Roskam on Brussels Terrorist Attack

A press release from Congressman Peter Roskam:

Roskam Statement on Brussels Terror Attacks

Peter Roskam

Peter Roskam

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Representative Peter J. Roskam issued the following statement after the Islamic State terror group claimed responsibility for deadly attacks in Brussels, Belgium

“Our hearts are heavy after news of yet another horrific attack in a western capital. The United States must stand in solidarity with our friends and allies in Belgium and around the world. We must strengthen our resolve and lead the fight to rid the earth of the scourge of radical Islamic terrorism.”


Roskam on Brussels Terrorist Attack — 10 Comments

  1. How come the press or congress is not talking about an earlier attack in Turkey?

  2. Roskam, unlike Obama, calls it what it is – an Islamic terrorist attack.

    Obama = COWARD.

  3. Peter Roskam, you cannot be that stupid!

    You HAVE to know that this was a fake drill with fake crisis actors and it is all about pushing the global police on us.

    Now what say you?

    You are part of the problem if you continue with this type of rhetoric.

  4. Perhaps President Obama’s reference to ISIS / ISIL as the JV team in January 2014 is arguably his and his team’s biggest blunder.

    He referenced “we” in the statement…thus the reference to his team.

  5. Roskam and the rest of these elected eunichs, quit the solemn missives after these attacks and get off your ass and lead the charge on doing something about it.

    How about a Declaration of War on the Islamic State or ISIS by Congress.

    Instead, a bunch of politically correct appeasers concerned about offending all muslims at the expense of endangering us all, including peaceful muslims who are dying with Christians and others at the hands of these savages.

    Remember back in the 1980’s the US declared countries “terrorist” states where no American could travel too and no foreigner could immigrate into the US from these Terrorist States.

    In fact the only “American” I am aware of who traveled to Pakistan in the 1980’s which was on the terror list was Barak O’Bama.

    What happened to common sense and responsible government policy.

    For all of his awkwardness and braggadocia, Trump is correct, it is time for a moratorium on immigration until US can figure out who is coming in and it is time to seal the Southern border.

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