Barb Wheeler Pre-Election Email Urges Civility

An email from State Rep. Barb Wheeler:
Wheeler, Barb masthead
This contentious primary season will soon be over.

As a reminder, early voting ends March 14 at 7pm and official voting day is March 15. Please do remember to vote.

But as this heightened primary season draws to an end, we are reminded that no matter who wins or loses, we all still live and raise our families in the same, close knit community. This has been one of the most interesting primaries I have experienced yet. The presidential race has certainly made it more entertaining. And unlike many of the other counties, we have a lot of local races.

In addition to one of the more fascinating “sign war” battles this year, we have also seen, without a doubt, far more mudslinging.

Signs at the entrance of the Huntley Park District Building where there is an early voting polling place and Saturday, the Huntley Expo.

Signs at the entrance of the Huntley Park District Building where there is an early voting polling place and Saturday, the Huntley Expo.

That’s disappointing, but not unusual.

We know politics is a full contact sport, but hopefully the name-calling will dissipate so that policy contrasts can be determined by voters.

Staying focused on the policy differences rather than engaging in personal attacks is the best way to stay above the fray.

It’s a lot easier to work together for the benefit of this community when we are able to get along AFTER the primary elections.

As candidates, we need to remember this; as supporters of candidates, we need to remind them of this.

March 15 is next week. The primary is officially over at 7 pm next Tuesday. Polls will then be closed.

Some candidates will win, but the truth is…more candidates will lose. It will be the time to celebrate and congratulate all who were a part of the process. Let’s share in the victories of our founding fathers and honor their efforts of bring a representative form of government to our country.

Remember: we are only half way there.

November is the “winner takes all” election. We need everyone working together to make a difference in this county, state, and country.

After all, “A house divided …”

Well, you know the rest.

Please join us at these celebratory events:

McHenry County GOP Election Night Party
Hosted by McHenry County GOP Chairwoman Sandra SalgadoMarch 15 beginning at 7pm
Marzano’s Wood Fire Grill
National and Local election results will be playing throughout the evening.
All are welcome.
Cash bar.

Chairman Joe Gottemoller’s Election Night Event
March 15 beginning at 8pm
Georgio’s in Crystal Lake
Chairman Joe Gottemoller is hosting a open event for all candidates and supporters.
Cash bar.

Looking forward to a positive November with all of our capable candidates!


Barb Wheeler Pre-Election Email Urges Civility — 24 Comments

  1. I think everyone wants civility.

    However, people want integrity and honesty as well.

    Speaking to the facts of nepotism and patronage is not uncivil.

    It only makes those who have condoned it for decades uncomfortable.

    Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

    What is moral?

    What is ethical?

    Talking about something that is a $400,000 dollar issue or remaining silent and allowing it to continue?

    Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do.

    Nothing about remaining silent and condoning unethical behavior.

  2. Civility is indeed a worthy goal, but it can be quite difficult to achieve when the party is divided and a certain bombastic GOP official decides that it is OK to ignore his traditional obligation to remain publicly neutral during the primary election.

  3. Do you own a mirror?

    Maybe you youngsters don’t know what one is.

    Just hit the selfie button on your phone, and you will have your answer.

  4. Well Andrew that would be you and your clan.

    A further more you are part of the problem with your attacks on others but hollier then thou.

    You are not with out sin and you and your clan are part of the most horrific mud slinging and crazy people that I have ever seen.

    You as a republican leader should remain neutral rather you have taken sides and Become the problem.

    Really you speak about ethics you don’t know what that means.

    I have.

    Been told you are doing some very bad things along with others you support.

    Not to mention you are attacking current republicans how does that fit into ;your moral definition.

    Oh that is right you are not held to the same standard that you hold others too.

    Bye Bye Anderes Gasser and good ridens.

  5. Wow, Billybob and Pablo…ever heard of spellcheck????

    When you rip someone apart it’s always good to spell it correctly.

    It gives you a tiny bit of credibility.

    I don’t know Andrew personally but I do know he’s a tireless worker for the republican party.

