Valley Hi Wish List

With McHenry County Valley Hi Nursing Home having $41,660,082.57 in the bank, a wish list has been developed to spend that incredible surplus down.

The big money will be revealed in a consultant’s report to be delivered to the Valley Hi Operating Board and the County Board on Wednesday at 6 PM at Valley Hi, 2406 Hartland Rd, Woodstock.

(I’m betting the consultants will come up with a plan to spend virtually all of the surplus, but only the insiders are currently privy to the information and they are not in a sharing mood, claiming the report is still in “draft” form so can withheld from people like you.)

In any event what you see below, officially called a “Capital Improvement and Asset Preservation Plan,” includes everything that one could think of including not the kitchen sink, but a million renovation of the gravel floored basement, $30,000 for tents, tables and “chair: for the annual fall picnic and $25,000 for new artwork.

The total is $6,730,000.

Capital Improvement and Asset Preservation Plan

Proposed expenditures at McHenry County’s Valley Hi Nursing Home.


Valley Hi Wish List — 8 Comments

  1. A dreamy bureaucratic shopping list … 97% of which is wholly unnecessary.

    A tax-payers’ nightmare of permanent saddlement!

    How did county government ever get into the nanny-state business of nursing homes????

    …. Oh. yeah, that’s right, because under the misadministration of Fat Al, republicrats could farm off their eldery relatives — and even themselves — AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!

  2. If valley Hi was in Cary, the wish list would include more flowers, benches, and lots of banners.

    A train station jammed between the tracks and 14 so the snow plows pelt the building and air conditioner with salt.

    Waste has no particular home.

  3. This Valley High situation is totally out of control.

    The board has absolutely no understanding that Valley Hi has our money.

    The simple solution is sell the pig and let private enterprise trim the fat!

    Then return to us what was wrongfully taken from us.

  4. Such a coincidence that with all the money collected for all the years that compiled onto a surplus, that none of these projects were getting done until now.

    What a scam.

    Sell it

  5. Is this place even 10 years old- why do you need to remodel?

    And why would it cost $500K to research a project?

    I agree- just sell it.

    It is competing with private industry now- and not serving its mission anyway.

  6. Sell it and get out of the nursing home business.

    It’s not even exclusive to McHenry County taxpayers that are funding it anyway.

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