It’s 4:30 AM and There Are Still 68 Unaccounted for Precincts! — 11 Comments

  1. Northwest Herald

    Weigh in on Problems at McHenry County Polls during Illinois Primary

    March 16, 2016, 2:59AM

    by Kevin Craver

    Are you a McHenry County election judge or poll worker who faced problems at the polls on Tuesday, or were you a voter who was turned away?

    Senior Reporter Kevin Craver is writing about the problems that plagued McHenry County in Tuesday’s primary.

    Call him with your story at 815-526-4618, or email him at

  2. What a cluster *&^% This never happened when Schultz was in charge!!

    If Mary McClellan runs her office like this election she should step down NOW!!!

    How did she screw this up in 2 years is beyond me.

    If her hubby was in charge FIRE HIM!!!

    This show how incompetent she is…

    who wants to run against her in 2 years let get the ball rolling now.

  3. This kind of delay needs to be investigated by the states attorney’s office.

    This is the exact type of situation that causes voters to be skeptical and doubtful of the accuracy of the results.

    This is completely unacceptable and voters deserve a DETAILED explanation.

  4. IMHO. You are exactly right.

    Something smells on this one and it has to be investigated.

    In today’s electronic age there is no excuse for this kind of screw up

    The Clerk should step down immediately.

  5. I voted for Joe Tirio, but I am having real second thoughts about his plan to have the McHenry County Clerk take over the duties of the McHenry County Recorder of Deeds.

    Mary McClellan obviously cannot handle the current responsibilities of her job.

    Her head might explode if she were asked to do more.

  6. This is beyond incomprehensible.

    How many relatives does she have working for her?

  7. Billy Bob: Simple, someone else to run for Clerk.

    It appears we have gotten rid of Miller on the County Board.

    Now, we need to replace McClellan.

    It was not directly her fault that some of the electronic poll books did not work but it is her fault for not having proper backup plans in place. W

    hat if we had a catastrophic power failure?

    I worked on computer systems for years.

    I installed many NEW and modified systems.

    I was a beta tester for IBM software.

    We NEVER installed any new process or system without a backup plan if anything went wrong.

    Yesterday’s fiasco was due to sheer lack of proper implementation of a new system.

    I am also told that the phone number provided for the judges to report problems was not correct.

    I posted this earlier yesterday:

    This was the first election with the new electronic voter rolls.

    In the past we always had paper only.

    As this was the first election with the new electronic voter rolls, it would have been prudent to have paper backup.

    Another option would have been to thoroughly train the judges relative to Provisional voting.

    AND each precinct would have been supplied with enough Provisional ballots to cover at least twenty percent of their normal turnout.

    If the precinct ran out, they could call the Clerk’s office for additional.

    In case you are not familiar with Provisional voting, here are some of the instructions:


    Voter fills out “Application to Vote.”

    Voter fills out and signs the “Provisional Voter Affidavit.”

    Election judge signs the “Provisional Voter Affidavit” and marks one of the seven reasons the voter is being issued a provisional ballot.

    The original affidavit stays with the “Provisional Ballot Envelope,” and the copy goes to the voter.

    The voter may present information that supports his/her claim to be a qualified voter.

    This information stays with the affidavit.

    The voter is issued a provisional ballot and a “Provisional Ballot Envelope.

    If the ballot is spoiled, it must be surrendered to the judge, who will issue a new ballot.

    The voted ballot is sealed in the “Provisional Ballot Envelope”.

    The “Provisional Ballot Envelope” is then returned to the election judges.

    The election judges will deposit the provisional ballot envelope in a SEPARATE SECURABLE CONTAINER (other than the ballot box containing the regular ballots).

    After voting provisionally, the voter is told how to submit additional proof of registration to the election authority, and how, after the election, to determine if their ballot was counted.

    Each provisional voter should be provided written instructions on how to follow up after Election Day

    I have no idea how many Provisional ballots this clerk supplied each precinct with.

    In the past the most I ever received in my election materials bag was ten.

  8. OBSERVATION: The third party (Clarity elections) which displays OUR election results shows that 114 of 212 precincts have reported their results for Democrat President.

    However, when I scroll through the Precinct Republican committeeman positions, it appears every precinct has reported.

    Can anyone explain?

  9. I think everyone on this blog should actually call the Clerk (815-334-4242) and asking to speak to someone who is actually working on the problem, and ask what the problem is, and ask when it will be fixed.

    Then report back here what you’re told.

    You might find it an interesting if unenlightening exercise.

  10. I am reminded of Cook County, November 1960.

    Illinois was the swing state in the Kennedy-Nixon contest.

    Cook County’s results were several hours late — and provided just enough votes to swing the state and the entire election.

  11. I have a suggestion for each of the people posting a comment on this story: call the Clerk’s office (815-334-4242) and ask to speak with someone who knows what the problem is.

    Ask what the problem is and ask when the problem will be fixed.

    Then please report back here.

    I tried it and got nowhere: “no comment”.

    I think some pressure and some confirmation of my experience would be informative to the public.

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