    That’s a little more credible job than just writing nasty blogs.

  6. What words did I misspell, Li’l Doggy?

    I just ran both of my posts in this thread through two different spell check programs, and nothing was flagged.

    With regards to your main point, Andrew Gasser has been a hard worker for a certain certain little coven of Kool-Aid drinkers in Algonquin Township, but he certainly has not represented the party as a whole.

    That is my main problem with him.

    He does not seem to realize that he cannot be an establishment figure and a highly-partisan insurgent at the same time.

  7. Oops…. I said certain twice in a row.

    You’d better tell me to spell check.

  8. Actually I am free to endorse whomever I choose.

    I can do so as an elected precinct committeeman and as a county board member.

    You bet I can endorse – it is ethical and moral.

    That is what this party is supposed to do.

    However, the former regime drove the party straight into the ground and demeaned the precinct committeeman position.

    You were not encourage to run – you were appointed.

    This allowed people who should have never been on the ballot – let alone leader – to rise up the ranks.

    Now if I come out and say:


    I could get in trouble for that. I have not done that.

    However, if I say:


    Well that is ok.

    I am not speaking for the party but for myself and my position.

    Much like Mike Tryon does as a State Representative.

    But Remember when Mike and Gerri sent out endorsements of PCs as the Party leader?

    Now that was wrong.

    And I cannot help it if I have walked more precincts then some candidates while not up for election.

    Not my fault.

    You bet I use my station as a county board member to talk about how screwed up the Randall Road project is.

    You bet I use my station as a county board member to talk about how screwed up the Valley Hi situation is.

    You bet I define, compare, and contrast the candidates running for recorder.

    All ethical and moral.

    It is not unethical for me to state that 82 counties no longer or never had a recorder.

    Oh by the way – Joe Tirio will not hire his wife when he wins.

    Won’t that be refreshing?

    Won’t that be nice he will not turn the recorder’s office into the family business?

    Where is the personal attack in that?

    How is that unethical?

    It isn’t.

    And everyone knows it.

    And see my friend Pablo this is why you do not rate.

    When leaders see a problem they are not supposed to stick their head in the sand in tolerate it.

    You, as a leader, are supposed to point out and correct the problem.

    Sadly, the reason the national Republican Party sucks is because the leaders didn’t lead.

    This is why we have Donald Trump.

    Because all the people we elected, Republicans, who promised to do a job lied and failed.

    McHenry County pays the 29th highest property taxes in the United States – friends – its not the Democrats who run this county – its Republicans.

    We own it.

    As a Republican Leader, and I am one, I am not supposed to support things like crony capitalism, patronage, and nepotism.

    Guess what McHenry County – this isn’t a Democrat problem but a Republican problem.

    Long before Andrew Gasser ever even thought of running your Republican leaders allowed the “pay to play” mentality.

    Your Republican leaders allowed nepotism.

    Here is an exercise – go look at all the donations to Citizens to Elect Bob Miller and then look at all the county transportation contracts that are awarded through the transportation committee.

    Is it legal?


    Is it ethical?

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we had Republican leaders who actually did what they say they were going to do?

    I think it is wrong because your grandfather had a job, and then your father had a job, that you should get a job.

    Am I factually incorrect?

    Where is the personal attack in that?

    What I do know is that you will never have to worry about Demetri and Integrity.

    It isn’t even an issue.

    You will not have to worry about judicial candidates parking their car at the courthouse with campaign materials on their vehicle.

    Demetri, above all else, knows right from wrong.

    You will never have to worry about Demetri doing the right thing… even when people are not looking.

    I have never once gone after anyone personally – unlike Dan Shea who talks about my disabled mother and why “Andy really lives in the basement”.

    Nope – never once did I speak negatively about Bob or Anna May.

    I should also note I do not have a street sign on my property that says “Andrew Gasser Place”.

    Where did that come from?

    A sign shop?

    Did the Taxpayers of Algonquin Township pay for it?

