My Elevator Speech for Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

My Orkin guy and I have been discussing politics for the better part of a decade.

Last fall he told me he thought a Republican would win, but he was not enthusiastic about Trump.

Last week it was time for the first spring application.

He expressed dissatisfaction about Hillary Clinton, but no enthusiasm about Donald Trump.

I asked him what he thought the biggest issue was.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Presidential preference primary results for McHenry County.

Presidential preference primary results for McHenry County.

“The wall,” he replied with a smile.

“You’re partly right,” I said.

“It’s jobs.”

Then I asked which of the two had created jobs.

“Trump” was the answer.

“That’s partly right,” I said.

“Hillary has created jobs in the FBI.”

I got a wide smile out of him.


My Elevator Speech for Donald Trump — 15 Comments

  1. Be proud of supporting a man who is friends with the Clintons, Jeffrey Epstein and George Soros.

  2. The most important issue is our debt and deficit.

    Not a wall, that is never going to be built.

    Get your heaad out of the sand.

    You go ahead and shut down comments on your blog because you claim they are insulting and then you go ahead and stump for the biggest insulter in history?

    You have got to be kidding me.

    You are just like trumf.

    Shut down and blow over any opposition like a loud mouth blow horn carnival barker.

    You have lost all credibility.

  3. If Trump is the Republican candidate and I am a GOP Precinct Committeeman, he is my candidate.

    And he did carry McHenry County.

    I’ll put up the map showing what candidate won which precincts.

    Kaisik won my precinct, which is Algonquin 7 and the results of which can be found in the upper left hand corner of Algonquin Township.

  4. If you are a precinct committeeman and Kaisich won your precinct, why wouldn’t you support him?

    Also, truly I thought you were libertarian, Cal?

    I’ll stop presuming that if you tell me to, but in sincerely thought you were.

  5. Winning my precinct was insufficient to win the popular vote in McHenry County.

  6. He said if Trump is the Republican Candidate, he will support him.

    Over Hillary or Bernie- Hell Yes.

    I’ll support any one of the Republican candidates over those two!

    Juanita, hmmm Trump insults you how?

    Are you an illegal?

    Because illegals insult all of us in America.

    They break the law and are getting more welfare than American citizens or LEGAL immigrants.

    That’s the height of insult!

  7. Why would you think Juanita is illegal?

    Because of the name?

    Sounds racist.

  8. As a conservative, I’ve had to hold my nose and vote for the party’s chosen candidate even though everyone knew they wouldn’t win.

    Today for the first time in decades I have an opportunity to vote for a candidate I am confident will win and who is NOT chosen by the RNC.

    Cruz was originally my first choice because no one likes him in the senate.

    If they don’t like him because he stood up for the Constitution, well then he was who we needed.

    When Trump came into the roster it was obvious he and only he, could stand up to hillary and call her out for what she is and has been.

    After hearing this from a friend yesterday I am sure it’s perfect for Mr. Cruz and for all of America, have President Trump name Sen. Cruz for the Supreme Court!!!.

  9. Look people …. every four years there’s a quadrennial farce called “presidential elections’ …when the deluded sheeple are endlessly told they have the power to decide who’ll herd them into pens for shearing.


    That’s the watchword on the MSM.

    And it’s all BS for the weak-minded.

    For the first time since the degenerate Woodrow Wilson was put in to get us into WWI, start the fed and begin the fleecing called the federal income tax on the productive elements of society, the bankers Won’t be controlling both candy-dates.

    Think about it.

    For an outsider and non-put up, only a handful of Americans could ever have the chance to usurp power from the bankster rats …. the person had to have name recognition, a lot of money, and a strange assortment of traits, characteristics and ambitions.

    So Trump came and saw how easily the system was rigged against a real American ……. but will he be another Huey Long or George Wallace …. liquidated before he upset too many applecats ……

  10. Trump has created lots of jobs– for illegal immigrants ts at Hus hotels and construction companies.

    Its hard to imagine if we had to hire a “CEO” of the USA we’d hire a loumouth with no experience and who has blatantly lied repeatedly through the interview process.

    So why vote that way?

  11. You like him because he’s on your team and has that “R” next to his name.

    George Soros has created jobs.

    Bloomberg has created jobs.

    Jon Stewart has created jobs.

    Hollywood creates more American jobs.

    You want to see more exports in this country…

    You want to see more things made in American….

    You worry about trade…. ok, then how about American films?

    We dominate trade in that area and that area is dominated by liberals.

    How many Hollywood executives would you vote for because they created job?



    Go team R!

  12. The folks mentioned, of course, are not running for President.

  13. No one lies more than Hillary…… except Ted Cruz……

    It’s about time to Make America Great Again !!!!

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