County Seeks Dilapidated Home’s Condemnation

McHenry County government is seeking court approval to demolish the home at 2811 Mytang Avenue in McHenry

Condemnation 2811 Mytang Ave. McHenry home photo

The deserted home at 2811 Myang Avenue in McHenry.

The sign in front of 2811

The sign in front of 2811 Myang Ave.

Dennis Sanquist explains the situation in this March 7, 2016, email to County Board member Chuck Wheeler:

P[lanning] & D[evelopment] and the SAO [State’s Attorney’s Office], with the approval of the CB [County Board] Chair and P&D Committee Chair, have been seeking a court order to allow the demolition of this structure at county expense.

The judge previously denied our request (and our subsequent appeal) because he determined that we had not adequately proven that the structure could not be repaired and that we had not taken adequate measures to try to reach all possible descendants of the property owner who may have an interest in the property.

Location of the home at 2811 Mytang Avenue in McHenry which the County is trying to condemn.

Location of 2811 Myang Avenue.

P&D has since completed a detailed architects cost estimate of the cost to repair the structure and obtained real estate sales data for the surrounding neighborhood.

We believe this analysis shows that the house repairs would cost more than the final sales value of the repaired home. With this information, the SAO will be refilling the demolition case soon.

If we will the case, we will request County Board approval of funding to demolish the structure and a lean will be placed on the property to recover the cost if/when it is sold.

= = = = =
Zillow estimates the value of the 1,296 square foot home at $188,160, rather incredible, once one looks at the photo above.

The home was built in 1959.

The County has obtained an estimate of $127,160 to rehabilitate the house.

Last year’s tax bill of $3,338.60 remains unpaid and was bought by a tax buyer.  The year before another tax buyer paid the taxes.

The first tax buyer can begin perfecting the title on May 3, 2017.

McHenry Township Assessor Mary Mahady has cut the assessment from $82,270 in 2014 (payable last year) to $35,736 for 2015 (due this year).

The lot without the home is estimated to be worth 5,609.

The couple who lived in the home have died.

Before they died, they deferred the taxes on it, so a lot is owed.

About $32,000 was deferred under the Senior Deferral Program.

$58,373.50 is still owed.

If the County tears down the home, it will have to hire people at Prevailing Wage, so the cost will be substantial.

The likelihood of recovering the demolition cost seems slim.


County Seeks Dilapidated Home’s Condemnation — 29 Comments

  1. The real message is the ridiculous amount of the yearly property taxes on this near worthless piece of property.

  2. $5609, what about the well and septic, that number is to low if the services are good.

  3. Why can’t the County subcontract the demo job to a private contractor?

  4. It can, but the subcontractor would have to pay Prevailing Wage.

  5. Until we can educate enough voters about the impact of prevailing wage laws in this state, unions (private and public) will continue to fund candidates to ensure their flow of union dues and union member contributions to their PACs.

    Unions will fund Democrats first and Republicans by name only, second.

    BTW, the County Clerk is one of those R.i.n.o.s.

  6. This is a sad state of affairs, i have talked to the neighbors around this eyesore and of course you can imagine the problems this house is causing.

    First besides looking bad it is a dangerous place for rodents and kids to hang out, along with being a potential fire hazard.

    I like the idea donating the property to Habitat for Humanity and allowing them to demolish it and rebuild

    Does anyone know who I could contact for help with this or any good suggestions?

  7. FYI, Habitat would not have to pay Prevailing Wage, the community would see an improvement, the property could return to the tax roles and no smoke or danger from fire in a closely populated community.

  8. I read your comment Chuck.

    How long have you been on the County Board and you ask:

    “Does anyone know who I could contact for help with this “?

    To say I am surprised, is an understatement.

  9. Connecting?


    Just wow.

    Someone innocently asks if anyone has a head’s up and you jump down his throat!


  10. This home may look like an isolated incident, but is a common occurrence in Woodstock.

    At 4.6% property tax rate, Woodstock citizens who live in their own homes are compelled to spend no money (if they have any left after paying property taxes) fixing up a sinkhole of value.

    It goes without saying that the majority of real estate owned by rental property investors is left to deteriorate, and their renters have no incentive to fix up property owned by another party.

    City officials and School Board officials are publicly proud of their ‘not taking PTELL levy increases’, and have ignored this crisis as it has unfolded over many many years.

    Simple solution: cut spending. ?

    No, they are staying the course, doubling down, and all with OPM (other people’s money) because they have no risk as entitled recipients of guaranteed defined benefit plans (and free-to-recipient-healthcare-finance-contracts)with COLA wildly higher and more extravagant than actual inflation.

    If that is not sociopathic savagery toward all fellow citizens not similarly situated, I don’t know what is.

  11. Cindy: He is a County Board member.

    Please explain why you believe he should not have the answer?

    BTW Stating an opinion is not jumping down one’s throat.

  12. This is just one of many homes throughout the county that are in disrepair.

    You cannot care for a home that taxes take all the money from.

    Its impossible for many

  13. I know numerous retired people in McHenry County whose homes are in disrepair because they can neither afford their taxes nor find a job (full or part time) to supplement their social security and other retirement income.