    The problem with this party is that we are afraid to call out the crap that has been going on for decades.

    Some of us are afraid and some of us are actually standing up to this.

    But you see Pablo – when you term limit yourself and you do not take the politician health care plan and when you do not take the politician healthcare plan you do not have to hold yourself to a lower standard.

    I think it is ethically wrong to vote against the people voting on townships when you are employed by one.

    And you know what, most of the people in Cary and Fox River Grove think so too.

    This kind of behavior would never fly in a Ward Room or a Mission Planning Cell.

    So Billy Bob and Pablo – you can either condone Nepotism, Patronage, and Crony Capitalism or you can say enough.

    I do not go to bed worrying about sworn affidavits and conflicts of interest.

    I sleep pretty good at night.

    And to my colleagues on the board.

    I am sorry if this offends you – but this is factual and truthful.

    I have not come after anyone personally.

    I have (started) to point out the problems we face here in McHenry County.

    We have busted our… butts lowering our budgets and our levy and then all of these smaller governments start raising theirs.

    It is time all of us, as a group, started calling them out.

    Springfield cannot save us.

    We have to save ourselves.


    Andrew Gasser

    * * * DISCLAIMER * * * I am not speaking for the McHenry County Republican Central Committee and am only speaking for myself in my station as a county board member and as an elected Precinct Committeeman.

  9. This county would be royally $#@%*& ‘d without the few, the proud, the PC’s of best intentions for this county (Gasser being one of them!)

  10. Go Andrew You speak.nothing but the truth.

    We need to get the right people elected. Enough of the dynasties and unethical politicians.

  11. Tell it, Andrew!

    And let’s just say, if you were running for President, Rubio wouldn’t be claiming you had small hands, Brother!

  12. Andrew Gasser lets get the facts on this.

    102 counties in the state of Illinois

    Can you tell why a county with less then 50000 people would need a recorder office?

    Can you tell me the Population of the counties in the state of Illinois of the 82 counties ?

    Andrew lets have Facts ?

    Andrew lets look at all the facts to what is going on in the County Building

    These County Board members ?

    It is not unethical for me to state that 82 counties no longer or never had a recorder.

  13. Andrew you are supposed to be a representative of the people not have your own agenda.

    If you are about fighting corruption and nepotism than address the real problem where 80% of taxes go.

    Oh that is right you do not pay taxes you live with mommy.

    Come back and talk to me when you have skin in the game.

    Have you ever even worked or held a job, again come back and talk to me when you have skin in this.

    Until then you do not represent me and you can take your pal Tirio with you.

    Same goes for him.

  14. Andrew, you are the hardest county board member I have ever seen.

    You’re constantly out speaking with your constituents.

    You keep us informed on what’s happening at the county level, so THANK YOU.

    Clearly, there are some very immature people on this blog who can’t speak in fact, so they hurl insults.

    I remember when my kids were in grammar school the kids would do the same thing.

    So don’t, let that nonsense bother you.

    You are responsible to the voters, and let me tell you, you have more support from us than ever.

    You’re a proven leader.

    Again, thank you!

  15. This weekend I saw many Kenneally signs “sandwiched” on both sides of Regna signs so the Regna signs were not visible.

    How childish!

