Three-Way Race for Nunda Township GOP Chairman

Mike Shorten

Mike Shorten

Lee Jenings

Lee Jenings

Nick Provenzano

Nick Provenzano

Joe Gottemoller

Joe Gottemoller

With Nunda Township Republican Chairman Mike Shorten having lost his post of Precinct Committeeman to McHenry County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller, a three person contest has developed to replace him.

Township Supervisor Lee Jennings is one candidate.

Another is County Board member Nick Provenzano.

And, most recently, Gottemoller has been seeking votes for the job.


Three-Way Race for Nunda Township GOP Chairman — 17 Comments

  1. Jennings is the worst candy-date.

    The Goatmauler is almost as bad.

    So I guess it’s Nick, the victim of many a past scam.

  2. Joe and Nick aren’t busy enough with their county JOB?

    Maybe a reduction in members, pension, and healthcare is appropriate

  3. Don’t know why would want to waste his time, but I do know he cares about good government.

  4. Why are established politicians like Gasser, Provenzano, and Gottemoller squabbling over small-potatoes township parties?

  5. Is there a perception that Township GOP chairman have power?

    I thought the Chairman was responsible for building the party.

    Let us pray that whoever is the Chairman they do not replicate the Tryon days when people who requested to be assigned a precinct were ignored and blatantly refuse to help ‘slate’ a candidate.

  6. Quit helping gas bag gasser Cal.

    Gas bag gasser is already making appointments without consulting he township committeemend or the central committee.

    Who the hell does gas bag gasser think he is?

    Questioning is right.

    Who will gas bag gasser disenfranchise next?

  7. Woodstock Resident- The township chairs are within rights to forward appointments to the County Chairman, and the bylaws require them to do so within 30 days after the County Convention.

    I’m not familiar with Algonquin Township Bylaws but Nunda’s never required the consultation of the township committee or central committee.

    The responsibility of appointment rests with the Republican County Chair.

  8. Algonquin Township has not “slated” candidates in a caucus consisting of only precinct committeemen within my memory.

    That goes back to 1967.

    Even then voters were allowed to cast votes at three polling places–Algonquin, Cary and Crystal Lake.

    The ballots were brought to the Crystal Lake Community High School field house where they were counted.

    The incumbent Township Assessor Forrest Hare lost by about 4 out of about 3,000 votes.

    The Central Committee would not allow a recount, so Hare ran a write-in campaign (which was allowed at that point in time).

    Hare won by about 2-1.

    That same year, State Senator Jack Schaffer and I decided that we needed a better way to resolve disputes and passed a law that allowed township parties to opt for a primary election, rather than a party caucus.

    Primary elections have been held to select Republican township candidates in Algonquin Township since then…and will be next February.

  9. And those township primary elections can be very, very expensive for all voters of the county.

    There have been instances where a primary was needed because 5 people were running for 4 trustee positions.

    So every precinct needed to have judges, ballots printed, etc. for such a primary, all of the cost being paid by the office of the McHenry County Clerk.

    Nowadays a township caucus for slating party candidates is not limited to just the precinct committeemen.

  10. No one is talking about gas bag gasser and his militarization of county politics.

    This isn’t the air force gas bag.

    You just can’t bark orders at people gas bag gasser.

    Gas bag gasser is slating candidates and committeemen.

    Gas bag gasser is making this all about himself.

    He is so arrogant and cocky, a dirty bird.

  11. Guess you didn’t read my comment.

    If there is a primary election, candidates are not slated.

    Slating occurs when there is no election.

  12. Gas Bag is in this for himself since the Republican Party did not want him in the leadership because he is full of hot gas.

    We should let well enough be said about Gas Bag.

    Not we need to fight against an arrogant self serving person who plays dirty and at any cost.

    Shame on all of you who think this guy is about what is best for McHenry County

  13. Those of you maligning the new Chairman of Algonquin Township GOP may want to remember the Peter principle: “Observation that in an hierarchy people tend to rise to “their level of incompetence.”

    Thus, as people are promoted, they become progressively less-effective because good performance in one job does not guarantee similar performance in another.”

    He was elected by his peers and will need to live up to expectation or be replaced in two years.

  14. I believe people are mixing apples and oranges here.

    The “appointments” that Andy is making now I presume are for new committeemen in vacant precincts, that is, precincts where no one ran.

    This is the prerogative of the township chair, who then forwards his RECOMMENDATIONS on to the county chair who makes the actual appointment, as per statute.

    An appointed PC can then work the precinct on behalf of the GOP candidates in the Fall and other elections without having to be a resident of that precinct.

    He/she cannot vote at the county convention for party officers but may be able to vote on other types of matters.

    Only about half of the precincts in the county had people that ran for the position.

    That is about the only ‘power’ that a township party chairman has.

    Caucusing for the township primary for 2017 is entirely different.

    I was at the AL township meeting and they voted to have a primary election for that rather than a caucus so that is over.

    There WILL be a primary.

    Other townships which have partisan elections will probably do likewise tonight.

    Those caucuses take place in December, if there is going to be one.

    I cannot remember anyone doing a caucus since Cal’s bill passed.

    Nunda toyed with the idea in 2001 to try and get rid of Supervisor Charles Nelson but pulled back.

    I was a Nunda PC at that time and was at that meeting.

    Nelson decided to try to run as an independent but was thrown off the ballot by the township board, which served as the election board for any objections, and then his lawyer blew the court appeal on procedural grounds so the GOP nominee ran unopposed.

    You need to have 15,000 population in a township to have partisan elections.

    That only applies to AL, Nunda, McHenry, Grafton and Dorr. In all other cases the township elections are non partisan and there is no primary.

    They take place at the same time as the municipal and school board elections in April of 2017.

  15. Thank you Mike.

    …and the truth is we have not appointed anyone.

    We have 20 precincts to fill.

    We shall fill those.

    After talking with the other officers (Chris Covelli, Jennifer Weinhammer, and Scott Vetter) we have come up with a few criteria we would like to see in perspective precinct committeemen.

    The PC position is incredibly powerful and is the back bone of the party.

    No one has been nominated yet as only our Chairman can appoint committeemen.

    I am not sure where the information is coming from that we have appointed people.

    I am saying that information is incorrect.

    Hopefully we will have a lot of candidates and if anyone is interested in working as a PC they can email me:

    Good things are happening in Algonquin Township.

    Demetri and Chris left Algonquin Township in good shape.

    Now it is up to all of us to grow the party and increase our sphere of influence.

    See you all tonight!

    Giddy Up and Be Blessed,

    Andrew Gasser

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