If You Want the County Board to Use the RTA Sales Tax Money to Replace Property Taxes…

With the McHenry County Transportation Committee having rejected a motion to take $5.7 million out of the RTA Sales Tax Fund, a reader asked if that meant real estate taxes would go down.

The short answer is that it does not.

For a property tax cut to result, the County Board would have to reallocate the money from road purposes to public safety, for example, the Sheriff’s Department…

And not levy the property tax that was displaced elsewhere in the budget, as was the case too many years with Valley Hi real estate tax levy cuts.

The County Board has a meeting about next year’s budget on Friday morning.

It starts at 8:15 and will consider the capital plan and the FY17 Budget.

If you or others are free and would like to see the approximately $11 million of RTA Sales Tax money spent to on public safety, rather than transportation, and property taxes cut by the same amount, please show up and speak in public comment at the beginning of the meeting.


If You Want the County Board to Use the RTA Sales Tax Money to Replace Property Taxes… — 4 Comments

  1. Hopefully Public Comments will be as extensive tomorrow as they were when the Healthcare Navigators supporters showed up at the County Board.

  2. Tomorrow’s C.O.W. made me check on the dates that the Tax Computation reports are generally published by the County Clerk.

    Generally it has been between April 19 and April 22.

    Will the reports be published on time this year or will there be delay like there was with the sample ballots?

    I have been told that there has been almost a fifty percent turnover of staff in that office.

    Tax computation reports are generally the final document which indicates how much the taxing bodies will be extorting from the taxpayers in the form of property tax.

  3. CTD:

    From: countyclerk@co.mchenry.il.us
    To: kellyliebmann@hotmail.com

    Subject: RE: Tax Computation Report 2015

    Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2016 13:31:37 +0000

    Ms. Liebmann,

    The tax computation report cannot be done until we receive the multiplier from the State of IL.

    I’m told the multiplier won’t be received for 2-3 weeks; once everything is confirmed with units of government and turned over to the Treasurer for processing of the tax bills this report would be available to the public and will be published on our website under “Taxes”

    Linda FitzGerald
    McHenry County Clerk’s Office

  4. Thank you Kelly!

    Maybe a Board member will get a more firm commitment today?

    Maybe a member of the public can ask the question during public comment?

    I would but I cannot attend.

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