Robo-Calls Flood Reick Primary

There have been comments about the large number of robo-calls attacking real Republican candidate for State Rep. against Jack Franks, Steve Reick.

Here’s one from Barb Kelly:

Suddenly received 2 glossy mailers and multiple robocalls with low blow personal attacks against Steve Reick, all paid for by Government For the People.

Thanks for reporting on who they represent.

The intensity of the Michael Madigan minions has drawn a robo-call from Governor Bruce Rauner on Reick’s behalf.

It’s text is below:

Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner

Hi, this is Governor Bruce Rauner. 

I’m calling to ask for your vote for Republican Steve Reick (Rike) for State Rep in Tuesday’sprimary election. 

Steve Reick (Rike) is just the kind of conservative leader we need for McHenry County. 

He’ll be a staunch defender of your values and a great partner with me as we fight Mike Madigan in Springfield, and create jobs and cut taxes for hardworking McHenry County families.

This Tuesday, March 15th make sure you vote for Steve Reick in the Republican Primary for State Rep.

Paid for by the House Republican Organization.


Robo-Calls Flood Reick Primary — 3 Comments

  1. Does anyone actually listen to robo calls?

    I have always disconnected the moment I heard the recorded voice.

  2. Here’s yet another recap on the 63rd State House primary election.

    The 63rd State Representative District resides entirely in McHenry County, in the western portion of the county.

    There are two candidates in the 63rd Representative District Republican Primary: Jeffery Lichte and Steven Reick.

    There is no opposition in the Democrat Primary to incumbent State Representative Jack Franks whom has represented the district in the Illinois General Assembly for 18 years since he took office in 1999 after being elected on November 3, 1998.

    When re-elected on November 4, 2014, Mr. Franks won with his lowest margin of victory since November 7, 2000.

    Thus, Mr. Franks & Michael Madigan, whom relies on Jack Franks as one of the keys to maintaining a Democrat super majority in the Illinois State House, are feeling more than a little heat.


    A fake Republican candidate was inserted against Mr. Reick in the upcoming primary election on March 15th.

    And an “Independent Expenditure Only PAC” was created to attack Mr. Reick during that same election.


    Although he is running as a Republican and registered as a Republican candidate with the Illinois State Board of Elections, every single piece of public information obtained about Mr. Jeffery Lichte points to him being a Democrat.

    For example:

    1. Mr. Lichte’s recent voting records were obtained and indicated Mr. Lichte votes Democrat.

    2. The picture of Mr. Lichte’s home on Google Maps has a Jack Franks sign in Mr. Lichte’s front yard.

    3. Mr. Lichte has no campaign signs, literature, website, campaign, or public pictures of himself.

    4. Mr. Lichte did not appear at the League of Women’s Voters forum at McHenry County College for the race in which he is running.

    5. Mr. Lichte has made no effort to refute that he is a Democrat running as a Republican in the press or on this political blog (which focuses on McHenry County politics).

    6. Mr. Lichte has made no public appearances as a Republican candidate for the 63rd State Representative District.

    7. Not a single Republican has come forward supporting Mr. Lichte.

    8. The vast majority of those gathering signatures to get Mr. Lichte on the ballot were from outside McHenry County.

    9. Mr. & Mrs. Lichte were on the recent host fundraising committee of Jack Franks.

    10. Public records indicate Jeffery Lichte is in his 70’s.

    11. The only substantial information that can be found about Mr. Lichte is this piece found on the Northwest Herald website. Best guess, given the above information, it was not written by Mr. Lichte, but by someone in the Democrat party.

    Northwest Herald
    Election Central 2016
    Jeffery Lichte
    3805 W Orleans Street, McHenry, Illinois
    (Does he even have a campaign sign to support himself in his front yard?)

    The Northwest Herald went on to endorse Steven Reick over Jeffery Lichte

    Northwest Herald
    Our View: Steven Reick for 63rd District state representative
    February 23, 2016 5:30 a.m. CDT
    “Lichte’s campaign has been shrouded in secrecy.”

    The Chicago Tribune endorsed Steven Reick over Jeffery Lichte.

    Chicago Tribune
    Chicago Tribune endorsements: More choices for the Illinois House
    by: Editorial Board
    March 1, 2016
    63rd District: “Is he a ghost candidate put up by the Democrats to protect Franks from a real opponent? Probably.”

    There was no endorsement for either candidate from the Daily Herald or Chicago Sun-Times.


    In its “Statement of Organization” “Form D-1” the “Independent Expenditure Only PAC” named “Government for the People” is supporting “Republican” Jeffery Lichte and opposing Republican Steven Reick. > Committees > Search Options > Committee Search > Committee Name > Government for the People > D-1 Statement of Organization


    The statewide teacher unions put $17,500 into the PAC attacking Mr. Reick.

    $12,500 from IEA IPACE (Illinois Education Association – Illinois Political Action Committee for Education).

    $5,000 from Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE (Committee on Political Education) aka IFT COPE.

    The Trial Lawyers Association PAC put in $15,000 (Mr. Franks is a trial lawyer).

    SEIU Healthcare, a large union that includes many public sector employees, put in $5,000.

    SEIU = Service Employees International Union.

    IHCA PAC contributed $5,000; that’s Illinois Health Care Association, which represents facilities in the long term care industry.

    And Aperion Care contributed $1,250; they provide short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing, assisted living, and long- term living facilities in Illinois and Indiana.

    $43,750 total.


    The status quo does not want change.

    The status quo has to go.

  3. Wow!

    What a difference party leadership in this County has made!

    When Tanya Franklin asked the County Party to support her in a run against Franks, Mike Tryon, Geri Davis, and other party leaders told her to take a walk.

    This time with new leadership, we actually have a Republican Party that works for the people!!

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