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Steve Reick's second billboard two years ago.

Steve Reick’s second billboard two years ago.

As I was listening to Star105 to find out who was advertising on election day, I heard the Mike Madigan minions’ ad bashing Steve Reick twice.

I’ve concluded that Madigan’s minions are putting so much effort in defeating Steve Reick so that Jack Franks will have no excuse not to provide the 71st vote on veto overrides.

I can just hear Jack telling Mike,

“Do you want to keep this seat, MIke?  I won’t, if I vote the way you want me to.”

The ad against Reick from the “People for Good Government,” who, of course, are the people who got Illinois into the mess that exists today, is devastating.

It starts out soft and then re-iterates what the six hit pieces have told of Reick’s financial problems, probably decades old, but sounding as if Reick somehow can make the state’s financial situation worse that the Democrats have since Rob Blagojevich took office in 2003.

The first time I heard the anti-Reick ad–his Republican Primary Election opponent’s name is never mentioned–thee were two ads for Republican candidates, too.

One for McHenry County State’s Attorney candidate Patrick Kenneally had endorsement statements from the Lake County State’s Attorney and Sheriff, the Boone County State’s Attorney (who worked in the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s Office before she won over there) and McHenry County  State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi.  Then there was a statement asking for listeners’ votes from Kenneally.

The second one was for judicial candidate Demetri Tsilimigras.  It made less of an impression on me.  I can’t remember what it said.

The second time I heard the attack ad, it was followed by one from the Reick campaign.

Unlike Donald Trump, Reick’s ad did not take the same tone as the attack.

That, in my opinion, may prove to be a fatal mistake.

The Republicans should be running an ad telling what is behind the mis-named “Government for the People” committee.

How it is an attempt by Madigan minions to safe Jack Franks from defeat this fall, etc.

Maybe some creative person will come up with an appropriate ad in the comment section.

Meanwhile, yesterday, the attack committee came up with more money:

  • $1,250 – Heritage Enterprises, Inc., Bloomington
  • $1,250 – Legacy Healthcare Financial Services, Lincolnwood
  • $1,250 – KFT Services LLC, Lincolnwood
  • $2,000 – Illinois State AFL-CIO

And another $75,000 was pumped into radio.


Radio Ads Bring Insight — 11 Comments

  1. Cal, name ONE direct tax that Jack has voted for?

    How many times has Jack Franks voted to override a veto of

    Governor Rauner that would have raised taxes?

    How many times has Jack Franks voted to override the

    Governor’s veto to pass and unbalanced budget?

    How many times has Steve Reick vowed to raise taxes?

    How many times has Steve Reick promoted the budget?

    Now, could how many fingers you have raised.

    What’s that?

    You have zero fingers raised?

    Call me Clint Eastwood, but you know I’m right

  2. Jack Franks has voted for the worst kind of tax hike repeatedly.

    Legislative pension benefit hikes to underfunded pensions.

    Hiking pension benefits, hikes taxes to fund the benefits.

    Ditto retire healthcare hikes.

  3. Why do legislative pension benefit hikes and retiree healthcare benefit hikes result in the worst kind of tax hike?

    Because thanks to one sentence added to the Illinois constitution on December 15, 1970, the benefits shall not be diminished or impaired!

    The benefits can be hiked.

    But once hiked, they can not be diminished or impaired.

    Benefit hikes to underfunded pension system are permissible, but once the benefits are hiked, the benefits shall not be diminished or impaired.

    Here is the sentence added to the Illinois State Constitution on December 15, 1970.

    “Membership in any pension or retirement system of the State, any unit of local government or school district, or any agency or instrumentality thereof, shall be an enforceable contractual relationship, the benefits of which shall not be diminished or impaired.”

    Jack Franks is a big tax hiker via his votes to hike pension and retiree healthcare benefits.

  4. “Franks” is actually spelled F-I-L-T-H ….

    the sooner he’s swept back into his reeking Marengo lair, the better off the whole state will be!

  5. The attacks on Reick are so amateurish it is hard to imagine these have been approved by Madigan or his team.

    These are most certainly inspired by Madigan but these are done by the “C” Team.

    Jack isn’t important at all to Madigan except to vote for him as Speaker and as Reserve against a particularly sticky political vote.

    This primary isn’t being taken seriously.

    The general will be looked at after the primary numbers come in.

    If Reick doesn’t turn out a huge vote Madigan won’t dedicate more than token help to Jack.

    This is really a job interview for the marginal noobs who want more Madigan dollars in bigger races.

    Tonight we will know how much power Jack has lost in this insurgent year.

    If it’s not huge Reick has a nearly impossible general election chance.

    If McHenry County wants to deny full assimilation into the Democrat Machine orbit get your friends, family and neighbors out to fight the “C” team goons and demand they dedicate the “A” team.

    THEN we’ll have some fun.

  6. The attacks against Mr. Reick involve Shaw Decremer whom the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board in a January 15, 2016 article labeled as Michael Madigan’s top campaign aide.

    Shaw Decremer’s address was listed by the Illinois Education Association’s (IEA) Illinois Political Action Committee for Education (IPACE) as the recipient of IPACE’s contribution to the brand new “Government for the People” independent expenditure PAC (may not make direct contributions or coordinated expenditures).

    The Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBE) Committee ID for Government for the People is 32046.

    The ISBE Committee ID for Illinois PAC for Education (IPACE) is 1169.

    The day after submitting the expenditure to ISBE, IPACE submitted a letter to ISBE, changing the address to which they made the contribution, from Mr. Decremer’s Chicago address, to an address in Naperville that is not connected with anyone political.

    So the address went in one day from Michael Madigan’s top campaign aide, to an address that is not connected with anyone political.