  16. Population, 2014 estimate – (Number)

    County Value

    Adams 66,988
    Alexander 7,492
    Bond 17,269
    Boone 53,869
    Brown 6,832
    Bureau 33,840
    Calhoun 4,956
    Carroll 14,715
    Cass 13,156
    Champaign 207,133
    Christian 33,892
    Clark 16,180
    Clay 13,520
    Clinton 37,857
    Coles 53,320
    Cook 5,246,456
    Crawford 19,393
    Cumberland 10,833
    De Witt 16,284
    DeKalb 105,462
    Douglas 19,889
    DuPage 932,708
    Edgar 17,841
    Edwards 6,617
    Effingham 34,320
    Fayette 21,870
    Ford 13,688
    Franklin 39,411
    Fulton 36,007
    Gallatin 5,291
    Greene 13,434
    Grundy 50,425
    Hamilton 8,296
    Hancock 18,564
    Hardin 4,129
    Henderson 6,916
    Henry 49,635
    Iroquois 28,879
    Jackson 59,677
    Jasper 9,623
    Jefferson 38,534
    Jersey 22,571
    Jo Daviess 22,254
    Johnson 12,601
    Kane 527,306
    Kankakee 111,375
    Kendall 121,350
    Knox 52,069
    Lake 705,186
    LaSalle 111,241
    Lawrence 16,519
    Lee 34,735
    Livingston 37,903
    Logan 29,746
    Macon 108,350
    Macoupin 46,453
    Madison 266,560
    Marion 38,571
    Marshall 12,014
    Mason 13,898
    Massac 14,905
    McDonough 31,880
    McHenry 307,283
    McLean 174,061
    Menard 12,570
    Mercer 15,945
    Monroe 33,722
    Montgomery 29,359
    Morgan 34,929
    Moultrie 14,837
    Ogle 52,085
    Peoria 187,319
    Perry 21,672
    Piatt 16,431
    Pike 16,022
    Pope 4,276
    Pulaski 5,815
    Putnam 5,814
    Randolph 32,869
    Richland 16,061
    Rock Island 146,063
    Saline 24,612
    Sangamon 198,997
    Schuyler 7,330
    Scott 5,204
    Shelby 22,048
    St. Clair 265,729
    Stark 5,813
    Stephenson 46,435
    Tazewell 135,707
    Union 17,447
    Vermilion 79,728
    Wabash 11,549
    Warren 17,874
    Washington 14,337
    Wayne 16,543
    White 14,374
    Whiteside 56,876
    Will 685,419
    Williamson 67,008
    Winnebago 288,542
    Woodford 39,187

  17. The taxpayer money is drying up and the politics are heating up.

    More heat is yet to come.

    Looking ahead, the Consolidated General Election is April 4, 2017 and will include local school board contests and referendums.

    Those contests will be more interesting because previously hidden pension data is now available to the public.

    The state taxpayer IOU (unfunded liability) attributed to each local school district for teacher and administrator pensions (TRS) is found in audited school district annual financial reports (AFR) and comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFR) beginning with fiscal year ending June 30, 2015.

    This is due to the GASB 68 recommendation.

    GASB 68 pension data for TRS is not in the AFR the school district sends to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE), rather, once again, the audited AFR, and the CAFR.

    Key words.

    Audited AFR.


    Search for the following verbiage in the audited financial statement.

    “District’s proportionate share of the net pension liability”

    “State’s proportionate share of the net pension liability associated with the District”

    That is roughly equivalent to the unfunded liability.

    The former (first item) is the school district share.

    The latter (second item) is the state share (state taxpayer IOU).

    Since the state does not have the money to fund the state share, the state is looking at all sorts of options (hiked taxes, pushing current year pension payment to local, service cuts, etc.

    That is a big reason the state is in a budget stalemate between the Republican Governor and Democrat controlled State Senate and State House of Representatives.


    Thus, taxpayers now have a better idea for the taxpayer IOU for pensions for their local school district.

    Add to that the bond debt service (principal and interest payments) from the official statement (OS) on the EMMA MSRB website.

    That would be the majority of taxpayer IOUs for their local school district.

    There are others (IMRF pension unfunded liability for many employees other than teachers and administrators, etc.).

    The point being taxpayers owe more money for public school district operations than they realize.


    All school districts should post audited AFR’s on their website for transparency purposes.

    If it cannot be located, ask the school district to email a copy.

    If the school district does not respond, submit a FOIA request.

    Ask for the “complete audited AFR” to be emailed as some school districts play games when responding to such requests.

    If you don’t ask for an email copy, they might mail you a paper copy and charge you photocopy charges.

  18. One thing certain, Wheeler is part of the GOP Establishment.

    Another thing certain, the GOP establishment loves losers!!

