Georgi Seeking Hebron Resignation, Audit

Andrew J. Georgi, Jr.

Andrew J. Georgi, Jr.

John Jacobson

John Jacobson

Hebron Village Trustee Andrew Georgi is passing a petition seeking the resignation of recently-arrested Village President Jacobson.

Jacobson beat incumbent Village President Frank Beaty 145-92 in 2013.

Georgi is also seeking signatures on a petition asking for an audit of village finances.

He does not understand “how someone who says their only income is his village pay of 19k gross a year [Correction – the salary for Village President is $9,000] can afford drugs and going out every night.”

In support of a special audit, he adds, “We burned 4 treasurers in less than 3 years and now have two co-treasurers.”

Last weekend Georgi and his wife got about 75 signatures.  Others are helping in the effort.

Undoubtedly, that number is higher now.


Georgi Seeking Hebron Resignation, Audit — 13 Comments

  1. Happy to see Andrew Georgi organize the attempt to do the correct thing.

    That said, do we now know why the voters in Hebron Township voted in FAVOR of a tax increase?

  2. Obviously “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” is the way people do business in Hebron when it comes to someone being arrested.

    Apparently Georgi thinks he’s the judge and jury.

    An audit isn’t such a bad idea, especially in that town.

  3. No=irreleavent. T

    HIS time, he hasn’t been PROVEN guilty.

    If and when he is, THEN go for his throat.

    That’s my whole point.

  4. Thanks for the clarification.

    You do think differently.

    Brings me closer to understanding where you have been coming from.

  5. Unless the Supervisor is sentenced to jail, there is no mechanism to get any township out of office.

    Just look at the Assessor at Avon Township.

  6. That is not restricted to Supervisor.

    In this State there is no recall for any position other than Governor and even that process was neutered by the Legislature – it is useless.

  7. Bob,

    I really don’t know why an association with Nygren/Zinke should put a man into hell.

    I always thought turning your heart and faith away from Christ was the pathway to hell.

    No person is sinless, but past history should indicate future outcome.

    Wasn’t Jacobson fired as a Janitor before he was elected President of Hebron?

    In addition, wasn’t he caught with drugs previously in Wisconsin before he was elected President of Hebron?

    If the answer is Yes to any of these questions, then Hebron deserves what they elected.

  8. Cindy, it’s not different thinking. It’s called the law.

    Someone, simply be caused they’ve been charged and arrested, remains, in the eyes of the LAW, innocent UNTIL proven guilty, not theories way around.

    If and when he’s found guilty THEN he can be removed from office.

    I’m sure the village board can vote to place him on leave until the trial is over, one way or the other.

    Just because you think he’s guilty of something doesn’t mean it’s so.

    The Salem witch trials are a good example.

    Just our constitution getting in the way of a good “rope party ” and a local tree branch.

  9. Ok as usual-the talk on these blogs are well intended but not have the whole picture. (Feel the same about newspapers and TV news).

    Being the one being called a witch hunter here, there is always more to it.

    First if you go the 22nd circuit court website and pull this man up you will see 23 different times he was the defendant in from both criminal and civil.

    His first DUI he got off on technicality part because he refused to take any test at all.

    While still dealing with the DUI he gets pulled over and they find 3grams of crack in his car.

    They drag that case out so the DUI can finish.

    Pleads guilt to a lessor charge to keep his office and gets probation.

    While on probation, gets another DUI in Wisconsin and drags that case out till the drug probation is over so as not to brake it and have to be retired as a felony.

    Gets a year suspended license, a lock on his, and have to pass treatment.

    Pulls his car up to one of bars two days later and parks it two spots off the front door and goes in and has a beer.

    Not hearsay I was there with family in the back restaurant area and saw it.

    And when I contacted Wisconsin about I was told our people have to stop him for them to anything.

    Also when arrested for the DUI in Wisconsin, our State’s Attorney said 1. He needs to be found guilty, 2.

    Let Wisconsin deal with him.

    We all see how that worked.

    So yes it most likely goes back to Keith/Lou/and Zink.

    This man thinks he can get away with almost anything now.

    He didn’t keep his promise to lower the water bills, but in fact got them raised within 6 months and the next 3 years.

    Sorry I also have been having issues with some of the billings and audit procedures but have been told I have a suspicious mind and not to worry.

    This will keep going on with him until he gets both the medical and a punishment that will finally sink in that he needs to change.

    Almost dying didn’t something has to before his actions hurt or kill someone.

    That is my reason for my which hunt on this man.

    He needs to step down and do what is good for both him and the village.

    The longer he stays in power, the more we all will suffer and pay for it.

    I hope you understand more of it and do your research on your local candidates, they effect both your pocket and your life.

    And get out to vote at all the elections or things will keep happing.


    Andrew “Drew” Georgi

  10. Another one who doesn’t understand my point, so I’ll try again.

    Whatever his past is, and it is obviously not good, THIS TIME, he is innocent until PROVEN guilty.

    AFTER he has been proven guilty, his past THEN becomes important and can be used in his sentencing phase.

    But until that happens, HE IS CONSIDERED INNOCENT!

  11. There is a difference between The Village of Hebron and Hebron Township.

    The Village of Hebron is within the boundaries of Hebron Township.

    The township maintains the rural roads around The Village of Hebron, helps with general assistance and does much more.

    The cemetery tax that was on the ballot was to maintain and self support The Hebron Lynn Cemetery on Hillside Rd., which is under the responsibility of The Hebron Township.

    The cemetery now will have its own fund and that’s what the tax money is solely used for, maintenance and up keep.

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