County Department Seeks To Take Over Homelessness Problem as Pioneer Center Relinquishes Role

The Planning & Development Committee will consider the following recommendation on being in charge of alleviating homelessness in the county at its 8:30 AM meeting on Tuesday, April 26th.

Below is what will be considered:

To: McHenry County Board Planning and Development Committee

From:  Hans Mach, Community Development Administrator

Re: McHenry County Continuum of Care to End Homelessness – Request to Explore Assumption of HUD CoC Funding and Grant Activities from Pioneer Center for Human Services

The McHenry County Continuum of Care (CoC) to End Homelessness coordinates the community’s response to ending homelessness.  The CoC also makes allocation decisions on community funding of approximately $1.1 million dollars in annual support to local providers for direct service and administrative activities.

At the April 14, 2016 full meeting of the CoC, Pioneer Center presented that it no longer desired to assume funding for two of its Continuum of Care (CoC) grant awards.  These awards involve the coordinated assessment (or coordinated entry) and Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) activities.  The coordinated assessment activities would have been a completely new direction for the CoC in that this type of activity was a newer initiative based on demonstrated community models.  The HMIS activity was not a new initiative, but had been funded under the Community Development Block Grant Program and McHenry County Mental Health Board.  Both awards are anticipated to go into contract later in 2016.

The CoC carefully considered the matter and voted to request that the Community Development (CD) Division of the McHenry County Department of Planning and Development assume the funding and grant activities from Pioneer Center for Human Services as soon as they become available.  Pioneer Center also reported that it would be willing to transfer over its existing McHenry County Mental Health Board contract for HMIS as soon as possible.  The CD Division is already a grantee under the CoC program for its Planning activities.

The CoC awards are $62,000 for coordinated assessment and $38,000 for HMIS.  The HMIS funding includes funding for salary, user training, and the annual software license. The coordinated assessment grant is primarily for salary.

After considering existing workloads and the needs of these activities, staff has concluded that we could not absorb these activities with our existing staff. We have concluded that managing the HMIS activity is approximately a half-time job (0.5 FTE). The community assessment activity would require a full time staff (1.0 FTE).

Both positions would be funded by the CoC grant awards.

However, these awards require a 25% match. CDBG funds can be used as the match for the HMIS activity. However, CDBG funds cannot be used as match for the coordinated assessment activity.

Staff is seeking direction from the Committee in order to reply to the CoC. County assumption of the grant funding and activities would require a formal approval from the CoC, then approval from the P&D Committee, the Human Resources Committee, the Finance and Audit Committee, and finally the County Board due to the increase in staffing and adjustment of the Department budget.

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me at (815) 334-4089 or by email to

= = = = =
When asked for additional financing info, Mr. Mach provided the following:

To answer your question simply, no county general administration funds would be required to take over the homelessness grants that are currently heading toward a contract to Pioneer Center.  Pioneer is seeking to reduce its breadth of services to a more focused mission and no longer wishes to operate these two projects.

These grants are from federal resources.

All of these grants require a 25% cash match.

We have adequate funding in our federal CDBG administration budget to provide the match.

We have verified that the administrative funding we have can be used as match for the HMIS project.

For the Coordinated Entry, we are weighing whether or not the County is the appropriate venue for the funding- or if another community provider might be more appropriate.

We anticipate that the Planning and Development Committee will be able to offer us some direction and insight.


County Department Seeks To Take Over Homelessness Problem as Pioneer Center Relinquishes Role — 25 Comments

  1. In answer to:

    “we are weighing whether or not the County is the appropriate venue for the funding-“


    You have a County employee attempting to secure his job!!

    Is this Board that stupid they will even consider this?

    Here are the P and D committee members:

    Chairman Carolyn Schofield
    Vice-Chairman Mary McCann
    Member Michael Walkup
    Member Sue Draffkorn
    Member Michael Skala
    Member Andrew Gasser
    Member Larry Smith

    Here is my opinion of the members of this committee:

    Schofield is a complete liberal serving out her final seven months.

