christians.

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