Taking Down Signs Today in Cary — 2 Comments

  1. Old Craft Concrete property that has been for sale for a while now.

    The owner may not have given permission for the signs to be there, and is having them removed.

    Cary has a ordinance about non permitted signs in the ROW also.

    A educated guess, but with no logo on the truck door, it’s a privately owned vehicle.

    Property was listed by the Wagner firm, can’t say it it still is.

  2. Cal I went by a few minutes ago, the signs are still there, although they seem to be farther off the road and not now in the ROW.

    I was driving down First St in Cary just 15 min ago also, there were supporters of Kenneally and Tsilimigras putting up Bruma Shave type of signage by SS PP Church, then also at

    First at Three Oaks and Three Oaks school.

    All by polling places and schools, all signs in the ROW.

    Cary has a ordinance against non permitted signs in the ROW, all signs, realtor, for sale, business, even garage sales.

    Supporters as much as candidates should learn the rules before hand.

    Years ago George Kruse was Mayor of Cary, those signs would all be taken down if in the ROW, but now the wind blows in a different direction, from both sides of the game.

    Rules, we need no stinking rules.

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