Mike Walkup Hits Nancy Gonsiorek in District 3 County Board Race for Hiking Taxes while on Grade School Board

McHenry County Board member Mike Walkup is not only running in the at-large election for McHenry County Board Chairman, but he also is seeking to retain his District 3 seat.

That’s so he can vote on the County Board.

The person elected to the at-large chairmanship will not have any vote on the County Board as the current Board Chairman does.

Here is his mailing to his constituents in District 4:

In his quest to keep his District 3 on the County Board, along with the ability to vote on County Board issues, Mike Walkup continues with his message about stopping "the McHenry County Tax Machine."

In his quest to keep his District 3 on the County Board, along with the ability to vote on County Board issues, Mike Walkup continues with his message about stopping “the McHenry County Tax Machine.”

Walkup Mail D3 back

On the back of his post card, Mike Walkup points out that primary opponent Nancy Gonsiorek “voted consistently to RAISE YOUR TAXES during her 8 years on the School District Board” [capitalization in the original].


Mike Walkup Hits Nancy Gonsiorek in District 3 County Board Race for Hiking Taxes while on Grade School Board — 13 Comments

  1. Someone please tell me… how many of the outdoor public bathing places (aka splash pads) did Walkup vote in favor of?

  2. Walkup is a Democrat who has recently tried to masquerade as a Republican to get a government paycheck.

    “The Rat” as the Northwest Herald has referred to him (great cartoon), has been rejected by his neighbors multiple times in his various attempts to get government paychecks and offices.

    That is why Walkup is afraid of elections and tries to prevent candidacies and elections by denying the voters choices.

    Nancy Gonsiorek is a credentialed professional and was the smartest member of the school board and will be an asset to the county.

  3. Charles, let’s ignore for the moment your vicious, vague and un-evidenced attacks on Mike Walkup and talk instead about Nancy Gonsiorek.

    Nancy Gonsiorek is a CPA, like you.

    Big deal.

    More important is the fact that she voted repeatedly to increase taxes by the maximum amount permitted by law.

    During her terms, the number of students went down — but the number of administrators and teachers went UP.

    Credentials are one thing.

    A track record is something else.

    Now, if you can justify Nancy Gonsiorek’s votes at D47, please do so.

    Otherwise your endorsement is meaningless.

  4. Willson;

    Does your ignorance of Walkup’s career as a Democrat extend into all other political observations?

  5. Dear Charles:

    Your response makes clear you have no rebuttal to Nancy Gonsiorek’s track record.

    You can continue insulting people, but that won’t change the facts.

  6. The fact that your hero has been and almost certainly is a Democrat now when he walks into the polling booth but chooses to being a fake Republican in order to get a government paycheck is not relevant?

  7. Nancy Gonziorek is a go along to get along, tax raising candidate.

    She loves spending other people’s money and has never met a tax levy she didn’t raise.

    Wish we had better candidates to choose from in this district (as well as others).

    But this is what we’ve got.

    We have to vote for the lesser of two evils in many cases.

    Walkup is the lessor of those two evils. Nick and Cherie are also running.

    For me it’s Walkup and either Provenzano or Rickert.

    No no to Nan$y

  8. Mr Wilson, as is often the case, has distilled the most important FACT as to why the voters should reject Gonsiorek’s candidacy.

    It is the fundamental reason why she was rejected by the voters two years ago for the County Board.

    She is an unabashed spender. She voted to raise the school boards budget to the maximum level at every opportunity that she had to do so.

    This is public record. She is a very nice person, but can’t say no.

    What Mr. Wilson does not interject, is the distinct impression those who know her have observed.

    She has become a lapdog for Joe Gottemoller.

    She will rubber stamp anything that Joe, her mentor and supporter will advance. Walkup has his peculiarities to be sure, but his record on the County Board is clear.

    He is smart, knows the law, knows the specifics of the County issues, and has been consistently financially conservative and reform minded.

    Who cares if he might be a Democrat.

    Reagan was a Democrat.

    What bearing does that have on a County Board anyway?

  9. To follow up on what Drake stated: Jack Franks was a Republican but could not get elected so he ran as a Democrat and has continued on that road since that time.

  10. Charles:

    Two bits of advice:

    (1) Failing to respond to a valid objection is neither logical nor persuasive. In fact, silence in the face of a rebuttal signals assent.

    (2) Using abusive language towards someone discoursing with you is never persuasive, either towards that person nor towards anyone else observing the interchange.

    Having said that, I’ll make a deal with you.

    I’ll speak to Walkup and compare him with Gonsiorek.

    You address my objection to Gonsiorek, without vituperation and changing the subject.

    Is it a deal?

    Now, as for Walkup, I don’t know if he ever was a Democrat, but I’ll take your word for it.

    People change.

    I was a Democrat when I was young.

    The party moved away from me and I became a Republican.

    Most important, which one ACTS like a Republican?

    The answer is that Walkup votes like a Republican and Gonsiorek votes like a Democrat.

    Walkup voted to keep the levy flat and sought ways to reduce it.

    In fact, he helped to actually reduce the levy for the County this year.

    Gonsiorek voted repeatedly to increase the levy at D47 by the maximum amount permitted by law.

    On her watch, the number of teachers and administrators increased even as enrollment declined.

    Next you want to harp on Walkup seeking a paid position and imply the worst.

    You provide no evidence, just bile, but Nancy Gonsiorek is also running for a paid position.

    Should not then your calumny apply to her as well?

    Finally, Nancy Gonsiorek is a credentialed professional.

    So is Walkup.

    She’s a CPA and he’s a lawyer.

    In conclusion, Walkup may at one time have been a Democrat but Gonsiorek votes like a Democrat and Walkup doesn’t and they’re both professionals.

    So, now, Charles, answer my charges about Gonsiorek.

    She voted for big tax increases and increasing the number of teachers and administrators even as enrollment declined.

    Is this NOT a bad record that voters should consider?

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