Tryon Endorses Candidates

Retiring State Rep. Mike Tryon used his prestige on a post card endorsing some of the same candidates he endorsed in his earlier email.

He didn’t pay for all out his campaign fund though.

The small print says the following contributed to the cost:

  • Citizens for Dan Regna
  • Citizens for Joe Gottemoller
  • Committee to Elect James S. Cowlin to Circuit Cour
  • Citizens for Carolyn Schofield
  • Citizens to Elect Joni Smith
  • Citizens to Re-Elect Bob Miller
  • Citizens to Elect Cameron D. Hubbard
  • John Reiner for McHenry County Board District 2

These are the endorsed candidates.

Mike Tryon's mailing has a letter says he isn't a member of the Republican Central Committee

Mike Tryon’s mailing has a letter in which he vouches for his candidates’ being “good, honest and knowledgeable” who will serve with  “the highest level of integrity.”

In this endorsement letter, Mike Tryon says, “…I am not a member of the County’s Republican Central Committee…”

Maybe he has resigned as GOP Precinct Committeeman for Algonquin Precinct 35 after giving up the Chairmanship to Sandra Salgado, but the County Clerk has not removed his name from her web site.

Taken from the McHenry County Clerk's web site.

Taken from the McHenry County Clerk’s web site.

You can see it listed here.

In any event, I don’t understand the point he is trying to make.

On the address side, there are also web sites for the six out of eight endorsed candidates who have them.

Anna May Miller and John Reickert do not have web sites.

Pictures of the candidates Mike Tryon is endorsing are on the back of the big post card.

Pictures of the candidates Mike Tryon is endorsing are on the back of the big post card.

County Board candidates endorsed in Tryon’s email, but not in the mailing I received follow”

  • District 3: Nancy Gonsiorek and Nick Provenzano
  • District 4: Sue Draffkorn and Craig Wilcox
  • District 5: Michael Skala and Joe Calomino
  • District 6: Preston Rea and Jim Kearns

Of course, the mailing may have been zoned.


Tryon Endorses Candidates — 14 Comments

  1. The ‘old guard’ not letting go of the ‘old guard.’

    This is one scary post card.

  2. Donald Trump, it is a scary post card.

    It’s like the Friday night freak show!

    Now, you all know who “NOT” to vote for.

    Believe, me, the circle will be broken!

  3. This party has been divided over 30 years.

    The good ol boys are not in charge any more.

    It was their fault this party is divided.

    They don’t want to be part of the present group in charge.

    That is there discretion.

    Hope ever one gets out and votes on Tuesday !!!

  4. Lest anyone had any doubt, the battle lines are now clear.

    The Reform Republicans scored a major victory two years ago, but by a razor thin margin in the Sheriff’s race.

    The Olde Guarde is not yet dead.

    They will rise Vampire like from their coffins unless there is massive voter turnout in this election.

    Everyone needs to get out there THIS WEEKEND and WORK YOUR PRECINCTS.

    The time is at hand!

  5. The people make a choice when they vote, as well as when they don’t vote.

    The people hold the power to bring in a new guard, that will work for them and create better government for the State of Illinois.

  6. Doesn’t endorse Steve Reick for integrity over Jeffery Lichte?

    Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I believe Tryon is only endorsing in races that overlap with his district.

  7. If there ever were any questions about old guard…there aren’t anymore…

    all the info we need as voters is right here…

    and Vote for Steve…

    we need him now more than ever………….

    Jack is up to something

  8. Wow, thanks for listing ALL the people NOT to vote for.

    Appreciate it!

  9. I do believe in the old days that a group shot like this would be considered A ROUGES GALLERY

  10. Cal, the point that he is trying to make is that it is traditional for the party leadership to remain publicly neutral during primary elections.

    Methinks it’s a shot at some of the current party officials.

  11. When I got it I threw up involuntarily on it!

    Joni Smth looks like one of those Japanese robots!

    We need a vampire hunter to take out this coven!

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