Scott Vetter Seeks Election as Algonquin Township Republican Party Secretary

An email from newly-elected Republican Precinct Committeeman Scott Vetter:

Vetter mailing 11-15 frontMy name is Scott Vetter and I am corresponding with you, this awesomely splendid day, as the newly elected Precinct 36 Committeemen in Algonquin Township. I wish to have a moment of your precious time to present myself personally and to apprise you of my ever growing attraction and concentration with running for Secretary for the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee.

I have lived in the beautiful city of Crystal Lake for 9 years now.

I previously lived in Antioch, Illinois where I owned a Family Friendly Bar-Ice Cream Shop at the Parrot’s Cove Resort on The Channel Lake.

My Wife, Karen and I, will be celebrating 8 years of being happily brought together by God and married!

Vetter mailing 11-15 backKaren is a Nurse Practitioner/Nurse Educator and works at Resurrection University in Chicago. Karen has a 22-year-old son who is now attending NIU and wishes to become a Musical Therapist and to work with children.

I have two older daughters out in the workforce.

Larissa, 31, a mother of two and a very active Cosmetology School Instructor and Lidia, 24, a mother of 1 (and 1 to come in September!) who is a Special Education teacher in District 158.

I also have a 20-year-old daughter, Alexis, who is currently working towards a degree in Psychology/Journalism at theUniversity of Wisconsin–Milwaukee and an 18-year-old son, Christian, who will graduate from Antioch High School this summer.

Last but not least, and our angel, Jadyn, who just turned 5, attends the Carl Wehde Early Childhood Center.

I hold an Associates’ of Science Degree in Business Administration – Human Resources and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration − Project Management.

I have learned and honed my leadership skills from an early age.

At 18, I joined the United States Navy, and after ten years, as an Electronics Technician First Class Petty Officer and a tour during Desert Shield/Storm, I decided, to Honorably Discharge, to spend more time at home with my children.

Since 1992, I have been a middle management, to upper management, Manufacturing Production Manager.

I have had many offers and chances to “move up to the front office” and although the pay would have been much healthier, I prefer the “shop floor”, and laboring with and molding the worker bees, to sitting behind a desk. I have attended several dozen Project Management, Team Building, Facilitator, Leadership, Coaching, Safety and Human Resources training throughout my some 34 years as a leader.

In December of last year, I was asked if I might want to run for Precinct Committeeman against Mike Tryon.

I was very excited about the opportunity to finally get involved and immediately said yes.

The next thing out of my mouth was, “what is a PC”?

After hearing what a PC is and does, I was quite distressed and shocked.

How does anyone who lives in a town, city or county for so many years not know who or what a PC is, especially if that PC is doing his/her due diligence as a PC?

Then when I was knocking on doors, for candidates, I had to hand out a pamphlet I had printed up describing what a PC is and does.

It was either that or explain it to everyone I met.

This, experience, has become the foundation of the pursuit and aspirations that I wish to accomplish as a PC and as Secretary of the Algonquin Township Republican Central Committee.

How are WE going to come together and present OURSELVES and the fiscally conservative message of OUR party and OUR candidates to OUR constituents if WE are NOT enthusiastically, dynamically and aggressively giving OURSELVES to the community?

We must begin to embed ourselves in the assemblies and meetings of the multitude of boards and committees that decide our future and our tax burden.

EVERYONE in the community should know their PC intimately if WE are achieving OUR obligations.

Being able to chronicle and document our team’s activities and efforts, across the board and to be able to propagate and publicize them to all of our constituents, by whatever means necessary, is how I wish to carry this responsibility, as Secretary, forward and onward.

I am enthusiastically and passionately endorsing Andrew Gasser as Chairman.

Andrew exemplifies and personifies the timeless values of the three essential political characteristics: clarity, cheerfulness, and unity.

If WE can manage to emphasize and represent these traits, WE will win in 2016 and beyond and re-enforce Our status as the Township and County’s majority party.

I think Andrew can bring clarity to the Algonquin Township Republicans!

Above all, Andrew understands the crucial difference between toughness and meanness: his critics might ridicule him but they will never manage to characterize him as nasty, cruel, angry, and gloomy or anything short of cheerful.

Andrew has given me hope that there is A TEAM out there waiting to be led!

Ronald Reagan frequently repeated the self-evident assertion that “someone who agrees with me 70% of the time doesn’t count as my enemy.”

Andrew bleeds this thought.

I am given calming and empowering confidence by his goal of unity.

