Massive $50,000 Negative Advertising Campaign Had Effect on Steve Reick Vote Results

A new tool from the McHenry County Clerk’s Office allows observers to look for voting trends as the election season progressed.

Reick-Lichte voting as election went on

Election Day voting did not go as well for Steve Reick as did early and absentee voting.

Reick facing a bit left smiling

Steve Reick

Jeffrey Licthe remains appropriately faceless.

Jeffrey Licthe remains appropriately faceless.

One can see that Steve Reick did better in early and absentee voting than he did on Election Day after a week of intensive negative advertising.

The goal of the negative advertising allies of Democratic Party State Rep. Jack Franks was to gain the GOP nomination for Franks’ ally and fundraising Host Committee member Jeff Lichte.

The Democrats failed in that effort.

Even using a last minute pop-up committee called “Government for the People.”

Here are the Mike Madigan allies who donated to protect Jack Franks from a real Republican Party opponent this fall:

  • 3-8-16 IPACE (Illinois Education Association PAC), Springfield – $12,500
  • 3-9-16 SEIU Healthcare, Chicago – $5,000
  • 3-9-16 llinois Trial Lawyers Assoc. PAC, Springfield – $15,000
  • 3-10-16 IHCA (Illinois Health Care Association) PAC, Springfield – $5,000
  • 3-10-16 Aperion Care Inc., Skokie – $1,250
  • 3-10-16 Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE, Westmont – $5,000
  • 3-11-16 Illinois State AFL-CIO, Springfield – $2,000
  • 3-11-16 KFT Services LLC, Lincolnwood – $1,250
  • 3-11-16 Legacy Healthcare Financial Services, Lincolnwood – $1,250
  • 3-12-16 Heritage Enterprises, Inc., Bloomington – $1,250
  • 3-22-16 International Union of Elevator Constructors Local 2, Chicago – $3,000

$52,500 to protect Jack Franks from GOP competition.

Reick-Lichte voting as election went on numbersThe votes in the Republican Primary Election by precinct follow:
Reick-Lichte votes by precinct Riley - GreenwoodReick-Lichte votes by precinct Hebron + Richmond + McHenry Twps


Massive $50,000 Negative Advertising Campaign Had Effect on Steve Reick Vote Results — 8 Comments

  1. The nasty, personal, and non-issue-based attack on him was completely out of line, way beyond what should be considered acceptable.

    Even by the standards of today, vulgar.

    I hope it creates backlash support for him.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm …….. looks like a vast libtard-leftist (and well-funded) conspiracy was afoot … to borrow and reverse a phrase from ole Hillary.

    Thankfully, like most evil doings, it all backfired in a waste of money and rotten ostrich egg on Jacko’s porcine, greasy face

  3. Another fun activity will be to see who pulled Republican ballots in this election when they’ve historically voted in Democrat primaries.

    If you look at the entire canvass, you’ll see that Hillary Clinton, for whom Franks is a convention delegate, lost the 63rd District by over 3,000 votes to Bernie Sanders, which is roughly half the number of votes Lichte got.

    I wonder how that went over in Clinton campaign headquarters.

    How would she have done if Franks hadn’t put a cattle prod on every person he could to vote for the guy who’d cover his flank in November?

    I want to thank all those who saw through what Franks was trying to do and marked their ballots for me.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think things will be any different during the general election campaign.

    Franks can’t run on his record, he’s cost this district too much money, the 2005 pension holiday being the most glaring example.

    He’s the status quo, and all he really has to run on is eighteen years of inertia and mud.

  4. The number of votes Lichte did receive is an indication of how many voters will simply vote for anybody.

    I am sure many of them received at least one of the six ‘hit’ pieces and simply voted for the ‘other guy’ without a clue that they were voting for a Madigan / Franks stooge.

  5. OldManWinter, I bet you are the same guy that is against interracial marriage.

  6. If the McHenry GOP was smart & truly Republican, even townships outside of Dist 63, they would rally to help elect Reick.

    Stop thug Franks once and for all.

    He is no friend to the GOP.

  7. “Moderate” as any geneticist can tell you … as well as any organ transplant specialist, or psychiatrist who deals w/ serious mental disorders, for that matter, interracial offspring are problematic.

    I’ve never written anything about interracial marriage … why are you so fixated on the issue?

    I live in the world of empirical facts … not the dreamy wish-world of libtard ideologies.

    Are you a devotee of the late Comrade Lysenko, too?

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