Carolyn Schofield Thanks Supporters — 33 Comments

  1. I believe her policies for ever increasing property taxes, abortion, and support from teachers unions and other pro tax groups brought about her demise.

    Sour grapes from a failed candidate.

  2. So, you take responsibility for forcing a candidate out of the race and you are somehow not a bully?

    And weren’t you given campaign donations from a union?

    Seems like you are the person that is the bully!

    Go away now.

    You were not chosen to represent our district.

    Bully Schofield!

  3. The real bullies are the people that passed policies that chipped away and destroyed the lives of their constituents, raised taxes, fixed cases, took children from their parents, falsely prosecuted and convicted innocent people, destroyed the lives of police officers by bringing false allegations and by wrongfully taking their jobs, took land and real-estate and made it impossible for some people to recovery from the damage imposed upon their lives.

    Schofield was promoted by Tryon who has direct ties to the Nygren and Zinke administration.

    I was there when they all attended the Republican get togethers and can verify that for a fact.

    The real bullies have ruled McHenry County for decades. We the people our taking back our Government and if you have a problem with that Carolyn Schofield too bad!

    Now, we need the people to remain angry enough to send Jack Franks down the road!

  4. There were many more reasons you lost Ma’am.

    Very dissapointing.

  5. Seems to me the Knuckle-Draggers out-strategized the Centrists.

    If Wilbrandt would have dropped out like Serwatka, Schofield would have trounced Skillcorn.

    Do the math.

  6. Well, I just paid a visit to Ms. Schofield’s facebook page and found this thread was actually quite entertaining.

    Schofield continues on in a comment accusing Serwatka of “repeatedly attacking, harassing, bullying and cyberbullying her. She even goes so far as to state how Serwatka “attended county board meetings and sat in the back row to intimidate her”.

    Dear God!

    She gets intimidated by opponents sitting in on public meetings, but she want’s to go to Springfield and mix it up with Madigan?

    Apparently, this all stems from Serwatka running paid ads to promote a video showing Shhofield’s attempt to thwart the Turn Around agenda from being adopted by the county board (at the applause of many local 150 union members) and speaking as to her publicly speaking against Prevailing Wage mandates, then voting in favor of them.

    But, I found no instance of Serwatka “attacking, harassing or disparaging” Schofield.

    See video here:

    Schofield goes on to defend her anti-Turn Around agenda effort by stating that unlike the other 14 county board members who voted against her motion, she has respect for the committee process – and she defends her contradiction and Pro-Prevailing wage vote by stating that Prevailing Wage is the law and that, unlike her, the majority of county board members who voted against the Prevailing Wage mandate have no regard for the law.

    If I knew nothing else of MS. Schofield other than her facebook page, I would still feel better knowing she will not be representing us in Springfield.

  7. Actually, whack, factually speaking, if Wilbrandt would have dropped out INSTEAD of Serwatka, Serwatka would be the Republican nominee.

  8. Fed, the other possibility is, if Serwatka stays in the race, Schofield wins again.

    Everybody I’m sure, had their pre-election polls showing this and that’s why the Serwatka dropping out strategy was adopted.

  9. Carolyn’s problem is that she honestly believes she’s nice and that people are mean to her for no reason.

  10. Whack.


    Raw, literally made me laugh out loud with that one.

    Right on the money ..

  11. So now McHenry County residents of District 66, when in November, you realize that you are represented by a Kane County State Senator and a Kane County Representative in Springfield and that the network that Mike Tryon built can’t help with McHenryCounty issues anymore, you’ll know how it happened.

  12. “So, you take responsibility for forcing a candidate out of the race and you are somehow not a bully?”


    Impressive how badly you twisted this around.

    It clearly refers to Serwatka being pushed out by Skillicorn .

    Great point Whackamole.

  13. Whack, if your are suggesting that Tryon played favoritism with MC over Kane, then all the more reason he needed to go.

    And all the more reason his disingenuous protege should not have been elected to replace him.

    That is but another example of the problem with those who have governed thus far..

  14. Cameron, Serwatka want “pushed out” he chose to exit to prevent a Schofield victory. D

    If Wilbrandt had any integrity, he would have done so, instead.

  15. Sorry Patrick, but this is definitely not Cameron.

    Nice try though.

    If Serwatka didn’t get pushed out or Wilbrandt dropped out, Carolyn would have won.

  16. “Sorry Patrick, but this is definitely not Cameron. Nice try though.”

    My money is on Devon.

  17. What an ungracious way to end a useless “career” as she liked to refer to her period of time in the public eye.


    “poor me, I’m a bullied woman”

    attitude is about ten years too late.

    With this letter she has clinched the fact she has no future in politics.

  18. Talk about delusional!

    rawdogger hit it on the head at 10:53.

    Thank you, God for sparing us more of this pompous attitude of know-it-all cretins.

    (And that pretty much covers more than just one loser.)

  19. Yes, it is, whackamole.

    I am still astonished at how over-the-top this woman STILL is.

    That is not a concession speech.

    That’s a whining, attacking piece of you-know-what.

    She will never learn.

    I am so grateful we finally got rid of her.

  20. @Fighting Corruption

    “Schofield was promoted by Tryon who has direct ties to the Nygren and Zinke administration.

    I was there when they all attended the Republican get togethers and can verify that for a fact. “

    So because they were seen together at Republican functions (where is the ONE place you would EXPECT to see all the Republicans together?) they are all working hand in glove against you.

    What the hell were you doing there?

    Trying to suck your way into their inner circle or are you just an idiot (with apologies to idiots everywhere) or a hypocrite?

    Just when I think that you can’t make a dumber statement, you go ahead and surprise me.

    I can’t wait for the next time you expound on something you know nothing about.

    And Carolyn Schofield just ran the best race of her life.

    We now know what she is: an unprincipled, duplicitous, whiner who can’t accept responsibility for anything.

    Just the kind of person whom we DON’T need in government.

    It seems that’s she’s even worse than we thought.

    Going into this free for all, the thought was she was a puppet with a head so empty an original thought would die of loneliness.

    But wait, there’s more!


  21. I wanted to believe in Gasser and some others as an anti-establishment types, but I think many have proven they want to be establishment power brokers very badly.

    We will see but signs from the next generation of the Bianchi good ole boys seems to be worse that the last version before the Bianchi/Nygren split.

    This new group is actually very good at messaging and targeting individuals but we have yet to see if they can actually manage and govern of if they are just better at the whole politics thing.

    The one thing we have seen so far from this cliques success in the previous election cycle is that the Sheriff Prim’s political cronyism devolved into a party boy mess.

  22. …and not a single person in the new clique took a moral stand when the cronyism turned into the so easily predictable result based on past criminal records.

  23. Butt, Why do you say that?

    Because they didn’t send you a personal memo.

    PLENTY of them are disenchanted with Prim because of that.

    Now MacNamara is gone.

    At least we can say that!

    And another thing we can say is Things are 100x better with Prim than they were with the Nygren/Zinke thug ring.

  24. Wouldn’t it make for a fun general election if Joe split from the party and ran as an Independent for States Attorney?

  25. It appears reading Dr. Seuss at County Board meetings does not translate into winning votes.

  26. The folks in Springfield have passed laws that prohibit one from running as in Independent, if one has been on a primary ballot.

  27. This is how she thanks those that helped her?

    A classless concession speech by this now exposed know-nothing Tryon “protege”.

    Back to the PTA and with the other Soccer Moms.

    That’s where you came from, and that is the appropriate forum for your community service Carolyn.

    The bottom line, the electorate saw right through you.

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