Andrew Gasser understands that coalition building and ultimate victory deserve priority over ideological purity. His commitment to that outlook will become evident when WE elect him to lead the Algonquin Township Republicans.

I am also endorsing Chris Covelli as Vice Chairman.

Chris is a robust and steady advocate of the belief that anyone who is holding any status of leadership, must and will represent with noble integrity, exalted respect, and absolute dedication.

Chris will bring these values to our team, integrate them and facilitate them, with prodigious tribute, and lead us towards the grand prize of might within the “unity”.

I am also endorsing Jennifer Weinhammer as Treasurer.

Jennifer Weinhammer will be an excellent and superb Treasurer for the ATRCC. J

ennifer has a strong economically conventional background that has greatly prepared her for this honorable undertaking as Treasurer.

This is who WE need, to help with, and to be responsible for, and dependable with, the ATRCC’s funds and financial statements.

WE must come together and “SPREAD THE RIGHT WORD” to all of our constituents.

Information and knowledge are the strongest weapons any human can possess. OUR voters, in OUR precincts, must be empowered with this strength.

Accordance will be our greatest success. I look forward to facilitating this dream. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at or call me at (847) 445-2927.

I am so very excited about our first gathering and to being able to meet all of you, finally, Wednesday night at 7:30 pm at the McHenry County Republican Headquarters.


Scott Charles Vetter
Algonquin Precinct 36 Committeeman


Scott Vetter Seeks Election as Algonquin Township Republican Party Secretary — 48 Comments

  1. Your votes will be greatly appreciated Alg Voter.

    Teamwork, involvement and informing each and every voter in Algonquin Township, on ALL the issues and Candidates, will be the next step.

    Are you in for the long ride my friend?

  2. To IMHO:
    I don’t understand your post, my friend.

    It sounds like it is meant to convey a negative message but I may be mistaken.

    I would love to be able to post a positive rebuttal either way.

    We can’t move forward without good, strong, positive and even heated at times, debate.

    I look forward to having the chance to reply.

    God Bless.

  3. Alg 2 spews horrible comments that have to be removed.

    Scott Vetter issues the Almighty in description AND THANKS HIS FRIEND THAT MAKE SHAMEFUL REMARKS!

    Something very WRONG here.

    I will be watching for the Vetter name in future.

    You can bet on that.

  4. fyi I agree Alg voter needs to keep his comments to himself. He is hurting the GOP.

    He is shameful with the comments he posted.

    I’m not sure how you can connect them to Vetter, tho.

    Vetter does not control Alg voters comments.

    It seems Vetter is trying to set a positive tone, which is much needed on the blog.

  5. NOT buying it Juanita.

    Vetter should be ashamed of this person.

    Thanking him, calling him friend???


  6. To FYI:

    I have thought about this a lot over the years.

    I am a semi tough looking guy who can hold his own, so I rarely get insulted in person.

    Before I discovered mindfulness and to learn how to get hold of my temper (in my youth), any male who insulted me to my face would be in for a confrontation.

    But now I try to remember what Ajahn Brahm says.

    He says that if someone laughs at you, that you should laugh with them.

    To not take things so seriously and to make more jokes out of things.

    That right there might take the edge off most insults.

    I have not been insulted in person in a while.

    So I haven’t had to deal with it, but I’m thinking Ajahn Brahm’s philosophy of laughing with a person or being more light hearted about it can really help.

    I have actually adaptad this theory to my life.

    I believe everyone has a say and maybe no one ever listened to IMHO, that might be why he/she is so angry.

    Reiterating anger only breeds more.

    We will ALL never completely agree, but if we are to all accomplish something great we have to at least communicate.

  7. FYI,

    I don’t see any ill remarks here from Alg Voter?

    I also know that anyone can post under any name when it comes to aliases.

    My “Friend” remark is a figure of speech, respect, like Sir or Ma’am.

    I will continue to “kill them with kindness” because that is oh so less stressful, my friend!

  8. Tonight is the Algonquin TownshipRepublican Party Convention.

    I have talked with Andrew. and his slate, and I have talked with Chris and Christina.

    The truth is we have two sets of great slates from which to choose.

    After long deliberation on my part I have decided to support Andrew and his slate.

    This is NOT a negative comment on Chris or his slate.

    I respect and appreciate them too, and believe they have offered much and will continue to do so, regardless of tonight’s

    I will be fully 100% behind whichever slate gets elected. We need to be united when our convention is over.

    There have been mean spirited, vicious personal attacks on Andrew, Chis and Christina.

