County Clerk Mary McClellan Sued for Assault

McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan has been sued for assault by former employee Maria Ramos Warnecke.

Warnecke claims that McClellan “in a fit of rage thrust her hands in the direction of Plaintiff’s face”…placing her “in fear of imminent battery.”

Over $50,000 in damages is sought through her attorney Robert Hanlon.

McClellan Assault Complaint from Warnecke 4-29-16 p1McClellan Assault Complaint from Warnecke 4-29-16 p2


County Clerk Mary McClellan Sued for Assault — 51 Comments

  1. “In the direction of her face”?

    If this is the case, this is yet another example of this ridiculously sensitive new world we live in where everything is offensive and children are traumatized by their test papers being marked with red ink..

  2. Clearly, if true, McClellan’s actions were abusive.

    No employee should have to put up with such ridiculous behavior.

    Further, it demonstrates a clear and convincing lack of self control.

    McClellan would best serve the public by working at the Post Office where supervisors don’t have to be held accountable for their actions and their employees go postal…lol…

  3. Good to see a Pol, as sick of mind numbingly stupid people, as I am.

    This attorney needs a dope slap as well.

    You have to be some special kind of idiot, to file an action like this.

  4. I have no idea what actually happened in this particular case, but it sounds pretty flimsy to me unless there is a whole lot more to it than what is alleged in the complaint.

    We really need to adopt the English rule in this country so that the loser in a civil action pays the legal fees for both sides.

  5. It would be really interesting to know why the plaintiff is now a former employee.

    That could have a whole lot of bearing on this case.

  6. Nobody would ever dare accuse me of being a booster of our august, in-over-her-head and clueless Clerk McClellan.

    Having stated that, and given the pi**-poor and conclusory complaint of the fabulist Hanlon, I scratch my head about how on earth $50,000 in damages can ever be sought, much less proved.

    Couldn’t Hanlon come up w/ something better?


    1.) Do not, in a voice over 42 decibels, speak to her or say “Boo!”… in fact, with Maria Ramos-Warnecke, it may well be best to use sign language when communicating w/ her … but beware, be at least 30 feet away, so she can’t misinterpret the Amer. Sign Language signs for words like ‘awkward,’ ‘hare-brained,’ ‘ignite’ or ‘temper’ … because she may attempt to claim these signs are yet more ‘imminent assaults’!

    2.) Wear a ‘Happy Face’ mask when in vicinity of MRW… mustn’t let her even imagine you’re in some sort of rage.

    3.) Never, ever correct, chide, upbraid, scold, bawl out or, heaven forfend, even differ with MRW unless you have, at least eleven witnesses. MRW is such a delicate creature, I’m surprised she ever reached adulthood with all the mild and even moderate opposition one can experience in the 20th and 21st centuries. It’s really a marvel of survival someone as frangible as her made it past the age of 6.

  7. Amen Old Man, this is a political stunt at best, money grubbing, over-reaching, don’t-need-to-call-an-ambulance chasing attorney with a willing loser looking for revenge.

  8. What a bunch of bad actors.

    Wear a happy face mask @ LOL

  9. The complaint is valid.

    Just hope Mary Nader is not involved in this one she, in my opinion, doesn’t know the law and she chooses to ignore it.

    And, thankfully, Gordy has left the building.

  10. McClellan has rage issues.

    McClellan has accountability issues.

    Hanlon’s no dummy.

    I’m sure we’ll find out more when it actually goes to court.

    One thing we do know is that Mclellan cost Cook county and now she’s cost McHenry County (in reputation and taxpayer dollars ) due to her uncontrollable temper, poor management skills, and lack of ethics.



    did Mary McClellen fire 50% of her staff when she took over?

    Did she really hire her husband at a high rate of pay?….

    she is I believe going to be a one term clerk….

    Regardless of what is said here Hanlon is a good attorney…

  12. Hanlon, does not bring frivolous complaints.

    As for Mary’s husband, he best resign immediately!

    What, we have one more pension earned because of a family connection?


  13. The Mrs. who claims this is a political stunt, please explain how this is a political stunt?

    Mary isn’t even running for office at the moment.

    DJ a dope slap would be battery; this case is assault.

    A missed dope slap would be an assault.

    I find it interesting that Hanlon didn’t mention her position, her office, the county or anything that would lead to county liability.

    Why would he avoid the money?

    Maybe something bigger is at play.

  14. On the contrary, Hanlon has a history of bringing flimsy political lawsuits attempting to curry favor with the new regime.

    The claim for punitive damages will be dismissed, the over $50,000 claim is outrageous.

    Did the plaintiff wind up in the hospital, let’s wait and see what the damages are.

  15. FRED,







  16. Ask s lawyer and you will learn that $50,000 claim places the case in the law division and that’s all it is.

    There are cases for defamation they go to hurt feelings.

    The Mrs and Fred fail to articulate how a lawsuit at this time is anything but a simple lawsuit.

