Naperville Township Road Commissioner’s Credit Card Spending

The Naperville Sun, now a Chicago Tribune paper, has investigated the township credit card expenditures of Highway Commissioner Stan Wojtasiak from September, 2013.

$3.500 was found spent on food and drink.

Adam Andrzejewski

Adam Andrzejewski

“Meanwhile, the City of Naperville says it can maintain the township’s roads for “43 percent less than currently being spent.”

The Road Commissioner says the expenditures lifted employee “morale.”

For the Good of Illinois exec Adam Andrzejewski says,

“Nothing in the township statutes authorize feel-good manipulation of our tax dollars.”


Naperville Township Road Commissioner’s Credit Card Spending — 5 Comments

  1. Unfortunately this sort of abuse is incredibly common.

    Schools, who are the largest impact on our property tax dollars, issue credit cards almost indiscriminately to people who use them in indeterminate ways(there are many remarkable cases of no ledger or accounting for these cards).

    After forensic accounting of multiple entities with dozens of clear misappropriations the net result is no firing, no prosecution, no accountability and, many times, not even a demand for payback of stolen funds.

    This is not to say investigation and discovery don’t have their own merit but without the will of an enraged citizenry private embezzlement of public funds in this vein will continue unabated.

    Why stop stealing the candy if the shopkeeper keeps restocking the jar and never punishes those he explicitly catches stealing?

    After a while, by simple precedent, it ceases to seem like stealing at all but a right given by God Himself to fleece the idiot shopkeeper of anything one can carry out of the store.

  2. Years ago all gov agencies had Christmas party’s, even paid for booze.

    Some people just don’t get that life changes and they need to also.

  3. McHenry County did not pay for liquor or beer at the Christmas parties I attended from 1966-70.

  4. And who is lifting the taxpayer’s morale?

    What a joke!

    That’s not how you lift morale.

    That’s how you ruin work ethic!

    This utter nonsense and blatant misuse of taxpayer money has to be stopped!!!

    Listen up McHenry County and shut it down!

  5. Sounds like the voters of Naperville Township need to vote out a Highway Commissioner who’s been there too long, and vote one in who respects his responsibilities and constituents – and LOOK, there’s a Township election coming next spring…

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