    This degrading of property and subsequent property values will continue until residents do not have a “second mortgage” in taxes and can pay for necessary repairs.

  14. Drive through Elgin, Marengo or Harvard.

    There are many real estate bargains to be had.

  15. I Personally grew up in this neighborhood from 1978-1990 and I can tell this house has been in shambles even back then.

    Time has done nothing but to exacerbate an already existing problem.

    If it’s possible the photo you are using really doesn’t do justice how awful the situation really is.

    The house was once owned by a now convicted child molester who is currently in jail.

    I believe the County in this case has really failed the people in this neighborhood.

    I don’t want anyone to think this is a recent problem but one stretching back at least 2 decades.

    Thank you Cal for positing this article.


    You could have found it in ten seconds using Google, Chuck.

    Now I understand the backwards bike helmet while piloting the Segway.

  17. Jack Leo Smith was the occupant of that house my entire childhood and sadly almost everyone knew to stay away from.

    His mom might have does and left it to him but in my 20 plus years in the neighborhood she was never seen.

    Google the name and stories and convictions will pop up.

  18. Connecting?

    He never said he didn’t have the ability to get the answer.

    He was asking for a head’s up.

    Surely you are not THAT stupid and pecayune that you would not offer a neighbor a hand.

    You apparently just like to snipe.

  19. As usual Cindy, you have all the answers.

    BTW it is spelled ‘picayune’ and yes, I can be.

    Stupid? You are entitled to your opinion. Many died to give you that entitlement.

    I expect my County Board member who costs the taxpayers $42,000 to know who to contact at Habitat.

  20. Thank you for the correction. You seem to expect a lot and voice a condescending attitude with sniping as your forte. Didn’t seem very neighborly.

  21. Today is 15 days since county posted “Notice to Demolish” on property at 2811 Myang Ave McHenry, IL.

    I hope that McHenry County P&D will follow through, and get the court order filed to demolish.

    As was noted in the 2015 Appellate Court Ruling, McHenry County’s defective notice and failure to prove costs of repair were the reasons for the judge’s ruling.

    Let’s get it right this time.

    How many tax dollars did McHenry County spend in what looks to be sloppy lawyering? Why has this been going on for over five years?

    This house is clearly a significant health and safety hazard to the neighborhood.

    For anyone who thinks this is just another house in disrepair, please drive by and look for yourself.

    If the county has to pay prevailing wage, then so be it.

    I’m sure just about every tax payer would happily pitch in to take this house down.

    The value added to the neighborhood will far outweigh the cost of demolition.

    Home values are down in McHenry when values in most of the country are up, and somehow our taxes continue to rise.

    Over $58,000 in property taxes is owed on this house.


    The county hasn’t collected in years and years, at what point can the county take control?

    Please please be diligent in pursuing demolition.

  22. It is beyond belief to me that this disgusting, dangerous, blighted eyesore still stands. Why has this issue been going on for so long???

    Why doesn’t the McHenry board finally get it together and do something for the community who pays taxes and their salaries?

    As a very concerned and active neighbor, I will never stop voicing my concerns and anger about this issue.

    Who do we need to notify that this issue is not going away?

  23. Please show your support at the next hearing for demolition of the 2811 Myang Ave McHenry, IL property.

    August 18, 2016 at 1:30 PM McHenry County Court 2200 N. Seminary Ave. Room 204 Woodstock, IL 60098

    This property continues to deteriorate, decrease property values, and most importantly it’s a significant health and safety hazard.

    Please support McHenry county in any and all efforts to demolish this ‘House of Horrors’.

  24. I drive past this everyday, it is an eyesore and a constant reminder to this community.

    Why try to fix up a house where all this torment happened?

    To save a dollar?

    Are ypu kidding me!

    This place is a danger as it sits so either tear it down or fix it up but that sign now looks like it was a shut up the area ploy.

  25. Hi Suzanne,

    I put the green sign with contact emails and phone numbers up as an effort to get others to contact the McHenry County Planning and Development Department to remind them of the significant health and safety hazard that house is to our neighborhood.

    I have called the McHenry County DA, McHenry Planning and Representative Jack Franks office over and over and over.

    I drive by that house of horrors everyday too.

    It’s disheartening that this has been an ongoing saga for over five years.

    It’s hard to fight government.

    The county put up the 15 day notice sign, but we all know it’s a long process.

    The good news is that there is a demolition hearing on AUGUST 18, 2016 AT 1:30 PM at the MCHENRY COUNTY COURT BUILDING, 2200 N. SEMINDARY AVE. ROOM 204 MCHENRY, IL 60050

    Per Dennis Sandquist, the director of Planning and Development:

    “The next hearing is scheduled for August 18 at 1:30 pm. Barring objection from anyone with a potential ownership interest in the property, I believe that we could be granted the order to demolish the structure at that time. This all occurs in open court sessions, you or other interested neighbors are welcome to attend to view the legal proceedings.”

    So if anyone wants to help with getting that house demolished, please show up for August 18th Court hearing.

  26. ********************Correction to court time.*****************************

    I was just informed that the court date for the Myang house is AUGUST 18, 2016 AT 9:30 AM

    (Not 1:30 as previously posted). Thank you.

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