    Those attacks have been made by cowards who attack not with facts on issues, but with innuendo from places of darkness.

    There is no place for that behavior in our party.

    That must stop.

    Some of those attacks appear to have been made by people who will be voting tonight.

    The personal attacks on Andrew, helped me to make my choice.

    I believe that those attacks have bern made by people who want the status quo to continue.

    They want and support nepotism and crony politics.

    As one approaches the flame, the heat increases.

    Andrew is getting close to the flame, thus the level and vileness of the attacks prove he is raising fear among those who enjoy the benefits of nepotism and crony politics.

    I am against both nepotism and crony politics.

    Further, I detest cowardly bullies such as those who attack, Christina, Chris, and Andrew.

    Regardless of who “wins” tonight, the elected slate will have my full support in the fight against nepotism, crony politics, unnecessary pensions, Cadillac health care, fiscally irresponsible spending, and cowardly bullies.

  9. Hi Scott, Alg Voter made horrendous comments regarding another Algonquin township PC on another article on the blog.

    It was shameful what Alg voter wrote.


    Look at Cal’s comment after Yeager’s letter.

    We need our leadership to be more astute.

    You are not fitting that bill.

  11. FYI — Again, you are making an assumption that Vetter is posting under Alg voter.

    If you have proof they are the same person, please show us.

  12. I NEVER sugessted it was Vetter.

    He is friendly with that person.

    Thanked him or her.

    Juanita, you do not fit the bill either.

  13. By not fitting the bill, I mean to be in leadership positions if you cannot be astute.

    Should not have to point that out.

  14. Scott? You forgot to say

    “Stay thirsty…”

    when you kept saying

    “…My friend”.

  15. I don’t know “that “person, or you for that matter FYI.

    I will not and can not be part of it all.

    I choose the opposite direction.

    If that makes me a bad leader then I have been wrong my whole life!

    I look forward to someday speaking to a real person, face to face FYI.

  16. To All the candidates in todays ATRCC

    Officer Elections:

    We all have our differences of opinion, but I

    truly believe we all have the same goals. I want

    to wish all the candidates the best of luck in

    tomorrow’s election. I also hope and pray for a

    peaceful day, and beyond, across the Township

    regardless of who wins.

    Ultimately we are all Algonquin

    Republicans and we have and will come

    together as a Township during much worse

    circumstances than we are in today, so let us

    look ahead to all the good things we will ALL

    accomplish together!

    To all the Algonquin Township Precinct

    Committeemen and Committeewomen:

    Regardless of who you are voting for, be

    sure to attend and vote. And no matter what

    happens, let’s all remember that each and every

    one of us are truly blessed to live in a free

    society where we can choose who we wish.


    Chris Yaeger & Andrew Gasser

    Christina Myers & Jennifer Weinhammer

    Peggy Pirovano & Chris Covelli

    & especially to Maureen Chambers-Huff!

  17. Radke is just a gas bag yes man.

    His post is like lipstick on a pig.

    Anyone who knows gasser knows he doesn’t think that way and neither does anyone on his team.

    FYI is right and we should be skeptical.

    Gasser is a Trojan horse and a loose cannon.

  18. Dirty Gasser and his people are truly bad actors. “Andy” has been missing in action.

    Gasser is worse than Zinke ever was. Dirty Gasser will not do anything but destroy the party just like Jack Franks wants.

    Dirty Gasser is a political pawn for his masters.

  19. I invite Woodstock Resident and GB to my house for coffee!

    I know you won’t accept, but I think we could get a lot done with a good cup of coffee and some wholesome discussion.
    My email:

    My cell: (847) 445-2927

    Come on, let’s talk and stop this angry rhetoric.

  20. Amen Scott!

    And look at how FYI attacked me!!

    What is going on is a bunch of scared people afraid to lose.
    They would rather hurl personal insults and make accusations without any facts.

    We have enough of that to go around in Springfield.

    Put up or shut up.

    Be part of the solution or be the problem.

    Take up Mr. Vetter on his invite.

  21. I am a Republican who resides in Algonquin Township.

    I am absolutely disgusted with the cowardly attacks on Andrew.

    Why don’t you use your real names?

    The absolute vitriol espoused by the supporters of a certain side astounds me.

    What kind of leader would allow this or condone this?

    Chris Yaeger has seen these attacks on Mr. Gasser for days and never once did he denounce them.

    Instead, he simply gave a list of accomplishments about himself.

    Is this the kind of character and person we want to be the chairman?

