Mike Shorten’s Precinct Letter

Nunda Township Republican Central Committee Chairman Mike Shorten is being challenged for Precinct Committeeman by Joe Gottemoller, the McHenry County Board Chairman and candidate for the GOP nomination for the at-large election for that post this fall.

After seeing some precinct letters published, Shorten wrote me asking for his to be posted as well.

Part of his email had me laughing out loud (I’ve put what amused me in boldface type):

…also sent multiple automated calls to my precinct trying to overcome my opposition who apparently has some name recognition of some sort... although I’ve used these in years past as a way to reach voters and remind them about early voting, election day etc.

Shorten letter 3-16 frontShorten letter 3-16 back
Shorten also has a palm card.
Shorten palm card frontShorten Palm Card back


Mike Shorten’s Precinct Letter — 8 Comments

  1. Gonziorek=Higher Taxes, never met a tax hike she didn’t like and vote for.


    Smith=More Nepotism, already has 2 daughters working at the Courthouse Bldg, Daughter got 10x the raise her peers got.


  2. Walkup has been a Democrat most of his life and has historically only supported liberal democrats.

    He seems to be running to grab a government paycheck, probably because his tax dodge of a “farm” and ambulance chasing may not be working out for him.

  3. I watched him during the Consolidation fiasco.

    Only someone with his narcissistic tendencies would ever again run for office.

    Anyone in a political office who openly states he did not get any work done because of consuming too many adult beverages does not deserve one vote.

    Mike Shorten is an embarrassment to all committeemen (imho).

  4. Healthy mix of newcomers that are promising.

    Why he’s supporting the tax and spend Gonziorek AND Status Quo recorder candidate that has a multitude of negatives is beyond me.

  5. Cautious voter- Thanks for the feedback!

    I’ve never viewed myself as a narcissist, but I guess I’ll have to take a look in the mirror.

  6. Apparently according to Mike: Kenneally had tyied many criminals.

    I can only imagine this prevents them from committing crimes, like “tying up the hamburgler.”

    Very Effective.

  7. Mike your Consolidation effort was poor at best.

    If there is a next time try to get a workable plan with facts and real numbers, not hopeful estimates.

    Big gov has historically always costs us more, you need to defeat that fact in your plan.

    Get the state laws changed first as part of your plan, then move on.

    If you really want to save us some $$$$, look at the county services as a whole, them make your plan, not just piece meal TWHs.

    IMO, all that last failed consolidation effort was, was poor political power games.

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