    To put that in context, the “Government for the People” PAC is supporting fake Republican Jeffery Lichte, while opposing real Republican Steven Reick, in the State Representative for 63rd District.

    Background as to suspicions that Jeffery Lichte is not a real Republican follow.

    Jeffery Lichte:

    – Has voted Democrat in the voting records which have surfaced, which are recent voting records.

    – Not one Republican has come forward stating they know Jeffery Lichte to be a Repubican, much less even know him.

    – The Google maps picture of Jeffery Lichte’s house has a Jack Franks campaign sign in the front lawn!

    – The Google maps pictures of some of Jeffery Licthe’s neighbors have Jack Franks signs.

    – Jeffery Lichte did not attend League of Women’s Voters forum for which he is a candidate, the forum was held at McHenry County College.

    – Jeffery Lichte has no campaign website, no public picture of himself, no campaign signs, no campaign literature, no campaign email address, basically, no campaign.

    – The Chicago Tribune in its endorsement of Steven Reick states Jeffery Lichte is probably a ghost candidate.

    – Jeffery Lichte did not show up for a Northwest Herald interview (he or most likely it seems someone else for him did submit answers to questions to the Northwest Herald).

    – Is listed on Jack Franks host fundraising committee along with Ron Eck whom challenged the petitions of Steve Reick.

    – The eleven people gathering signatures to get Mr. Lichte on the ballot were from outside the 63rd District: 6 people from Chicago (37 petitions), 1 person from Maple Park (11 petitions), 2 people from DeKalb (3 petitions), 1 person from Alsip (10 petitions), 1 person from Western Springs (2 petitions).

    – And the list goes on.

  7. The contributions made to “Government for the People” independent expenditure PAC total $49,500 in 5 days, from March 8th – March 12th.

    Government for the People PAC supports fake Republican Jeffery Lichte and opposes real Republican Steve Reick.

    The Contributions were made by:

    – Illinois Trial Lawyers Association PAC (Jack Franks is a trial lawyer) – $15,000

    – IPACE (IEA teacher union PAC) – $12,500

    – Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE (teacher union PAC) – $5,000

    – SEIU Healthcare PAC (union) – $5,000

    – Illinois State AFL-CIO (union) – $2,000

    – Aperion Care – $1,250

    – IHCA PAC (retirement related healthcare PAC) – $5,000

    – KFT Services LLC – $1,250

    – Legacy Healthcare Services – $1,250

    – Heritage Enterprises – $1,250

    Total: $49,500

  8. The attacks on Reick are so amateurish but remember they are targeted to Franks voters.

    (low information voters)

    nuff said!

  9. “Government for the People” independent expenditure only PAC has made 3 expenditures to date per the Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBE) website:

    IPACE expended $12,500 on March 8, 2016 to “Government for the People” at Shaw Decremer’s condo, which was changed by IPACE a day letter to a non politically connected townhouse in Naperville.

    “Government for the People” expended $15,500 on March 10th to Adelstein & Associates (AL Media aka Eric Adelstein & Ann Liston), 222 W Ontario St, Chicago, for radio.

    “Government for the People expended $7,500 on March 11th to Adelstein & Associates for radio.

    Sub-total Expenditures to date:
    Mailers $12,500
    Radio $23,000

    Total Expenditures to date: $35,500


    AL Media are major well-known players in political advertising.

    Per their website, they were on President Obama’s senior strategy team.


    Adelstein & Associates created ads for Jack Franks re-election campaign in 2000:

    – $5,500 cable tv ad from Citizens for Jack D Franks on September 15, 2000 to Adelstein.

    – $55 cable ad from Citizens for Jack D Franks on September 29, 2000 to Adelstein.

    – $5,555 cable ad from Citizens for Jack D Franks on October 1, 20000 to Adelstein.

    – $9,000 cable ad from Citizens for Jack D Franks on October 17, 2000 to Adelstein.

    – $8,000 TV Production from Citizens for Jack Franks on October 30, 2000 to Adelstein.

    – $18,102 media in-kind expenditure from Illinois Federation of Teachers (IFT teacher union PAC) on October 4, 2000 to Adelstein.

    Total for Year 2000 expended to Adelstein for purpose of re-electing Jack D Franks: $46,212.


    Lest there be an doubt that AL Media really is in the big leagues of Illinois political advertising.

    Here are Expenditures to Adelstein & Associates (AL Media aka Eric Adelstein & Ann Liston) per the Illinois State Board of Elections website.

    From October 2000 through March 2015, $11,746,576 was expended to Adelstein & Associates.

    That’s $11.7 Million Dollars.


    Adelstein has a sister company owned by Rick Adelstein called Jemma Productions at the same 222 W Ontario St, Chicago address.

    Illinois State Board of Elections expenditure records indicate $2,974,143 was expended to Jemma Productions from February 2014 to October 2014.

    $671,033 of that was to oppose Bruce Rauner for Governor in 2014.


    Illinois Political Expenditures to Adelstein & Associates / AL Media: $11,746,576

    Illinois Political Expenditures to Jemma Productions: $2,974,143

    Total Illinois Political Expenditures to Adelstein & Associates / AL Media / Jemma Productions / Eric Adelstein / Anna Liston: $14,720,719

    That’s $14.7 Million Dollars.


    What do Steve Reick and Bruce Rauner have in common?

    Both were the targets of attack ads from Adelstein & Associates / AL Media / Jemma Productions / Rick Adelstein / Ann Liston.

  10. Noteworthy, Ann Liston is married to current Reuters / former Chicago Sun-Times reporter Dave McKinney, who along with Karen Pierog covers Chicago government for Reuters.

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