    And then you have people posting with their real names. Jennifer Weinhammer, Chris Covelli, Scott Vetter, and John Radke.

    Real people who are trying to spress a positive message about our party.

    The anonymous attacks by FYI, Dirty Gasser, Woodstock Resident, and others says all I need to know about Chris Yaeger, Peggy Pirovano, Maureen Huff, and Christina Myers.

    They never once denounced this.

    They condone this poor, childish behavior.

    Andrew Gasser is a county board member.

    He is, by far and without question, the best board member we have.

    His efforts on transparency, his willingness to speak candidly about pensions, and term limiting himself are all things we Republicans should be proud of.

    Andrew is so accessible on facebook, twitter, email, and this blog.

    He is out there and everyone to see, and critisize, but he is out there.

    Meanwhile, so many GOP leaders hide their views or do not give them freely unless required.

    Isn’t this what a leader does?

    What if Algonquin Township had 68 precinct committeeman who worked as hard as Andrew and his team did?

    Ask yourselves, who has stuck their neck out further for candidates this election, Andrew or Chris?

    Go ask Mike Walkup and Joe Tirio whow brough what to the table.

    Better yet, go ask Joe Gottemoller and Demetri Tsilimigras who worked and who didn’t.

    Leaders attract good people and if this blog is any indication of the type of people these two gentlemen are going to build and unite the party, then it isn’t even close.

    Even with all of Andrew’s flaws and imperfections he is the best man to lead Algonquin Township forward.

    I pray Scott, Jennifer, Chris, and Andrew win and continue to lead by example.

  22. Amen is right Miss Juanita!

    I have a Keurig and some cups waiting!


  23. I haven’t seen one person from Chris Yeager’s team denounce the personal attacks.

    Although, they have also been attacked.

    It’s disgusting, personal insults from people who are just scared to lose.

    It’s pathetic, it’s beneath the McHenry County GOP.

    Anyone that is commenting like that and is a PC needs to resign.

    You are not worthy to represent the GOP.

    Scott-I May show up and have that coffee with you, even though I’m not in Algonquin, lol!

  24. Scott Vetter,

    I applaud you reaching out to Woodstock Resident and GB.

    The olive branch is a far more positive tool than the rhetoric we have seen on this blog.

    The attitude conveyed by your invitation is how we will unite the party.

    To me, it speaks volumes about who you are and what you bring to this party.

    I hope they take you up on your offer.

    Additionally, should the meeting come to fruition, and you would like, I would be happy to attend as well.

    See you tonight.

  25. I denounce all the personal (non job related) attacks, but quite frankly wished never to post on this blog again.

    I didn’t see all the posts about Andrew because I have been trying not read this crap since being completely slandered a few nights ago.

    I am sure you can understand.

    This started from Andrew’s side with phone calls and blog posts here.

    I do not know the people who are commenting against Andrew.

    He has made enough enemies in this County.

    In any event, II refuse to lower myself to the level of the people who have attacked me and have spread disgusting lies.

    I am shocked and saddened at how vicious politics has become.

    No wonder why good people refuse to serve.

    Christina Myers

  26. Alg Voter

    Are you an Algonquin PC?

    Someone’s comment earlier on this string made me think you are.

  27. It seems to me that Woodstock Res. is a person that is not a supporter of Chris Yeager but someone who has issues with Andrew and using this venue.

    I do know of people getting phone calls from one of Andrew’s workers bashing Chris.

  28. James K,

    I am a newbie in this arena and am trying to wrap my brain around the name calling and grade school like insults.

    Thanks for the info on Alg voter.

    Do you know who the person is from Andrew’s “workers” who is making calls bashing Chris or Christina?

    Is that person a PC?

    From my view, there is no room for bashing fellow republicans on this blog or anywhere else.

    If we have differences of opinion as to what needs to be done and how it should be done, that is fair game for highly robust and even contentious debate, IN THE RIGHT SETTING.

    Bashing people with innuendo is never acceptable and in my view, people who do so should be called out for it.

    How do you see this?

    I believe we, as a party, need to self police such infantile, destructive behavior.

    Regarding Woodstock, do you know if the boundaries of Algonquin Township include Woodstock?

    Just curious…

  29. When stating facts and speaking unpleasant truths is deemed “horrendous” and “shameful” there is something very wrong wouldn’t you agree?

    And to Christina’s comment calling it “slander” that implies that the information is not true.

    Hate the messenger all you want. The ugly truth remains exactly that.

  30. Sorry Radke – It is not Alg 2 but Alg voter.

    Woodstock is Dorr Township.

