Wilbrandt Picks Up $6,500

Dan Wilbrandt

Dan Wilbrandt

State Rep. candidate Dan Wilbrandt, a West Dundee Village Trustee, reported receiving $6,500 this week.

The contributions came as follows:

  • $2,500 State Rep. Barb Wheeler
  • $2,000 McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi
  • $2,000 candidate Dan Wilbrandt

Wheeler represents the district to the north of the one that Wilbrandt seeks to serve.

State Rep. Mike Tryon, retiring from the district where now three candidates are seeking to replace him has endorsed Carolyn Schofield and given her far more than Wheeler gave Wilbrandt.


Wilbrandt Picks Up $6,500 — 10 Comments

  1. Speaking of money, with most recent expenditures of more than $200,000 by Dan Proft’s Liberty PAC, a total of more than $500,000 has been spent and continues to be spent attacking opposition candidates to 26th Illinois Senate candidate Dan McChonchie.

    That’s a lot of lipstick for candidate Dan McChonchie who once proclaimed himself on line “as an agent of darkness, I am a lobbyist”.

    he question 26th District voters should be asking themselves, why is Dan Proft spending so much money on this seat and for this admitted political insider?

    More curious, spending so much money in a Republican Primary violating Ronald Reagan’s 12th Amendment?

    Were promises made that we do not know about?

    How does incumbent Dan Duffy who personally asked candidate Martin McLaughlin to run for this seat as the best qualified and then 3 days later run a shiv into McLaughlin’s back for the sake of supporting existing candidate Dan McChonchie?

    Who got to Dan Duffy and why?

    Almost all the Proft PAC money has been spent attacking Dan McConchie’s opponents but close to nothing bestowing McChonchie’s virtues, record of achievements or qualifications.

    In fact, Dan McChonchie went so far as to delete reference to his record as a Springfield “lobbyist” and “fundraiser” off of his own LinkedIn account.

    This deletion was in response to a newspaper interview where his LinkedIn account was used to rebut his repeated obfuscations concerning his work history.

    Rather than defend his job, Dan McChonchie chose to run away from it in hope we the public would never find out.

    On March 9, 2016, the Barrington Courier Review has an article entitled “Lobbyist Dan McConchie caught breaking Election Law”.

    Apparently, there has been a flurry of complaints filed with the Illinois Election Board that Dan McConchie has been illegally coordinating his campaign activities with Liberty PAC and a certain charitable 501c3 organization.

    If true, this is a serious breach of the law casting a further cloud on this already “dark” candidate.

    The initial complaint filed against McChonchie stems from a fake newspaper sent to voters in the 26th District by Dan Proft’s Liberty PAC.

    Incredibly, this political mailer contained quotes given by Dan McChonchie directly to Liberty PAC, an admitted clear coordination effort in direct violation of Illinois election law which requires a candidate and PAC remain separate and apart.

    While ignorance of the law is no excuse, it is hard to believe someone in the political game as long as Dan Proft and admitted seasoned lobbyist and fundraiser Dan McChonchie would not know this fundamental rule.

    Of course they did, but this is the way the boyz with all the money play!

    In addition, apparently at least one complaint has been filed regarding a property tax forum which took place on March 6th.

    This forum was hosted by the Illinois Policy Institute (IPI), an Internal Revenue Code 501c3 nonprofit organization.

    Both in the lead advertising this event and during the event itself Dan McConchie promoted the event as his event using IPI resources.

    In other words, Dan McChonchie acknowledged he was the beneficiary of the advertisements for this “charitable” event paid for by IPI’s tax-exempt funds all the while Dan McChonchie was being promoted as a candidate at the event where he gave a campaign speech and attendees were encouraged to support him.

    THe rules apply to you and me but not to Dan McChonchie and Dan Proft’s Liberyt PAC. But then again, what would you expect from a self-described agent of darkness lobbyist and Springfield insider. . . .

  2. It seems everything coming from Skillicorn and his PAC are ugly smear tactics now.

    What a horrible man!

    The new smear mailer against Dan Wilbrandt is ridiculous.

    What a sad day when dirty politicians with their PAC money can triumph over honest, hardworking people.

    Wilbrandt has never sent out negative mailers bashing his opponents, nor has he paid walkers to bad-talk them when they go door-to-door (I still can’t believe Skillicorn’s people are doing that!!!).

    I hope the voters are smarter than this and don’t fall for all of Skillicorn’s dirty lies and tricks.

  3. Skillicon would be the worst possible choice.

    He is a hothead and his campaign should be a clue to the type of person he is.

    Why would anyone want a person like this representing them.

    Very sad campaign indeed that he has chosen to run.

    I think it will cost him the election.

    People are smarter than that

  4. DagTag – You say Wilbrandt never sent out a negative mailer?

    I received a mailer from Dan, yesterday in which he points out the special interest money received by Schofield and Skillicorn.

    Fair enough, I guess, but, Did Dan Wilbrandt not take contributions from law firms and Springfield politicians?

    Got Hypocrisy?