    McCann is a complete liberal won her primary by 22 votes – should have lost.

    Walkup is a complete liberal who won his election because of name recognition and the other guy screwed up his own campaign.

    Draffkorn is a complete liberal serving out her final seven months.

    Skala is a liberal who has yet to attract enough attention to be voted out.

    Andrew Gasser (try to ignore his self promotion) is the only conservative in the group.

    Smith never says anything during Board meetings but all indications are he too should have run as a Democrat.

    What are the odds this group will protect you, the taxpayer from being skewered?

  2. Go to this link:

    Review ALL of the agencies surviving primarily on your taxpayer dollars and decide if we need the County DIRECTLY involved.

    All of these agencies are one of the reasons it is too expensive to live in this county.

    You can start by looking at where the website for the People in Need Forum exists.

    One reason our state and local taxes (including property tax) are as high as they are in Illinois is the fact that our two Senators and our 18 House members do a poor job of ensuring this State receives its proportionate share of federal tax dollars. We rank number 45.

    That said, our number one problem as frequently highlighted in this blog but being totally ignored in Springfield is the Constitutional Public Sector Pension guarantee.

  3. What are the odds this is Agenda 21 in action?

    The name is straight out of the book.

    Questioning is right.

    Do not trust these people!

  4. Like BOcare and many other gov programs, this is something we should vote on if we are going to be taxes for it.

    A 2/3 vote so it’s not a as the wind blows dealy either.

  5. Planning and Development dept has grown to competing with the market “flipping” houses on our dime and now this.

    The majority of PADS “regulars” have little intention to change their lives.

    Very few are the “families that have fallen on hard times” situations that sell these programs, again, on our dime.

    Where does the ever popular “grant” money come from?


    I agree with The Nob.

    Rather than shove it down the taxpayers throats, it should at least be put to vote.

  6. 2/3’s vote?

    What do you have against the long-held principle that “majority rules”, meaning a simple majority?

    Moreover, the sad state of our budget-less state is one of the main reasons for the current situation.

    More and more, local governments, charities, and people have been stepping in to help alleviate some of the problems being caused by the present state situation.

  7. “More and more, local governments, charities, and people have been stepping in to help alleviate some of the problems being caused by the present state situation.”

    As it should be.

  8. heh, heh …..

    Re: McHenry County Continuum of Care to End Homelessness

    What creepy Newspeak is this?

    What about the ‘homeless’ who choose to live this way …. yest they are a rather significant % …… 30% …33%?

    Wow about: Re: McHenry County Continuum of Care to End Stupidity

    McHenry County Continuum of Care to End Poverty

    McHenry County Continuum of Care to End Low IQs

    McHenry County Continuum of Care to End Big Government Attempts to Redistribute Income from Productive Citizens to Human-Leeches

    Re: McHenry County Continuum of Care to End Politically Correct Nonsense

  9. Will Sweet Sue “Corndog” Draffkorn even bother to attend any further County Bd meetings?

    She might very well start her own initiative:

    McHenry County Continuum of Care to End Banishment of County Board Mooks from Wrath of Citizenry Due to Election Losses

  10. All taxpayers in the County need to read this report:

    The 2015 Point in Time Homeless count for McHenry County shows:

    9 people not sheltered
    83 in emergency shelter
    85 in transitional housing

    Of those numbers:

    6 chronically homeless
    26 severely mentally ill
    21 chronic substance abuse
    25 verterans
    24 victims of domestic violence
    4 unaccompanied youth
    1 parenting youth
    1 child of parenting youth

    I have no idea why the totals fo not ‘foot’.

  11. Say What? Simple majority voting got us a Fed debt of 19T and State debt way to high also.

    2/3 vote to enact is like a amendment vote, something the vast majority will support.

    Not as the wind blows nonsense that is hard to get rid of or replace like BOcare, SS, Med, name a gov program the elected started with a simple partisan majority vote.

