Find Out What Happened at the Trump Rally

Marathon Pundit has posted a revealing article on the disruption of the Donald Trump rally at the UIC-Chicago tonight.

You can read it here.

And my bet is what you read will not show up on mainstream media.

It certainly was not reported on WBBM-AM this evening.

And guess who was there?

Radical Leftest and probable Barack Obama ghost writer and Days of Rage terrorist Bill Ayers, a former professor there who was denied emeritus status.


Find Out What Happened at the Trump Rally — 32 Comments

  1. Saul Alinsky 1-2-3, A-B-C.

    Will see more of this in the future, especially in Illinois.

    The unsustainable schemes and finances created and are creating chaos.

  2. Similar faces at every hot button rally, no matter what the cause or who is being opposed.

    Who pays these people to show up and cause trouble?

  3. There was a disruptive person removed from a Trump speech in St. Louis on Thursday too.

    The speech was halted while the disruptive person was removed.

    So in the name of freedom of speech the agitators are disrupting speech and wasting the time of people whom have taken time out of their day to attend a speech.

    Back to back disruptions at Trump events by agitators.

  4. Three just got trump elected.

    This story is dominating airways where all things trump.

    Decent law abiding people will not tolerate this.

  5. Thanks for posting the link Paul Mac!

    How embarrassing for the decent people of Chicago, if there are any left in there.

    This is how socilsm works though, you CANT debate the crazy policy’s they want so you need to force them on everyone else.

    Hence you cannot let anyone else speak.

    Wake up people this is not the same country we had 20 – 30 years ago and it is not getting better!

  6. Well butter your popcorn and hold on tight this is gonna get worse before it gets better, if it ever gets better at all.

    The left wing, Muslim loving, pro-union, Chicago (or Chicano?)Police Department is now saying they could of protected Trump and the rally coulda been held safely.

    These radical, communist, Nazi,hippies are saying the never even told Mr. Trump to cancel the event and never even spoke to his campaign staff.

    Next they’ll deny even being in Chicago.

    On the freedom of speech issue.. some of your left-wing, radical activist judges say freedom of speech means only that the government can’t suppress the citizen’s right to express themselves.

    But what the Constitution really says is nobody has the right to disagree with me.

    Even if they are “peaceful”.

  7. I believe it was Trump that cancelled the rally due to the number of protesters.

    This went off exactly as he hoped.

    I’m sure his supporters are more fired up than before.

    If he wanted to have a peaceful event he could have had it in the burbs where his supporters are.


  8. The Left, who are always preaching tolerance, are on the move once again to destroy our 1st amendment rights.

    Hypocrisy is but one pillar of the Socialist/Marxist movement.

    If you or any one you know lives in Chiraq, get out NOW if you value your liberty and lives and leave what remains to the Democrats and their useful idiot slaves.

  9. One of the key tactics of agitators is to waste people’s time.

    The agitators are wasting Mr. Trump’s time, his supporters time, they did it in St. Louis, they did it in Chicago, and they will do it again.

    How would anyone like it if they re-arranged their schedule, hired a baby sitter or made other arrangements for child care, took time to commute to and from a Presidential primary rally, just to have it shut down by agitators.

    Some of these agitators are out to provoke trouble and it seems a concentrated crowd of them whips them into a frenzy.

    It’s more than protestors, it’s agitators, a level up from protestors.

    They are in people’s faces, shutting down traffic, the list goes on.

    Organized agitators.

    The chances this was orchestrated by Mr. Trump or anyone in his campaign is just about zero.

    Rather from the St. Louis event the day before, it’s agitation escalation.

  10. Chicago is coming unglued.

    CHA has a budget surplus, wait list, and select few receive luxury taxpayer subsidized accommodations.

    CPS woeful mismanagement and its chief officer took kickbacks for training contract awards.

    CTA pays big pensions to anointed ones, massive debt and unfunded pension and retiree healthcare across the board.

    Agitators shutting down political rallies at UIC which in turn has the biggest pensions (doctor earning a $547,862 annual pension that increases 3% annuall) in the entire public sector pension system in Illinois.

    Suppressing videos and details of citizens getting shot in the back by the police.

    High murder rates compared to NYC & LA.

    We could easily write a book.

  11. How about Ted “Romney” Cruz blaming the fiasco yesterday on Donald Trump rather than the actual perpetrators.

    Another politically correct Republican stooge who has no chance of the winning general election.

    If you put right make-up on Ted Cruz he looks like Grandpa Monster.

    This guy is a real phony, almost as phony as the McHenry County Board candidates parading around in this election as conservative tax cutters!

    It will be business as usual with the same flyers mailed next go around and so on and on . . .

    All happening before the tax watch dog panting on the sidelines while being patted on the head by Joe Walsh.

  12. “There were many Facebook pages created to draw Trump opponents to the event.

    One of those pages, “Trump Rally Protest – Chicago,” had 11,000 marked as attending and 19,000 marked as interested.

    That page tells people to buy tickets online and lays out the reasons for the rally.”

    CBS News

    Trump protest organizer calls raucous night a “win”

    March 12, 2016

  13. Rules For Radicals, the bible for Leftists/Anarchists everywhere.

    Read it, and you will understand how Obama and his ilk think and operate.

    Saul Alinsky must be smiling from ear to ear in his grave.

  14. Muslim loving,…Chicago (or Chicano?)Police Department

    Racist much?

    The Left, who are always preaching tolerance, are on the move once again to destroy our 1st amendment rights.