    Wheeler’s local endorsements are a reflection of how the GOP functions at the federal level.

    “Not only has the GOP elite made a habit of picking total losers, they have now perfected the art. They are no longer just running unqualified RINO losers like McCain and Romney, they have reached a new low by running totally ineligible frauds like Cruz and Rubio in their effort to throw the election to Democrats.”

    In spite of all of this, people such as Andrew Gasser and other committed GOP committeemen continue in their effort to revitalize the McHenry County GOP and support many conservative candidates.

    I do look forward to more changes in the County GOP management after the elections next week.

    We could definitely use a County GOP Chair person who is willing to share the leadership role.

  19. I do not see the civility when Our Party Chairman puts a lot of time and effort into an election celebration…

    then another person has another get together on the same night…that my friends is a challenge…

    that is not civility that is not unity

    That is drawing lines in the dirt………..

    now I know who plays on whose team….

    and while I am here I would like to mention the great job both Andrew and Sandra do and have done.

    I always get a kick about people who hide behind the anonymity of the internet…

    I use my own name..

  20. Thanks for the list Cal

    Andrew Gasser lets get the facts on this.

    102 counties in the state of Illinois

    Can you tell why a county with less then 50000 people would need a recorder office?

    Can you tell me the Population of the counties in the state of Illinois of the 82 counties ?

    Andrew lets have Facts ?

    Andrew when a McHenry County Voter is ask for some facts Maybe you can take a little of your time and get the facts.

    So is it safe to say that 77 counties never had a recorder?

    Andrew is it safe to say You are a County Board Member ?

    and if it this true.

    Please take a moment and think is it appropriate to engage into controversy.

    Andrew why don’t you work more into the solution then the problems

    Andrew when you are posting make sure you have all the facts

    Andrew we had to rely on Cal to get the info

    Andrew please serve the people of McHenry County

    Andrew I’m sure you won t reply,?

    Reason is that I am point out the facts instead of lies

    Thank You

  21. Guess you didn’t hold a meeting with this dialogue with your own candidates or they didn’t get your memo, Barb!

    One of Joe Tirio’s supporters sent this recorded robe-call to him. It’s a nasal female voice and says:

    “One of the candidates for recorder is lying on his stances on the issues and Can’t Be Trusted!

    Joe Tirio recently refused to answer if he opposed abortion and is on the record as supporting euthanasia.

    As a proud pro-life republican I’m horrified that Joe Tirio calls himself a Conservative and may support abortion and euthanasia.

    Vote NO on Joe Tirio on Tuesday”

    This is Joe’s response to the cowardly campaign who concocted this lying smear:

    “Tonight there was an anonymous robo-call against me and my campaign.

    To call it bull excrement would be an insult to excrement!

    If you intend to lie and mislead the voters, at least be woman enough to sign your name to it.

    In fact, it is REQUIRED BY LAW!!

    To set the record straight…

    I am pro-life, 100%!!

    Adoption is always an option and the ultimate gift to a family that cannot conceive otherwise.

    On the call they said that I supported “euthanasia”.

    That is a broad term.

    As someone who has spent the last 6 years helping seniors in their last days, I believe I have a unique perspective.

    I have been with too many individuals and families to mention.

    I have seen the anguish in their eyes as sunset draws near.

    I have seen the suffering.

    Not just of the afflicted, but even more so, the suffering of the families as they sit by… unable to help the one they love as they suffer through their last moments.

    I believe my God would want a merciful, dignified end to the life he created.

    In fact, I think it is the same mercy for the unborn that also protects those who suffer, to allow them to pass in peace.

    As for your lies, you should be ashamed (although, you probably aren’t).

    To use such a gimmick for the purposes of simply winning an election shows your utter disregard for what is right and exposes your ‘do anything to win’ approach to the race.

    You, whoever you are, are the model for what is wrong in government.

    Do whatever serves you best, so long as you don’t get caught.

    You are a disgrace!

    Ultimately, you will have to answer to all this.

    May he show you mercy.

    Joe Tirio”

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