Tribune’s Digital Editor Shares Media Secret

This message was the bottom of a long message by Chicago Tribune Digital Editor Charles J. Johnson:

Here is the Big Media Secret:

We will generally do what you tell us to do.

You, the reader, viewer, Tweeter, Facebooker currently hold more power over what is covered than at any time in history.

There are no classified ads to pad salaries anymore.

We survive by giving you what makes you click, subscribe and share us.

This is, in some ways, a blessing.

We’re responsible to what you want, and when we make an impact, we know it.

But in some ways, it’s a curse.

We run the risk of becoming a clearinghouse of our worst instincts, and yours


Tribune’s Digital Editor Shares Media Secret — 4 Comments

  1. Then why are so many online newspapers trying to get people to sign up for paid subscriptions?

    I figure if it’s not free, I don’t need it.

    I will get my news elsewhere.

  2. It is a product.

    Someone is being paid to research and write it.

    What you get elsewhere is generally unbalanced promotion.

  3. Unbalanced promotion?


    Could that not be a description of everything you have ever learned from the moment you were born until the moment you leave this plane?

  4. “worst instincts” ….. what does that mean?

    Reporting of the race of various criminals which the Trib has so dutifully held back on, like the rest of the libtard MSM?

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