GOP Slams Local Dems for Secret Candidate Slating Session

A press release from the McHenry County Republican Party:

Republicans Favor Open Primaries

GOP Chair Slams Democrats for Using Secret Meetings to Select Candidates

McHenry, IL, April 16, 2016On Saturday the Democrat Party of McHenry Party held a closed door meeting to select candidates for the November election.

The meeting was not advertised and neither citizens nor journalists were allowed to attend.

Sandra Salgado

Sandra Salgado

McHenry County Republican Chairman Sandra Salgado offered her comments on the Democrats choice to select their candidates in a secret meeting,

“The voters of McHenry County and the State of Illinois are sick and tired of the backroom dealings of the Democrats.

“Each election cycle the Democrats in McHenry County refuse to provide the voters the chance to vet potential candidates in a primary election, and instead slate their candidates outside of the public eye.”

The meeting, attended by less than 40 Democrat operatives was held in a private room at a local hotel; a local journalist attempting to cover the proceedings was turned away.

“I’m proud that the Republican Party respects and trusts our voters enough to decide the Party’s nominees in these important local races,”

Salgado added.

The Democrat candidates, slated in the secret meeting, will face off against the Republican Party candidates, selected in the March 15th primary election, on November 8th.


GOP Slams Local Dems for Secret Candidate Slating Session — 12 Comments

  1. Richie Durbin is famous for back room nonsense, he taught them the Debt Enlarging Manic’s game.

  2. I don’t think we are going to hear any announcements until the last day for fling the petitions, which is in June.

  3. Thanks for taking a picture of my t shirt.

    Too bad your other photo was taken before the meeting started and the house was full.

    I don’t really know you but I’m getting a better idea how you operate pal.

  4. I would have been happy to stay and take a photo of a full house.

    I left just before the meeting was scheduled to start.

  5. Salgado, there were noticed notices of a caucus that had been made public.

    Cal, you are a blogger not a journalist.

  6. Anymore, honest journalists who are not censored by their editors are an endangered species.

    As a consequence we rely more and more on bloggers and citizen contributors.

    This blog is an excellent example.

  7. salgado was talking about back door meetings?

    Republicans are famous of back door meetings.

    why does the mchenry county board going to pay local 150 25 Grand.

    answer the Salgado!!!!!

  8. If it were up to the Democrats there would be no blogs, or other free speech sources for news.

    Just as in Communist/Socialist/Totalitarian ruled countries, the only news sources would be state controlled.

    Viva Cal !

  9. Finally if we have to vote a democrat into Office at Least he is willing to align himself with his party and not be a rhino

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