  12. How do they all get on the same board…………….the only redeeming factor is Andy Gasser

    Good grief folks we’re in big trouble………..most of them caved to the Union.

  13. Oh shut up with the only redeeming BS Bill.

    Didn’t you read questioning’s post above?

    Gas bag Gasser is only in this for himself and he doesn’t give a damn about anything or anyone else.

    Gas bag gasser’s ruthless takeover of the township GOP has done what?

    We were all made to believe the red sea would part when gas bag gasser got elected.

    Nothing is being done.

    Gas bag is sitting there doing absolutely nothing.

    All gas bag did was remove two patriots with whom everyone likes.

    Poor gas bag… don’t have the wingman you thought you would, do you?

    Sucks for you jerk.

  14. Wow Woodstock don’t hold back…

    let me know how you really feel about Andy….

    I don’t know Andy personally …but I do know that he and Mike Skala did not cave to the union the others did…

    Chris and Christine also did a great job with the Algonquin group ….

    thats their local bailiwick…

    I have no idea whats going on there………….

    But they have been replaced with Gasser and Covelli ….

    it was a vote by people in their area…

    so who are you to judge?

  15. Bill, get it straight. “They” did not cave to the union.

    The County Board spent $25k of our money, instead of what would have been a $million.

    Blame the darn union.

    They took your money.

  16. Drake, wasn’t it a red flag deal, the resolution didn’t even go through a committee meeting first.

    No one wants for fork out $$$$, but with mud on your face………..

  17. If a red flag deal is “something that demands attention or provokes an irritated reaction”, then yes it was.

    However, how irritated would taxpayers be when this frivolous lawsuit escalated (as it would have) to a million dollar court case like the bleacher situation in Crystal Lake.

    Blame the union, not the Board.

  18. Woodstock Resident has been trying for weeks to dub a nick name on Andrew.

    Yet WR is the only one that uses it.

    WR can’t even get a nickname to stick, why then should we listen to the rest of his dribble?

  19. If a survey were taken of the people who really deserve services from Pioneer center the result would be that they are “Awful” and should be shut down.

    They have had a complete change over of management in the past many years almost every single year and the board has never been able to be reached by citizens angry or disappointed with their services.

    The Board are simply show pieces.

    They are not involved in the management of the center.

    But they have been feeding off of the tax payer and ignoring the needs of the most vulnerable citizens.

    Shut them down and start over.

    They are a shell of an organization simply collecting tax payer money.

  20. “Woodstock Resident” ….

    Shouldn’r you really brand yourself “Algonquin Township Resident?”

    Perhaps “Algonquin Township Denizen” might even be a bit more accurate….

    What has Gasser actually done in the few days of the Algonquin Township Republican overhaul?

    Last time I checked the earth was still revolving properly on its axis and the Apocalypse had not yet befallen.

  21. Hey “oldman” you don’t have any idea what’s going on here let alone McHenry County.

    Our party is being overtaken by tea party crazies and you are aiding the gas bag.

    Gas bag gasser has been very busy alienating good Republicans who have been in the party for decades.

    He, and his minions, are ruining the party.

    Real leaders like Chris Yaeger have meetings and fund raisers.

    Chris did a great job last Saturday.

  22. I have a good idea what’s going on “Woodstock”.

    You are one of three bitter old ladies from Alg township, all of whom are sour that you have lost control before ever really having it, You are now facing the realization that you are irrelevant.

    None of you have any influence or resources to garner any movement and you are grasping on to your last bit of hope, your protege in lies and all that is corrupt and self-serving, one middle-aged, but all the bitter, lady who’s law license you hoped would give you some sort of validation/credibility.

    But, you are now seeing that your protege and her not so intelligent. live-in boyfriend have nothing to offer. Nothing to influence others.

    You cling to this blog with your disparaging remarks toward the few who actually get out and make real, positive change in our county. and all the while the Party, the township, the county, etc all go on without you.

    You’d rather be hated than be irrelevant and forgotten, but you are slowly facing the scary realization that your story ends with the latter.

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