Operating Engineers’ Endorsements

Local 150 logoFor McHenry County, the Operating Engineers are endorsing the following countywide offices:

  • McHenry County Offices
  • Recorder: Joni Smith
  • State’s Attorney: Patrick Kenneally

McHenry County Board:

  • Dist. 1: Kerri Barber
  • Dist. 1: Anna May Miller
  • Dist. 2: Dominique Miller
  • Dist. 3: Kenneth Miller
  • Dist. 5: Alex Wimmer
  • Dist. 6: Allison Banard
  • Dist. 6: Mary McCann

Smith, Kenneally Anna May Miller and Mary McCann are Republicans.

The rest are Democrats.

Eight years ago Local 150 endorsed Dan Regna.


Operating Engineers’ Endorsements — 5 Comments

  1. They also are telling their members to vote for Hillary Clinton!
    Don’t vote for any candidates connected with the Unions! OR who take their money for contributions.

  2. There are voluminous court records showing harassment of business owners by some of the members of the Local 150.

    When they get their house in order, maybe their endorsements will mean something.

  3. Interesting…Look at who they endorse for County Board does anyone ever wonder why?

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