Carolyn Schofield’s $160,000 Campaign

Carolyn Schofield

Carolyn Schofield

State Rep. candidate Carolyn Schofield has filed her campaign disclosure form from the first three months of the year.

It shows $160,670.70 was spent from her personal campaign fund.

That does not include any independent expenditures.

She raised $150,463.32 in campaign contributions.

Contributions to Schofield that exceed $150:

$53,900 – I.P.A.C.E. [Illinois Education Association PAC], Springfield
$50,000 – Citizens for Pamela J. Althoff, Crystal Lake
$16,828.47 – Hodas & Associates, Springfield (Loan)
$10,000 – REALTOR Political Action Committee, Springfield
$5,500 – Committee to Elect Michael W. Tryon, Crystal Lake
$2,500 – Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois PAC, Springfield
$2,000 – SUAACtion, Springfield
$1,700 – Mainstreet Firehouse, LLC, Crystal Lake – rent as an in-kind contribution
$993.48 – Sierra Club, IL PAC – In-Kind Contribution of printing
$927.48 – Sierra Club, IL PAC – In-Kind Contribution of staff salaries
$492.27 – Sierra Club, IL PAC – In-Kind Contribution of postage
$767.62 – REALTOR Political Action Committee – mailing by Associated Campaign Consulting, an in-kind contribution
$709.04 – Carolyn Schofield (Loan)
$500 – Illinois Construction Industry PAC, Springfield
$500 – CUPAC – Credit Union Political Action Council, Naperville
$500 – Walgreen Company, Deerfield
$250 – Cemcon, Ltd., Aurora
$250 – Illinois College of Emergency Physicians, Downers Grove
$250 – Illinois Medical Anesthesia PAC, Chicago
$250 – Wine and Spirits Distributors of Illinois PAC, Chicago

There was another $1,645 given in amounts less than $150.

Expenditures follow:

Schofield sign yard$300 – Mike Andre, Huntley – Campaign Work Citizens for Carolyn Schofield
$1,645 –, Inc., Elgin – Yard signs
$2,238.54 – Creager Press, Schaumburg – Printing
$3,462.20 – Crystal Lake Graphics, Crystal Lake – Printing
$326.74 – Facebook, Menlo Park, CA – Internet access
$245 – G Frost Advertising Inc., Algonquin – Printing
$532.44 – Blake Hobson, Huntley – Supplies
$2,876.29 Hodas & Associates, Springfield – Printing
$6,020 – Hodas & Associates, Springfield – Advertising – television
$65,149.04 – Hodas & Associates, Springfield – Printing And cable adverising
$10,149.04 – Hodas & Associates, Springfield – Printing and postage
$30,142.60 – Hodas & Associates, Springfield – Printing and cable advertising
$16,828.47 – Hodas & Associates, Springfield – Printing postage and cable advertising
$14,466.04 – Hodas & Associates, Springfield – Loan principal payment, Hodas & Associates

Carolyn Schofield with Joe Gottemoller in TV ad.

Carolyn Schofield with Joe Gottemoller in TV ad.

$1,035 – Laurx Design, Crystal Lake – Printing
$200 – Mainstreet Firehouse, LLC, Crystal Lake – Rent
$306 – Postmaster, Crystal Lake – Postage
$2,199.40 – Carolyn Schofield – Loan principal payment
$1,400 – The Jordan Group, Elmwood Park – Campaign Work
$161.58 – Verizon, Crystal Lake – Telephones
$280.56 – Victory Geek, Crystal Lake

$604.26 was spent in amounts of less than $150.

Outstanding loans are

  • $2,362.43 for Hodas & Associates
  • $213.02 for Carolyn Schofield

Schofield started the year with $15,718.03 in her Political Action Committee and ended the quarter with $629.80.


Carolyn Schofield’s $160,000 Campaign — 13 Comments

  1. Good Lord, look at all the liberal organizations!

    What a waster of time and money!

  2. If we did not have the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, she would be the new Rep.

    Anyone who wants that decision reversed is in favor of unions (mostly public sector and those who make a living off taxpayer funded road projects) spending obscene amounts on campaigns while other private sector funded groups are forced to stand by and watch.

    The amount spent on the campaigns for that office is obscene and only one candidate had the courage to fund his own.

    Unfortunately it is difficult to win a campaign with only your own money unless you have an endless supply such as Rauner and Trump.

    However, those who fund their own campaign are not controllable due to contributions.

    Paul Serwatka ran into a juggernaut that few had expected.

    It will be interesting to watch Skillicorn’s performance if he can get more votes then the Democrat in the fall election.

  3. I’m sure she’s still in shock that she lost, thinking she had it all sewn up.

    Thank God the people were smarter.

  4. I truly wish the people were smarter but if it had not been for deep pockets of Richard and Bruce, she would have won.

    Sad to say but if you have even a half-decent candidate backed by obscene amounts of cash, you can win most any election.

  5. Grafton residents take heed.

    If Carolyn’s friend and supporter, Jim Kearns (current Grafton Township Supervisor), is elected to county board in November, it is very possible that they’ll look to move Schofield into the Supervisor’s position.

  6. Money can’t buy the influence social media has on the current political scene, not only in Illinois, but across the country.

    Social media is the game changer, in spite of political contributions.

    Anyone, have a statistical gauge for social media?

    We need someone in Public Relations Marketing to assess that.

    Thanks for the information “PM”…… and night!…lol…

  7. There’s sweet Senator Pam in the thick of the overgenerous libtards! SHE MUST GO!!!!

    Tired Tryon, once again, displays his total out-of-touchness!

    Good Bye scoundrel?

    Heh, heh, IPACE played the fools!

    Carolyn may whine however, that “IF” they “only” came through w/ $100,000 instead of the ‘paltry” $53K+ she’s be designing her new stationery.

    What the heck is Houdas & Associates????

    Aw, their little loan to Carolyn will have to be written off.

    So, sad.

  8. The maximum contribution that could be made to Schofield was what IPACE contributed.

  9. Schofield is a joke and a yes person no ability to think on her own bye bye

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