    Not sure where Alg township extends.

    Not that far, I am sure.

    I do think some more homework needs to be down when aligning with a group.

  31. Alg voter

    I have seen very few, if any, FACTS.

    What I have seen is personal attacks via innuendo.

    If you have facts about individuals, I have two suggestions.

    1. Go directly to the individual and discuss with them your concerns and the facts you have. That is what normal people do when they have a disagreement.

    2. If that does not satisfy you, tell the person you are going to make your facts public knowledge and then follow through

    But be prepared.

    If what you call facts are true, others will support addressing them with the person in question.

    If, on the other hand, what you call facts are nothing more than opinion and innuendo, you will be called out for it, and rightfully so.

    Don’t you agree that is a better way to handle differences than challenging someone on a blog without giving them the benefit of knowing who their accuser really is?

    With all due respect, it is, in my opinion and my experience, that it is cowardly to hide behind a fake screen name and launch such accusations.

    Further, by hiding behind the fake screen name and launching accusations, few people believe the accusations anyway.

    Most adults see through that and question the accuser more than the person being accused.

    If you were the person under such attacks, which way would you like to be treated?

    Well, those are my thoughts.

    If you are an Algonquin PC, I’ll see you in a couple of hours.

    If you want to move out from behind your screen name, I’d like to meet you.

    Have a great evening.

    Good luck to the candidates of your choice.

  32. I’m sorry Christina on how you were attacked.

    Alg voter needs to apologize and resign.

    Whoever is commenting against Andy needs to apologize as well.

    This is disgusting politics and is not deserving of the Mchenry GOP.

    It needs to stop now.

    I agree, no wonder people don’t get involved in politics.

  33. Wait, John Radke, you’d like to meet Alg voter?

    You are part of the problem.

    Alg voter needs to resign!

    Not encouraged.

  34. James K

    To the best of my knowledge, Woodstock is not part of Algonquin Township.

    Kinda makes you wonder what Woodstock Resident’s motives are. Doesn’t it? I always look at WIIIFM when addressing such motives. (What Is In It For Me) So the question is “What Is In It for people on this blog outside of Algonquin Township?” Inquiring minds want to know.

    Will you be at the Convention tonight?

  35. James,

    Please give specifics.

    Enuendo does no one any good.

    If you cannot do it publicly you can always do so privately by emailing me.

    Chris, Scott, Jennifer, and myself have made phonecalls, emails, and posts.

    Never once have any of us talked negitively about our opposition.

    In fact, all of us made it very clear that we didn’t want to go down that road… and we have not and shall not.

    We all bring a hell of a lot to the table and in the end – this is not about personalities – but about building the party and winning elections.

    We did an amazing job as a team coming togetherto win some races “experts”said were unwinnable.

    It wasn’t one person…

    It was a team.

    All of us look forward to your reply.

    We are blessed,
    Andrew Gasser

  36. I see Alg voter is very proud of his attacks on a woman.

    I’m sure this is where it all started.

    And Radke wants to congratulate him on that attack tonight.

    You are all sickening.

  37. Juanita,

    My view is we need to have constructive dialog, even with those, or perhaps, especially with those with which we disagree.

    I detest the name calling and innuendo, BUT I am trying to help unite the party.

    If meeting him and having an honest adult constructive heart to heart conversation will help unite the party, I am all for it.

    If he is unwilling to treat those with whom he disagrees with some respect, I agree with you.

    This is my attempt to reach out in an effort to bring what appears to be a highly fractured group together to form a powerful conservative team.

    I have been very successful in doing so throughout my business career.

    I am also quick to see when such efforts are a waste of time and just move on.

    But to do that without the invitation to work together is not what being a leader is all about.

    Thanks for your input.

    I like and appreciate your direct style.

    We need more of that.

  38. Juanita,
    I said I want to meet him, NOT congratulate him. I have NO INTENTION of congratulating him. My intent is to find out his motivation for what he puts on this blog, and to determine if he has the best interests of the party at heart and is just wrong headed in how to do that, or if he has other motivation.
    I doubt he will want to have such a conversation. I cant address that. My only motivation is to see if we can find a way to work together like adults. If not, I kick the dust off my boots, and move on.

  39. No one appreciates Woodstock Resident (who clearly does not live in Woodstock), Alg Voter, Dirty Gasser, and the other flame throwers. It doesn’t do any of us any good.

    Here is to health and happiness to all of us in the coming year. God bless all of us.

    Chris C.
    Chris Y.

    See ya’ll in a bit.

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