Elgin Radio Host Says Schofield Mailing Took Skillicorn Comment “Out of Context”

The following email came from Jeff Ward, who, along with Larry Jones, hosts a 3 PM Thursday radio program on WRMN-AM (1420 on the dial) out of Elgin.

Ward Radio Show

Ms. [Carolyn] Schofield just sent out a mailer taking a “Left, Right and You” Allen Skillicorn comment completely out of context.

The message on this mailing will be contradicted by WRMN Radio Show Host Jeff Ward Thursday afternoon at 3. A link where you can hear the show is included in the article.

The message on this mailing will be contradicted by WRMN Radio Show Host Jeff Ward Thursday afternoon at 3. A link where you can hear the show is included in the article.

Allen recently came on as part of our pre-election candidate forum series and he did not simply say he’d just sit on his hands for a Rauner tax increase.

That answer came as part of a broader series of questions we use to determine if a candidate understands that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Allen has matured greatly politically since he was my “Left Right & You” co-host

Since I can’t let anyone take a guest’s comment out of context because it’s wrong and we soon won’t have any political guests, I’ve already let Carolyn know what’s coming tomorrow on “Left, Right and You.”

And if you’d be willing to mention the show on your blog, I’d be grateful.

Something to the effect of, “Jeff Ward and Larry Jones are going to set the anti-Skillicorn Schofield mailer story straight today (3/10) on Left, Right and You on WRMN-AM 1410 at 3 p.m.

Considering what happened when Elgin Octave tried that, you don’t want to miss that show!

You can listen to the show here at 3 PM Thursday.

It is also on 9 to 10 AM Mondays.


Elgin Radio Host Says Schofield Mailing Took Skillicorn Comment “Out of Context” — 28 Comments

  1. Wow. That sounds like a threat from a radio show???

    Hmmm he might want to be careful.

    If he is going to say something was out of context for his friend, then I assume he is going to imply that everything Allen has published is not out of context or even an out right lie?

    This radio host may be spinning a web he may catch himself in.

    Do not use public airwaves to create slander unless you have all the facts on both sides.

    And I’m guessing there are some very big gaps in his knowledge of this election.

    Think before you speak grasshopper.

  2. Dan, As a 10 year opinion columnist, eight of which for newspapers, I could teach a class on libel.

    And slander has nothing to do with both sides.

    And if you every listened to Left, Right and You in those days, saying Allen and I were friends would be a real stretch.

    It was like going into battle every week.

    Better yet, I do know about this election – I’ve seen all the contributions.

    And I don’t give a rat’s patootie about what Skillicorn or Wilbrandt have done because they haven’t used Left, Right and You in vain.

    But Ms. Schofield has that will not go unanswered. And that answer will include FACTS like:

    – Allen’s comment was completely and purposely taken out of context

    – The truth about how he answered that three-part question

    – How Allen has matured and he’s clearly the better candidate

    – Considering the money she’s taken from unions, how can Ms. Schofield possibly turn the state around?

    – Ms. Schofield is clearly not politically savvy enough for a position like State Rep

    So where’s the libel my sudden legal expert?

  3. Exactly my thought too Bilboo.


    And he’s a friend of Allens.

    Another shocker.

    And to Fighting Corruption, are implying the quote was out of context?

    Were you present?

    Or at any of the debates when Allen said the same comment ? \

    And are Allens quotes out of context at all?

    Thanks Paul.

  4. Dan, Are you out of your bleepin’ mind?

    I was the one interviewing Allen when he made that statement on Left,Right and You.

    So considering that I asked that three-part question, no one better than me knows it was take out of context.


    Please take your Ritalin!

  5. Make no mistake Schofield is an empty suit.

    To say she believes in anything is a stretch.

    But this story is nonsense.

  6. Not even Carolyn Schofield believes that Carolyn Schofield would advocate for lower taxes than Allen Skillicorn.

    There will probably be some tax increases at some point but not without reforms.

    The postcard tries to make an issue out of a non-issue.

    To get things done one has to negotiate and pick battles.

  7. I love the line by Allen in this interview where he says as long as everyone plays fair and there is no Negative in the campaign.


    I guess I took that out of context too then since Allen has been the king of negative and trash talking in this campaign.

    What a joke.

    Oh and before people waste any time listening to this station, keep in mind Allen used to be the cohost of this show.

    So gee, it won’t be just another attacking talk show about his competitors will it?


    Allen would never run a negative campaign.

    Would he? At least that’s what he said.

    Or tell me I didn’t hear him correctly with my own ears.

  8. Thank you, Jeff! I guess Dan Fredericks doesn’t like race car people.

  9. So Jeff Ward, exactly WHY aren’t you working at the Kane County Clerk’s Office anymore?

  10. I’m sorry I missed your show today Jeff.

    Apparently I was out of the 5 mile radius your broadcast reaches.

    I’m sure Allen was nothing more than honest and not negative at all.

    As he says he doesn’t want chicago money or run a negative campaign.

    So I’m sure he just stuck to the positives that would make him a good state rep.

    Cindy, I have no clue what you meant, but then again the majority of your comments are so bizarre I’m not surprised I don’t get it

  11. No Dan!

    You missed the show because you don’t know how to work a radio!

    And ain’t it funny how McHenry County Board Member Gasser picked up the signal just fine.

    Perhaps sitting on your front porch with a tin foil hat on doesn’t work!

  12. Jeff, I love the pic at the top of this story….which i believe must be your FB page or something…. 67 Broadcast and 3 Followers!!!……

    So at least with Gassor calling in yesterday you had 4 listeners…..

    Your career is on fire…and you picked a real winner in Allen to back.

    I assume you heard the Robo calls going about this upstanding candidate?

    Wow, good choice

  13. Cal, you of all people would know by now what the call

    I’m just surprised you haven’t posted on it yet.

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