    Please do explain how this had anything to do with destroying first amendment rights?

    I’m so sick of conservatives claiming to love the constitution but having absolutely no understanding of the constitution.

    it was free speech vs free speech.

    And Trump, despite the CPD saying that security wasn’t an issue, who decided to cancel the event.

    Further, do we really need to remind everyone of the constant refrains of violence and supporting violence coming from Trump supporters and even the Trump campaign?

    Trump saying protestors deserve it. Trump’s campaign manager physically assaulting a reporter.

    Trump supporter saying next time he’ll kill a protestor.

    But sure… its the protestors faults.

  15. A suburban mom told me her child was supposed to go to the Trump rally at UIC as part of a school project and the subject matter was protests.

  16. Marathon Pundit
    March 11, 2016
    No free speech in Chicago: Leftist mob forces postponement of Trump rally

    Marathon Pundit
    March 8, 2016
    Petition seeks to block Trump from speaking at Chicago university where Bill Ayers once taught

    Trump Rally Protest Chicago

    Stop Trump – Chicago

    Stop Trump – Chicago
    March 4 at 1:58pm ·
    “Register for this event before it’s full! Let’s take as many seats as we can.

    Donald J. Trump in Chicago, IL
    When: Friday, March 11, 2016 at 6PM, Chicago, Illinois, doors open at 3PM
    Where: University of Illinois at Chicago Pavillon, 525 South Racine, Chicago, Illinois 60607

  17. This set of incidents are100% the fault of protesters.

    A lack of civility in society is NEVER okay.

    To make the assertion a lack of civility by one group justifies a lack of civility by another isn’t an argument, it’s insane.

    The social fabric is nearly fully ripped by our current government.

    Between police who are not able to control their penchant for violence, a public totally without social skills and a government Balkanizing the citizenry America is in crisis.

    It will take pain and, I fear, blood to reset our beautiful nation.

    As for this incident, CPD couldn’t guarantee security and internal security in the building was fully breached.

    Secret Service are neither fools nor suicidal as an agency.

    Their protectee was going nowhere near that ready made ambush.

    And violent ambush was being planned despite public messaging to the contrary.

    Clearly Trump is scaring the Alinskyites terribly for them to promote violence as the response to speeches.

  18. I’m going to call some B.S. here.

    You are absolutely right that Trump has the right to give a speech.

    But you can’t be a candidate that throws out members of the press, and sometimes has campaign staffers assault reporters, threaten to strip 1st amendment laws so he can sue, shrug his shoulders at white supremacists that support him, threaten to kill families of muslims that would be terrorists, brush off multiple failed business ventures, and sometimes flat out lie or declare illegal policy, and then throw up his hands when you have the type of crowd that was there last night.

    At its core, his campaign and his speeches are based on inflamed anger.

    That will begat anger from the other side as well.

  19. Trump knew what he was doing.

    He had a rally at a politically charged and diverse college campus in Chicago.

    That is NOT his audience.

    Then, all reports stated that thousands of protesters were going to be attending.

    These reports were coming out only hours after he officially announced the event.

    He created the atmosphere, purposely cancelled, sat back and enjoyed the show. No reports of him actually being in Chicago at all.

    He knew what he was doing when he scheduled the event.

    He charged up his base because he knew there would be confrontation with protesters and he got unprecedented amounts if air time which he is loving.

    If he really cared about bringing people together he would have had a rally in the suburbs and you all know it.

    He easily could have had a rally at Sears Center for example.

    He is a dangerous person who is finding pleasure in the attention he receives.

    If you must vote for a president there are better options for America.

  20. The protesters saw people being harassed and assaulted at his rally.

    They went bravely into that building full of adrenaline, hate filled, mindless supporters to shut trump up.

    It isn’t just socialist commie hippies who want trump to shut up.

    His own party is humiliated by him.

  21. Cal can you provide a link to back up the BS accusation that protesters were chasing police with hammers?

    I’m not defending protesters.

    They had a right to be there.

    It’s America.

    But I think we all know no death threats were made and no hammers were raised at police.

  22. Brought to you by G. Soros funded

    Stay tuned, more to come ….

  23. Why is Ted Cruz saying that this is Trumps fault?

    Why isn’t Cruz standing up for Freedom of speech?

    Isn’t Freedom of Speech important to Ted Cruz??????????

  24. I heard it read from Chicago Police radio transmissions.

    Trying to get a hard copy.

  25. You are welcome to your opinion, but it reminds me of the Days of Rage when Bill Ayers, et al, smashed store windows in Chicago.

    Police were taken to Stroger (new name for Cook County Hospital), then transferred to hospitals which were not named in order to ensure the safety of the injured policemen.

  26. The agitator event at UIC was orchestrated through social media as described above.

    UIC is a public university and as such Trump should be to deliver a speech without such intimidation and disruption by agitators..

    Some union UIC faculty attempted get the Trump UIC rally cancelled, alleging Trump supporters are intimidating agitators at Trump rally’s.

    CNN Money

    College community wants Trump rally booted from campus

    by Katie Lobosco

    March 10, 2016


    Ted Cruz’s campaign got called out by Cruz delegate and healthcare / Obamacare expert C Stephen Tucker for claiming Trump supports single payer healthcare.


    Today a man rushed the stage at a Trump speech in Dayton.

    Southern California Public Radio (SCPR)

    89.3 KPCC

    Secret Service briefly surrounds Trump as man rushes stage in Ohio


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