Geri Davis Warning Letter Arrives Today

Geri Davis

Geri Davis

The letter that arrived from Geri Davis, former Executive Director of the McHenry County Republican Party, was mailed Tuesday, but it did not arrive until today.

It was sent to Precinct Committeemen.

She tells of having served in the same position for 17 years, having taken over from her husband Tom went he died.

She says distributes by mail literature from candidates who make it available for every election. [That’s my practice, too.]

She says that current officers of the Central Committee–Salgado, Gasser and Wheeler–“actively sought out someone to run against me…”

She explains her opponent was her neighbor, who enlarged his home to the extent that she now has water problems.

“I urge you to be very cautious when you cast your weighted vote for Chairman at the upcoming convention,” she writes.

She warns that “the next time the officers decide to go after someone, it might very well be you.”

The Convention was last night.

Her letter follows:

The letter from Geri Davis to Republican Precinct Committeemen.

The letter from Geri Davis to Republican Precinct Committeemen.

Davis also sent the letter from her opponent Jeff Grubich, which you can see below:

The McHenry 2 precinct letter from Jeff Grubich.

The McHenry 2 precinct letter from Jeff Grubich.

Davis beat her neighbor 133-110.


Geri Davis Warning Letter Arrives Today — 10 Comments

  1. IMO competition for even a committee persons spot is a good thing.

    It keeps people at there best, and when there is no competition, they get lazy and argent in their actions.

  2. You are correct Nob. And so is Geri Davis.

    The extremists that are now running the County GOP have used and recruited unsuspecting decent people as pawns to gain power.

    These people don’t realize it yet but they will.

    The entire reason the party is split right now is because a certain county board member and current party chairman was rejected by the “cool kids” and spends his time viciously plotting against them.

    Truth is, they will all turn against you once you deviate from the herd.

    In conclusion, it is a shame her letter arrived late.

    She worked so hard on it and gave it an honest try.

  3. Geri Davis is part of the Nygren crowd that ran this country into the ground and made it morally bankrupt.

    Seems she is spewing a lot of stuff she can’t prove.

    Also seems as though she is out of the loop.

    Didn’t even know that the ones running had no opposition.

  4. I have been involved with the Republican party in McHenry county for 40 years.

    Over 20 years as Precinct Committeeman.

    The good ole boys that used to run this party caused This split.

    It was there way or the highway. (Note the number of Democrats that were getting elected).

    If you didn’t support there person in the primary you would be black balled.

    They didn’t like new people either with new ideas.

    They did the same thing finding people to run against people they didn’t like.

    It was so bad in this county GOP looked more like Goofy Old Politicians.

    Mchenry county used to be the safest Republican county in the state.

    I have known Geri over 30 years She has done a good job and her time for this party.

    I still call her a friend.

    But the leadership that was running the county party was going down hill and needed a change.

    They waited to long and that left the door open for a new power to take over and it happened 2 years ago.

    The rebel-Republicans got so organized they did it, each election getting stronger and stronger.

    This didn’t happen over night, over 10 years of planning.

    A lot of people come and gone.

    So now we have new leadership, lets work together to win as a party.

    If we don’t start working together our party logo will not have an elephant it will be a dinosaur.

  5. The unanimous vote for the latest County GOP Officers does not indicate any ‘split’.

    We have fear mongers all over this country attempting to divide and conquer.

    While there may be some disagreement within the party, I saw no evidence of a ‘split’ for the vote of officers.

    BTW the mainstream media is complicit in the fear mongering.

  6. Great point, Mark S. but Geri was part of that old guard and she was a fan of the fraudulent and now she’s crying that they’d like to replace her??

    I saw who she was supporting and I wasn’t a fan of any of them!

    Where does it say that GOP Leadership can’t find a replacement for an incumbent if the incumbent isn’t following Republican values?


    If they did do this, good on them and it’s about time!

    I feel it’s their DUTY to find replacements for people who are complacent in their roles and/or those who don’t support republican values.

    Al Jordan, Gary Pack, Mark Daniels, McClellan, Nygren/Zinke, plenty of Judges in this county and Geri Davis…

    To me they all have to go !

    We don’t need or want that kind of leadership.

    Madame Geri Davis is part of the problem and we’re slowly ridding ourselves of these types.

    No body is kissing any more rings in order to run for office.

    Lets keep that ball rolling.

  7. Not having to kiss a ring is great, but Republicans should be able to reject candidates seeking a primary nomination that donate to Democrats or the Democratic Party.

  8. Rejoice in the fact that you have been challenged and that you have prevailed….do not lament the fact that you have been challenged.

    Use what you have won to build and not to tear daon…

    As Ken Cabay said…there is an 11th commandment we need to follow….

  9. Wow ….. Here’s what Sandra Fay Salgado should immediately do:

    1.) Proclaim Geri Davis “The Empress of Precinct 2, McHenry Township” a lifetime appointment. In the event any person runs against Her Royal Highness, they will be given 45 lashes in the Woodstock public sq. and have their property taxes raised 9000%.

    2) Change the Party By-Laws ASAP to read: All candidates for precinct committeemen must be pre-approved by The Empress of Precinct 2, McHenry Township, and file her written approval with their candidacy petitions.

    3.) No candidate for precinct Committeeman need comply with any voter signature requirements which are hereby suspended. The Empress of Precinct 2, McHenry Township’s pre-approval is more than enough.

    4) Anyone within fifty feet of The Empress of Precinct 2, McHenry Township must face her and bow and scrape.

  10. Geri Davis, when she was Sen. Klemm’s factotum did the very naughty things she rails against.

    The sheer hypocricy of her nutty letter makes me laugh!

    Yes, I know, she was but a small cog in Big Al’s RINO Circus-Commissariat, but she was a dedicated one.

    She bears part of the responsibility, personally, for the terrible condition of our party and state.

    I wonder if she’s removed the photo of herself standing with the august ex-speaker Dennis “the Boy-Menace” Hastert, from her photo pantheon of deplorable Republicans (she’s also got photos featuring Tom Cross, jailbird-Gov. Geo. Ryan, Phony-Gov. Edgar, ex-Speaker Lee “the Squee” Daniels, ad nauseum.)

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