Cowlin NWH Ad Across from Race Article

The ad you see below from James Cowlin, one of two candidates for a six-year Circuit Court Judgeship, is right across the page from the article on the contest, which notes prominently that Cowlin is favored by lawyers.

Sort of a one-two punch.

The Sunday, March 6th, ad for James Cowlin in the Northwest Herald.

The Sunday, March 6th, ad for James Cowlin in the Northwest Herald.


Cowlin NWH Ad Across from Race Article — 30 Comments

  1. Just gives me yet another reason to vote Demetri.

    I don’t like the fact all of these private attorneys are supporting a candidate.

    We will be voting for Demetri!!

  2. Demetri is a capable lawyer.

    Unlike Barb Wheeler (MaeWest + Ed Donahue’s friend), he didn’t stab Lou Bianchi in the back.

    How does RTA government hack Blake Hobson get involved in all of these races and keep his RTA job?

    Ted Smith and the taxpayers want to know.

  3. Can the north west herald show their bias any clearer.

    How convenient that the article and ad are opposit each other.

    How many Attirneys do you know that are going to say no to endorsing a sitting judge when they appear before him.

    What a joke.

  4. And Black-Ops helicopters are flying over the courthouse as we speak-Jezz you people are something else

  5. Your argument isn’t very particularly convincing, Erika.

    One might just as well ask how many attorneys are going to risk incurring the wrath of the man who supposedly decides whether or not to charge their clients with felonies.

  6. The poll of attorneys is anonymous.

    The ballots are sealed in identical unmarked envelopes and mailed to the state bar association.

    Lawyers do not hesitate to blast sitting judges they feel are incompetent or unsuited to the job.

    You could find such instances in the NW Herald’s own archives.

    All the polled lawyers have won and lost in front of Judge Cowlin, sometimes thinking he was wrong.

    That is how law practice happens, except on tv.

    What lawyers and clients want is a chance to present and argue their case before a judge who knows the law, listens patiently, and treats people with dignity.

    We win and we lose, and sometimes it really hurts to lose because you’re sure your client doesn’t deserve to lose.

    It’s life in court.

    The bar polls have skewered judges in the past for lacking these qualities.

    People keep bringing up this nonsense about campaign committee people handling cases before Judge Cowlin.

    That has been tested many, many times, of course.

    You think this is the first time lawyers were on an election committee?

    There is nothing wrong with it.

    The ethics complaint was a publicity stunt that will be rejected.

    And I’m STILL waiting for the list of the top twenty jury trials of the hundreds of trials Mr Tsilimigras claims to have done.

  7. Here is a previous comment from ” For Change in McHenry County” 2/27 2016

    I am a local attorney.

    I did not initially receive a ballot for this pole.

    Rather, I became aware of the poll because a select few in my office received ballots.

    I actually had to order my ballot from the ISBA.

    In asking around a number of attorneys did not receive ballots.

    Ironically, those of us that did not receive ballots were clearly in the Demetri camp.

    I also received my ballot on the very same day ballots had to be received back to be considered.

    Although, I’m not suggesting that the poll was intentionally manipulated, it’s highly coincidental
    that ballots were not sent to at least 15 lawyers known to support Demetri.

    I also find it interesting that Demetri has been rated higher than many other people selected to be
    a judge by the Circuit Court Judges.

    If the bar poll had any merit many of our judges would not have been appointed.

    I know in the past Mike Coppage, who I totally respect as a lawyer, was rated at the bottom each
    time he put his name in and was not selected.

    When he was appointef a decision was made not to release the poll results.

    My point is this poll is like a high school popularity contest, not an objective assessment of legal

    Demetri has my vote and it’s because:

    A) I believe a change is warranted,
    B) a Demetri win will serve to vest power back to the people,
    C) Demetri is qualified, honorable and ethical, and
    D) Demetri will be a judge for all the people.
    Vote Demetri

  8. Here is another comment from “McHenry Co Attorney” 2/29/2016

    Warpath – your question deserves an honest answer.

    The answer is numerous.

    In fact, Demetri was certified for capital cases ( where the death penalty was sought).

    That certification required numerous jury trials.

    I suspect your question was rhetorical.

    In addition to his trial experience, Demetri has trained new ASAs in trial preparation.

    Moreover, he has tried numerous cases here in McHenry county.

    I am an attorney practicing out of Crystal Lake and I opposed him several years back.

    He was courteous, professional, prepared and knowledgable about his case.

    The Cowln camp is going nowhere with this foolish attack.

    A better question is do you want a judge that doesn’t follow the law?

    Cowlin didn’t comply with the election code.

    That may appear petty but he is supposed to follow the law.

    Importantly he is wearing his robe in his mailer while failing to abide by the law.

    Warpath you also fail to ask about judge Cowlin’s trial experience.

    That may be because he never did a jury trial before becoming a judge.

    In fact, only after he decided to run did Sullivan move him to where he could hear a jury trial.

    I was in his court when an attorney observed directly to him:

    “Judge [cowlin] you either don’t know what the law is or you chose to ignore it”.

    That quote summarizes the Cowlin trial experience.

  9. ‘McHenry Co Attorney said:

    I was in his court when an attorney observed directly to him:
    “Judge [cowlin] you either don’t know what the law is or you chose to ignore it”.
    That quote summarizes the Cowlin trial experience.

    I have heard this over and over again from the insiders and Attorneys, who are often times completely befuddled as to Colwins motives. Based on this observation, I am of the opinion that Cowlin may know the law, but doesn’t follow it.

