Will County Board Pay Election Judges Overtime?

Through no fault of their own the McHenry County Election Judges who came to work are being forced to work an hour and a half longer than they expected.

The question crossed my mind as to whether the County Board will compensate them for that time.

A second question is where the money should come from.

Harking back to President Harry Truman’s “The buck stops here” comment, makes me wonder if the County Board will force the County Clerk’s Office will tell Mary McClellan to squeeze it out of her budget.


Will County Board Pay Election Judges Overtime? — 3 Comments

  1. I was an Election Judge in McHenry county yesterday.

    We worked from 5:30 in the AM until 8:30 PM, that is 15 hours, the pay for the day is $140.00.

    What is the minimum wage in Illinois?

    I understand there is shortage of election judges, can any one guess why?

  2. I was pretty sure of that also, Semper.

    But then again, I had no idea that the law had changed on being able to register AND vote on the same day at the same place!

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