Meet Patrick Kenneally at CL Panera’s from 11-1

Got this email about another chance to meet Patrick Kenneally.

Here are the details:

Come join us this Saturday March 12th at the Crystal Lake Panera to meet your next McHenry County States Attorney Patrick Kenneally.

Please stop by anytime between 11 to 1 and enjoy a cup of coffee and bagel with Patrick, and find out more about him.

I have already witnessed Patrick in action as a Assistant States Attorney while i was a Sheriffs Deputy.

Patrick aggressively prosecuted those who needed to be.

I also witnessed Patrick’s commitment in prosecuting the killer of my brother Kurt, and the passion and empathy that he displayed to my family, especially our mom during this this horrific heart breaking times in our life.

Patrick guided us along this route that no mother should ever have to endure.

Especially when Nygren tried to harass us further as we entered the court house each day, Patrick kept the whole family focused on the trial, not on Nygren.

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