  10. The Herald, which some feel is so biased, features Mr Tsilimigras’ photo, not Judge Cowlin’s, on its online feed for the story.

    And you don’t get to see the ad featuring the overwhelming support of the lawyers who know the judge and the opponent.

  11. Guess James Cowlin didn’t get his $3,600 worth for the ad.

  12. Advertisers pay separately for online and print ads in the Herald.

    If they paid for an online ad like anyone else, it would be there.

    If you look on the site, you can find the menu to look up the ads, and there it is, unreadable on an iPhone.

    The point is that if the Herald were part of the conspiracy, they would have run the Judge’s photo in their online edition, not Mr Tsilimigras’.

  13. Finally, someone brings up something relevant to the choice!

    Thanks, Erika.

  14. Martin.

    I am still waiting to hear about Cowlin’s jury trial experience when he was practicing law.

    One can only assume the obvious — he had none.

    Maybe he is relying on his grandpa and dad’s trial experience when he says experience counts.


  15. Martin. Why don’t you admit you are an attorney.

    I think you are Rebecca Miller Lee posing as Martin or maybe one of the retired judges.

    As for the bar polls everyone knows they are a joke.

    I believe only one other person has run against a sitting judge in McHenry County.

    The attorneys supporting him are jealous of Demetri’s guts to run and the judges are running scared that Cowlin could loose.

    But more interesting instead of Cowlin’s attorney friends who are on his committee going around asking attorneys to endorse Cowlin and fill out ballots on his behalf maybe they should have advised him on the election code and the appearance of impropriety of having members of your campaign appear in court before you.

    These are not baseless allegations.

    It happened.

    Didn’t Judge Chmiel’s get reprimanded by the JIB for the appearance of impropriety

  16. I was hoping someone would notice that Cal is part of the conspiracy.

    He did not publish Mr Tsilimigras’ photo, but did publish Judge Cowlin’s ad.

    I do not go in for personal attacks, and mostly ignore them.

    However, in fairness to Ms Lee, I am definitely not she.

  17. Cowlin, should do the dignified thing and resign!

    We the people want a ‘Progressive Government,’ we don’t want to be taken back to the dark ages by electing Cowlin.

    Demetri will represent the people.

  18. Martin.

    Can you answer the burning question what jury trial experience did Cowlin have before he was appointed interesting still no response?

  19. Martin has this story right: the paranoids should listen to him.

    Aren’t those black-ops helicopters pretty Martin?

  20. That’s ok Martin, I’d hate to be confused with Rebecca Lee too.

    AZ supporter, didn’t you have similar comments when you supported Zinke?

    I’m truly amazed at the similarities between Cowlin and Zinke.

    Zinke gave Cal the bird, Cowlin sent out an illegal mailer.

    Zinke abused his power, Cowlin ruled when his campaign workers came in front of him, Cowlin even purchased the same billboards as Zink.


  21. The election is not about Zinke, or Lee, or me.

    The question is qualification and experience to be a good judge.

    One has a track record and the other is inexperienced.

    One was recommended by 90% of the bar association who have known him as a judge for 8 years.

    One was rated not qualified by 57%.

    It’s not about who will be kingmaker or rule local politics.

    Judges in local courts rule on local cases, they do not make policy.

    Elect the candidate with the best legal record, civil and criminal experience, and qualifications.

  22. AZsupporoter if you are seeing some black-ops helicopters, you have finally admitted that you are in need of some serious help.

    No one but you has said they exist.

    And, if Martin see’s them, you are both in a heap of trouble.

    If AZ supporter, wants both Martin and Cowlin in office, that is just more “BIG FAT RED FLAGS!”

    Voters beware.

    Vote Demetri.

  23. Martin if the bar poll is the deciding factor on who should be judge can you explain why one of the most recent associate judges was chosen.

    He received one of the lowest scores; however, so the judges could choose who they wanted as an associate the chief judge made the decision to not publish the scores.

    Does the public know this?

    Of course not because it’s the good old boy network at its best- doing what they want.

    As for experience you keep talking about Demetri’s lack of experience but you continuously fail to give us Cowlin’s jury trial experience when he was practicing.

    Stop avoiding your candidates lack of experience.

    We all know why he was originally appointed and why the judges don’t want him to loose.

    The power would be taken away from them in appointing judges and given to the people to elect their judge.

    Vote Demetri on March 15 the only choice

  24. Where did Cowlin go to undergrad and law school ….. ??????

  25. If Cowlin was born in the USSR (Omsk), where does he get off saying he’s a “lifelong McHenry County Resident” ….

    plus, I don’t believe there is a law school in McHenry County …

    did he commute to Mo?

  26. Folks, if Duncan McHenry , née Dum Dum, née Fighting Corruption is your standard setting voice of reason and knowledge, you’re all in deep trouble.

    The courts are open to the public, all except juvenile court.

    Take some time and go to Cowlin’s courtroom and LISTEN. You might actually learn something besides listening to Dum Dum’s rants and baisless “knowing ” someone who said something about someone.

    This is the same woman who had the FBI in her living room while she hosted a party for Keith Nygren.

    Pure BS

  27. AZsupporoter if you are seeing some black-ops helicopters, you have finally admitted that you are in need of some serious help.

    No one but you has said they exist.

    And, if Martin see’s them, you are both in a heap of trouble.

    If AZ supporter, wants both Martin and Cowlin in office, that is just more “BIG FAT RED FLAGS!”

    Voters beware of the Illusions of AZsupporter.

    Vote Demetri.

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