Former Riley School Board President and Husband of Township Supervisor Beats Rand Paul Delegate for GOP Precinct Committeeman

In Riley Township there is only one precinct.

The winner, by a vote of 367-143 was former Riley Grade School Board President Kurt Schnable.

He got 71.4% of the Republican ballots cast for Precinct Committeeman.

His wife is Riley Township Supervisor Karen Schnable.

Both attended the Township Consolidation Task Force Hearings.

Michael Smyk, a GOP Convention Delegate candidate pledge to Rand Paul is the one who came up short.

Michael Synk was defeated for Republican Precinct Committeeman by Kirk Schnable.

Michael Smyk was defeated for Republican Precinct Committeeman by Kurk Schnable 367-143.


Former Riley School Board President and Husband of Township Supervisor Beats Rand Paul Delegate for GOP Precinct Committeeman — 9 Comments

  1. There is no reason that Riley Township and Riley school should not be a part of Marengo.

    I cannot afford the ridiculous taxes in Riley.

  2. It’s a rural township, the far southeastern corner of the county.

  3. Also Marengo has annexed land to I-90.

    The I-90 & Route 23 interchange is in Riley Township.

  4. Yup!

    Consolidate so your taxes can go even higher!

    Pay attention to what Cal has posted on that topic!

    The Nob: Hopefully you will get to meet the Schamble family some day. They represent what we need in this County. Honest, dedicated conservatives.

  5. If Riley Elementary School District consolidated with the Marengo – Union Elementary school district; or if either or both consolidated with the Marengo High School district; the current law or at least practice would result in the lower pay scale being scrapped.

    This the lower paid district gets a pay hike.

    Since labor cost is the biggest cost in a school district, and there are more teachers than administrators; the savings from eliminating a Superintendent are typically offset by higher teacher labor costs.

    Historically the teacher pay hike is offset initially by a state subsidy that is phased out over 4 years or so.

    The pay scale (salary grid) is in the collective bargaining agreement; and the administrator salaries are on the salary and benefit report; both of which are required by law to be posted on the district website; so one can compare the differences.

    Sometimes consolidations result in savings to taxpayers, but often they do not, due to various state laws.


  6. Mark,

    SOUTHWESTERN you meant?

    Cautious voter,

    I wonder why Cal felt the need to single them out and put in they both attended the Consolidation meetings?

    It appears Cal is pro consolidation/elimination of Twh’s, creating fewer but bigger gov agencies that historically cost more.

  7. That’s where I met the couple.

    The Task Force Hearings may have stimulated the candidacy for Precinct Committeeman.

  8. oops Riley Township is in the far southwestern corner of McHenry County.


    Consolidation would make sense in more areas if state laws were changed to allow for savings.

    Too many organized labor friendly laws at the expense of state / local government being competitive and cost efficient…the scale tips too far to organized labor right now.

    To many organized labor friendly laws were passed in exchange for organized labor votes at the expense of long term fiscal sustainability.

    So yes we should have more consolidation but not before reforms, but the organized labor friendly General Assembly doesn’t want reforms.

    So we go nowhere fast.

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