    But, then Dan really goes south and portrays Serwatka as having “Loaned himself $100,000 in an attempt to buy the election with his endless mailers and hundreds of signs”.

    Did Dan Wilbrandt not loan himself more than $30,000 dollars?

    What was Dan hoping to “buy” with that loan?

    Got Hypocrisy?

    Did Dan Wilbrandt’s father not give him $10,000?

    What was Dan’s father hoping to buy?

    Got Hypocrisy?

    Then he accuses Serwatka of “only looking for a “promotion” Seriously?

    I find that particularly funny being that Serwatka is the only guy who serves as an elected official for free!

    Got hypocrisy?

    But, never mind all that, let’s look at the issues.

    Dan Wilbrandt claims to stand with the governor and his Turn Around Agenda.

    Dan Wilbrandt has directly contradicted that statement every single year he has been in office by supporting Prevailing Wage Ordinances year after year.

    Got hypocrisy?

    Dan Wilbrandt claims to be a small government guy yet he lobbied for Red Light cameras in his village as a much needed source of revenue!

    Got Hypocrisy?

    TGen, of course, comes the 5 tax increases he supported over 3 years.

    BUt, according to Dan, the Springhill mall really needed the money and the taxpayers of West Dundee were more than willing to fork it over…


    The only difference between Dan Wilbrandt and Carolyn Schofield is that she has more hair and more years screwing taxpayers and lying about it!

  5. When I went to the Illinois Secretary of State’s web site, I could find no indication that McConchie was a lobbyist in Springfield.

    I did not check Washington or other states.

  6. Cal:

    Then Dan McChonchie himself must be delusional because that is ho he described himself, both on his LinkedIn (before he erased it) and on a blog where he called himself an agent of darkness because he is a lobbyist.

    Cal, these are McChonchie’s words not mine.

    Are you implying Dan McChonchie is lying when describing himself as a “lobbyist” and “fundraiser”.

    Maybe you can contact Dan McChonchie and have him comment to the above and report it on a blog.

    Then, if he denies it, allow me to counter on this blog with the evidence.

    I am simply using Dan McChonchie’s own description of himself.

    Maybe this should be the subject matter of a blog before Tuesday.

    Proft’s money can only do so much!

  7. I’m saying when I went to the IL Secy of State’s lobbyist registration page and typed in his name, nothing came up.

  8. Interesting how Liberty PAC is becoming synonymous with the name of Dan Proft.

    Liberty PAC is primarily:

    Richard Uihlein (Uline CEO) $5,075,000 to date
    Bruce Rauner (via Turnaround Illinois)
    Sam Zell (via Turnaround Illinois)
    Ken Griffin (Citadel Investment Group)
    Todd Ricketts (Chicago Cubs)
    Rex Sinquefield (also supported Brady for governor)

    I cannot find one nickel deposited by Dan Proft toward Liberty PAC.

    That said, I personally have no problem with this group spending money on elections per current election laws.

    Make no mistake, the purpose of this group is to combat the obscene amount of money spent on elections by unions.

    I have no problem with any private sector union spending money on campaigns.

    I have a real problem with public sector union dues being used to fund campaigns.

    From Illinois Policy:

    “in Illinois; almost all government workers – including teachers, police officers and those who serve in state government – are required to pay money to a union to keep their jobs”

    The taxpayers of the state fund those salaries / union dues!!

    How does the IEA spend union dues?

    “Only 26 cents out of every $1 in union dues is used to represent members. Meanwhile, the IEA spent 44 cents out of every $1 on overhead costs, 26 cents on administration and 3 cents on political activities”.

    Here are some salaries paid within the IEA in 2014:

    Cinda Klickna, president $235,404
    Audrey Soglin, executive director $213,980
    Timothy Crawford, director-program development $197,448
    Brian Booth, coordinator $193,321
    Anthony Jeffries, director-field services $187,873
    James Reed, director-government relations $187,579
    Kathleen Griffin, vice president $184,924
    Michael Lamb, coordinator $183,287
    Albert Llorens, secretary-treasurer $181,747
    Hugh McBarron, director-communications $180,987
    Mary Morris, director-educational innovation $180,345
    Mitchell Roth, director-legal services $178,704
    Paul Klenck, attorney $174,892
    Oliver Jones, coordinator $169,667
    James Dykehouse, UniServ director $158,471
    Lawrence Frank, research specialist $156,688
    Amy Kunz, UniServ director $156,177
    Donna Masterson, UniServ director $155,778
    David Vitoff, organizer $152,782
    Michael Tuchmann, computer specialist $152,156

    You can read the entire report here:

  9. Knowledge voter is gasser trying to hide from his constituents. Gasser no body said McChonchie or proft deposited money in Liberty pac just that McChonchie is the beneficiary of these funds used to attack his opponents.

    This is analogous to saying you are not a Joe Walsh acolyte because you do not contribute to Walsh freedom. You were told who to support without any independent judgment or independently studying the record of these candidates. Then again, some people take orders and some people give them. Difference between leadership and follower.

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