Jim Harrison Completes His Conversion from Republican to Independent to Democrat

After the November, 2014, election, I wrote a story asking whether Independent Sheriff’s candidate Jim Harrison was really running for McHenry County State’s Attorney. You can read the article by clicking on its title below:

Was Harrison Really Running for State’s Attorney?

Harrison started his quest for public office by running as a Republican for Sheriff in 2014, campaigning at the Algonquin Port Edward Republican Party fundraiser in February of 2012.

He announced his intentions to do so in November of 2012.

By the end of 2012, he had raised $8,200.

His subsequent fund raising by quarter follows:

  • 1st quarter of 2013 – $7,200
  • 2nd quarter of 2013 – $11,400
  • 3rd quarter of 2013 – $1,000
  • 4th quarter of 2013 – $1,000
  • 1st quarter of 2014 – $12,000
  • 2nd quarter of 2014 – $18,000
  • 3rd quarter of 2014 – $13,000
  • 4th quarter of 2014 – $12,000

In February of 2012, Harrison, Bill Prim and Andy Zinke were courting support at the Republican fundraiser at Port Edward in Algonquin.

By 2014, Harrison had dropped out of the race, reappearing as an Independent candidate in mid-April.

Two years ago in April of 2014, Jim Harrison’s name appeared on the web site of the McHenry County Democratic Party.

Independents have to get a lot of signatures.

After filing an email from Mike Bissett, Democratic Party Chairman, made it to my mailbox.

Democrats were helping Harrison pass petitions.

Harrison turned in his petitions and Republican candidate Bill Prim did not challenge them.

Even with help from the Democratic Party, “Independent” Harrison lost the Sheriff’s race by 61% to 39%.
Priim election results fall finalThis past week, Harrison made his transformation into a Democrat official.

He is listed as part of the “Local Party Leadership.”

He is “General Counsel.”

Will he also show up as the Democrats’ candidate for State’s Attorney?

Will Democrats pass petitions to put him on the ballot to oppose Republican Patrick Kenneally?

Kenneally did pretty well in his contest with Dan Regna:

The GOP Primary Election results between Patrick Kenneally and Dan Regna.

The GOP Primary Election results between Patrick Kenneally and Dan Regna–66% to 34%.

My guess is that, if is the Democrats’ slate a candidate for State’s Attorney, you will learn of the candidacy in the Northwest Herald.

Maybe the NWH will even mention his morphing from a Republican to a Democrat in his quest for county office.


Jim Harrison Completes His Conversion from Republican to Independent to Democrat — 21 Comments

  1. He would be crushed as a Dem candidate for State’s Attorney, there are dozens of more well qualified men AND women out there.

    My bet would be County Board Chairman, where his opponent would be very beatable.


    Though, he isn’t very pretty.

    Wikipedia calls chameleons distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards.


  3. the scary part is the amount of rino’s that helped and supported Harrison with donations. yard signs etc….

    we have a lot of democrats disguised as republicans in our midst’s a lot of phonies supported him, then changed over to Primm when it became evident he couldn’t win

  4. It seems that Harrison is hell bent on getting on the government dole.

  5. Harrison carries too many red flags and he is a chameleon.

    Harrison is flashy, but not catchy.

    He may be memorable, but he is certainly does not possess the qualities the people want in a candidate.

  6. If this gig does not work out for him, there is always the Green Party, Libertarian, or he can start his own party.

  7. Some time ago, perhaps years now, Harrison commented on this blog.

    His grasp of the law was tenuous at best.

    His ability to even write coherently was questionable. His understanding of The Constitution is… Fluid…

    His practice clearly is a meltdown failure or he wouldn’t have time to attempt to be elected to any and every electable position in the county.

    So… Why would The People elect an apparent professional failure who lacks basic understanding of The Law and The Constitution, has little to no management/administrative training/experience and doesn’t have the mental acuity to hold up his end of a conversation in a comment section of a blog?

    Democrat or Republican or Independent or Smurf Party Harrison cannot be elected by any population who desire competency in any government.

    Particularly in an office which can be used to abuse enemies of Harrison’s personal desires under the cloak of Law with little to no possibility of repercussions because he would effectively be The Law.

    We shall see but this election year may not be the right time for ignorant unprofessional public office aspirants to ascend.

    One can hope…

  8. Statement:

    An office which can be used to abuse enemies of Harrison’s personal desires under the cloak of Law with little to no possibility of repercussions because he would effectively be the Law.

    Priest, I believe you are confused with someone else in mind.

  9. Priest is accurate and the description is hilarious, because Harrison is the one that continues to make a mockery of himself.

    Thank you Priest!

    Apparenlty, Harrison, has no flour in his cookie batter and he lost the chips a long time ago.

  10. Listen up. people of McHenry County.

    Jim Harrison has “NEVER” disclosed the land records from the purchase that took place with the assistance of former Sheriff Keith Nygren.

    I was informed that it was an unscrupulous transaction that took place behind closed doors and with hopes of keeping the information from the public.


  11. Harrison is the original flip flopper…..

    His run for State’s Attorney will have the same results as his run for Sheriff….

    Sitting in room with his tongue hanging out, waiting for election results, only to find out he lost again…..

    It won’t matter how many ” boat rides to victories” you give, you will sink every time……

    Please do us all a favor and spare yourself the humiliation of defeat, once again……

  12. Maybe it was all of the quacks that made Harrison see the light.

    Maybe he is capable of thinking independently and will be a good addition to the race.

  13. Clap, Clap, Clap, Happy Trails!

    Keep it up and we are going to give you a podium every night on live television, just so you can spout out the “Jimmy Harrison Comedy Show”

    As you know, the subject material will be endless, entertaining, and don’t forget to mention educational.

    Martha, Harrison won’t make a good addition to any race.

    The fact is Harrison hasn’t disclose the land records, and therefore he has deceived the people.

  14. Happy Trails, Fighting Corruption and Priest, you are all correct.!!!!!

    Oh and here we go Eric C who will never learn either.

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