Allen Skillicorn Claims Victory

A press release from the man who won the Republican Primary Election to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon:

Skillicorn Reacts to Election Victory

The almost final vote totals from McHenry and Kane Counties.

The almost final vote totals from McHenry and Kane Counties.

East Dundee, IL – Allen Skillicorn is excited to hear his victory in the Republican primary for State Representative is now official in both Kane and McHenry counties with all precincts accounted for.

“My opponents worked their tails off and ran very competitive campaigns, but our message of property tax relief and standing up to Speaker Madigan resonated with the voters of McHenry and Kane counties.”

Skillicorn continued, “Once we have cleaned up all the signs and campaign litter, I will take the fight to Speaker Madigan, who has been crushing our economy and our home values for the past 40 years.”

Allen Skillicorn is the Republican nominee running in the 66th State House District.

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Skillicorn beat Carolyn Schofield, Dan Wilbrandt and Paul Serwatka.


Allen Skillicorn Claims Victory — 8 Comments

  1. And they say negative campaigns don’t work.

    Look at the Reick race. In a Republican primary a known Democrat received 40.73 percent of the vote.

  2. Take it to Madigan?????

    He only won the primary.

    He’s not elected to anything yet.

    Man I wouldn’t poke the bear just yet Allen.

    He ran an ugly campaign and hes about to find out what a real ugly race looks like.

  3. One female democrat down… one more to go!

    At least Nancy Zettler is honest about who she is!

  4. It just shows that with enough money and mud-slinging tactics, anyone can win an election.

  5. Anytime you want to finally clean up your eyesore signs is fine by me.

    They should have been removed days ago, and still I look at your cardboard posters.

    The victory party is over, now clean up your mess!

  6. Has this election ever been officially called ?

    Everyday it seems there is way more to this story to come.

    Allen claiming victory is like the 1919 White Sox saying they were world champs.

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