More Schofield Mailings

When you get $53,900 from the teachers union, formally know as the Illinois Education Association, you have a lot of money for mailings.

According to reports from the Campaign Disclosure Reports filed by Steve Reick, a mailing cost about $3,600.

So a mailing doesn’t even cost 10% of the amount contributed by the IEA.

Below are the latest two mailings.

The first was financed by Schofield’s campaign fund.

Schofield mail 3-8-16 address

From the address side, one is supposed to conclude that the election of Carolyn Schofield State Representative will solve Illinois’ problems.

Eyes will be attracted

Eyes will be attracted to the photo of State Rep. Mike Tryon and candidate Carolyn Schofield.

The second is from the National Association of Realtors Fund.   It is an independent expenditures.

Realtors' mailings seem mainly aimed at increasing a candidates' name identification.

The message from Carolyn Schofield could have been written by the teachers’ union, but it was financed by the National Association of Realtors Fund.

This mailing from the Realtors emphasizes education.

Here’s the back of the piece. This mailing from the Realtors emphasizes education.


More Schofield Mailings — 7 Comments

  1. One problem with public education is it’s a monopoly service with monopoly labor and too much money going to unsustainable pensions whose benefits were hiked repeatedly while the pension fund was already underfunded.

    It is dysfunctional mess with everyone pointing fingers everywhere.

    The monopolies have to be busted for there to be meaningful improvement.

    At the heart of the monopoly is the IEA teacher union, which supplies the monopoly labor (along with the IFT), one of the most powerful political forces in Illinois.

    Sure the IEA has a few good ideas but they won’t result in economically sustainable change in any sort of major way.

    The beast should be forced to adapt via competition or whither away.

    It’s sort of like plowing lots of taxpayer money to Sears via TIFs and expecting Sears to become more competitive.

    How well has that worked for taxpayers.

  2. And the IEA protects sub standard tenured teachers.

    That’s a difficult problem to solve because it’s equally a problem if administration plays favorites and elbows out quality teachers.

    Which is why competition is key, some sort of choice.

    If the consumer (parent / child) does not like the service, the consumer should be allowed to leave.

    To many consumers leave, the service adapts or dies.

    What if everyone was forced to shop at Sears, there was no Target, Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, etc.

    That’s the dilemma we have right now with public education.

    There’s a million good ideas locked up public education buildings which are being wasted away because this union or that administration does not want to change for whatever reasons.

    It’s a travesty.

  3. In a more enlightened age, a rat like Tryon would be tarred and feathered in the square

  4. If you have not voted yet, do not vote for her!

    She is personally responsible for people leaving the State!

    She has voted YES for every public sector wage increase that has been brought forward!!

    Schofield is the problem – she is NOT the solution!

    The audacity for her to use the term:

    “Giving struggling families a fighting chance”

    is waaaaayyy over the top!

    Any coward can lie!!

    She is the cause of us struggling to pay our taxes!!

    She is the cause of people leaving the County / State!

    She is the cause of businesses leaving because of her votes in support of ordinances!!

  5. In a perfect world, OldManWinter’s idiotic comments would be blocked as spam.

  6. @oldmanwinter, A “rat like Tryon?”

    You’ve clearly never met Mike Tryon, thanks for your Donald Trump-esque input though 👏🏻

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