Where Serwatka Spent His Money

Paul Serwatka

Paul Serwatka

Lakewood Village Trustee Paul Serwatka spent $40,836.91 during the first quarter of 2016 before dropping out of campaign for the Republican nomination State Representative in the 66th District to support the eventual winner, Allen Skillicorn.

Here’s how he spent his money:

  • $36,055.28 – Victory Media Group – Advertising
  • $3,000 – Rick Cape, Barrington – Campaign Work a
  • $600 – McHenry County Republicans – Meals
  • $500 – Mike Kasper, Chicago – Legal fees
  • $165.01 – Facebook, Menlo Park, CA – Website


Where Serwatka Spent His Money — 15 Comments

  1. **$500 – Mike Kasper, Chicago – Legal fees**


    Serwatka hired Mike Madigan’s election lawyer?

  2. I second the above.

    Paul Serwatka retained and paid Mike Madigan’s election lawyer and hired gun.


  3. To talk with one of the best lawyers in the game for advice is a mistake?


  4. All the top-tiered election lawyers were pretty entrenched Dems.

    None were nearly as accomplished as Kasper.

    Smmp – please elaborate on what your ridiculous comment even means.

    Examples of your claim are welcome.

  5. Allen Skillikorn was on his way to win and would have won in my opinion regardless.

    To suggest otherwise is simply conjecture.

  6. That’s what they rail at Serwatka for!!!????

    Hey, people, we live in the Illinois Soviet Socialist Republic aka Madiganistan.

    Don’t begrudge Serwatka for paying paltry tribute to preclude Madigan’s consigliere from representing an opponent … like IEA puppet, Schofield, or getting a fast answer to the big black box of Illinois Election Law …

    it could have been a genius move on Serwatka’s part.

    Why is everybody down on Serwatka … by eating humble pie … which he didn’t have to … he saved the day for Skillicorn and the people of that dist. from the horrible Schofield.


  7. MS. Cynthia Allen Schenck: You’re living in


    Hardly anybody intending to vote for Serwatka, and was swayed by his heroic dropping out, wouold have voted for Schofield as the backup candidate …..

    Skillicorn cot 95=% of Serwatka’s dropouts … a

    nd that, ma’am was the election!

  8. Dan Wilbrandt was the best candidate in this race.

    Gas bag gasser, Paul Serwatka, and Allen Skillicorn are all about themselves.

    There are people who have been in this Republican Party for decades and these three think they can just walk in and take over?

  9. Give me a break “Woodstock resident”/Eileen M. – you and Lou Anne M./”smmp” continue to make these ridiculous remarks but have yet to site a specific example of me “looking for attention” or “being all about myself”.

    The truth is you guys have become corrupt (or you have been all along).

    You are exactly what you said you were against.

    Dictating who can and can’t run for offices…

    Promoting cronies rather than the most qualified/strongest candidates for offices..

    Telling me to “wait my turn”?

    That now is Dan Wilbrandt’s turn?


    I won’t do all the dirt laundry here, but as long as your faction seeks to control things the way you do, I (and others) will step up in opposition to you.

    I told you this three years ago, and I’ll say it again now.

  10. Paul Serwatka told his voters to vote for Skillicorn when he dropped out, and Skillicorn didn’t win by that much so you do the math.

    Cynthia is just upset with Paul because he didn’t back her in her Precinct Committeeman race.

  11. Paul Serwatka supported the Old Republican Township ( Pension) guard for precinct committeeman positions.

    That is true as can be not only for me but other good committeeman too who had worked very hard for years to get very good Republicans elected.

    Yes, it was not right.

    A lack of integrity when you harm those who have supported you.

    So why did Walsh Freedom drop Serwatka like a Hot potato.

    Allen is a good man and I supported him from the start.

  12. Cynthia, what on earth are you talking about?

    What is the “old Republican township pension guard?

    Who is it that I supported?

    Who did I harm?

    and how?

    For a moment I thought you were only clueless.

    But, when you start with the Walsh Freedom fabrication, you show you’re not only clueless, but you’re being influenced by others who are worse than clueless.

    Keep under the tutelage of the Christina Myers’ and the Eileen Marhoffers and see where that gets you in life.

  13. Paul I would have voted for you.

    Cynthia is a sore loser who has a unique agenda of vegetarianism.

    Woodstock resident needs to be exposed.

    If it’s Eileen and her gossip crew they need to be exposed.

    Eileen and her bible study gossip group have done nothing good but stab people in the back time and time again.

    So, Woodstock resident, “WAIT YOUR TURN”.

    You will be told when you can comment again.

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