    Come on Fred show us how this is political!

  17. Both Fred and Eric only know how to twist the facts.

    Harrison could never be the right choice.

    He has deceived the public by not producing those famous land records.

  18. You are in “BIG TROUBLE” Eric.

    If you are smart, you will run and never come back.

    You are not invincible and you do not have as many friends as you think.

    Further, you just never know when someones security camera on the front of their home is actually working…lol…

    You might even want to change your looks, so no one can identify you.

    Hmmmm, some criminals are actually dumber than others.

  19. Seriously, this lawyer and the commenters on this blog are better than most sitcoms.

  20. It takes a real courageous person to make direct, but anonymous, threats on right wing blogs.

  21. Mr Hanlon and Ms McClellan both attended the same fourth tier law school in Chicago.

    Perhaps there is an old grudge at work here.

    I personally wouldn’t consider hiring anyone who went to school there, because there are five far better rated law schools located within the city limits of Chicago, and several more nearby.

    You have to be a bit desperate to pay private school tuition to attend a bottom fifty law school when the job market for lawyers is so saturated.

  22. Billy Bob- I understand that when Hanlon took the Bar exam he scored the highest score amongst all of the takers at that time.

    That doesn’t sound fourth tier.

    Also, there are more judges who graduated from that law school than any other law school in the state.

    NIU law school is a “second tier” school yet its graduates make 1/3 Hanlon’s alma mater.

    The market puts more value on his law school than the ranking system of a nearly defunct magazine.

    Billy Bob you hire the Harvard boys and I’ll go with the street fighter.

  23. Alabamashake- you complain about anonymity when you post anonymously.


    Your logic is as compelling as Billy Bob’s.

    Where did you two bafoons go to school.

    I did some research and I learned Hanlon went to Loyola.

    I’ve never thought that was a fourth tier school.

    I understand he has an MBA as well as a law degree.

    What degrees do you have Billy Bob?

  24. Fighting corruption- everything isn’t corrupt. Every case advanced isn’t about corruption and every case isn’t about the old guard or the new guard or any grand conspiracy. Change your handle to give yourself some credibility.

    it could be that the plaintiff is just pissed off and wanted to spend her money.

  25. Alabamashake- you complain about anonymity when you post anonymously.


    Your logic is as compelling as Billy Bob’s.

    Where did you two bafoons go to school.

    Concerned – When I make threats towards people then you may have a compelling point.

    I don’t care about anonymity.

    I do care about people making threats.

  26. Hey, Fighting?

    Don’t let the trolls and nitwits get you down.

    There is no time for nitwits.

    Things are very seriously wrong everywhere.

    Keep up your good fight; and let the tares fall away.

  27. Thank you Cindy.

    You are absolutely right.

    Hanlon, is a top shelf Attorney.

    As for the Law School he attended, it has turned our many high level Attorneys and it is a very good school.

  28. @Concerned wrote:
    “Where did you two bafoons(sic) go to school.”

    @Fighting Corruption wrote:

    When two supposedly different posters misspell the same word in the same way, it kind of makes me think that one of them is a sock puppet account for the other.

  29. Billy Bob – Fighting’s statement was in quotes!

    That means she quoted something!

    Lets all decide the merits of arguments about this lawsuit based on little Ms. Manners book of grammar (if one exists).

    If in fact Concerned is Fighting, Concerned slammed Fighting above at 6:51 am.

    Pay attention now Billy Bob!

    I say this because you omitted Concern’s quotes.

    I know its hard, but pay attention.

    Now look above, the post by Concerned at 6:51am says

    “Fighting corruption- everything isn’t corrupt…”

    Read that and tell us again how your sock puppet theory holds up?

    Frankly, I’m so sick of seeing the name fighting corruption, I wish I could join you in your speculation.

    Nevertheless, it doesn’t fly.

    However, since you ripped on Mr. Hanlon’s education, why is it that you have not responded to the question asked of you in Concerned 5:54am post?

    Could it be you have no legal education which makes you least qualified to address the value of a legal education, or is it because you are a jealous competitor that had to take the bar several times to get a license?

  30. Frankly, I am so sick of seeing the name “TIRED OF THE CLUB” I wish you would put a sock in it.

    Further, I never said everything is corrupt.

    Those words came from ‘CONCERNED” And, I do believe that Hanlon has a legitimate case and he is not an Attorney the brings frivolous cases to the courtroom.

    Tired of the Club, learn how to discern the facts, instead of making them up as you go, or choosing to read into something that does not exist!


  31. @ Tired of the Club

    I’m not a lawyer and I’ve never claimed to be one.

    My father was a senior partner in one of the big downtown law firms, and he hired a fair number of lawyers, and that’s why I’m pretty familiar with the law school pecking order and how the various local schools rank on it.

    I myself am just a simple IT person with a BS in Math and an MS in Computer Science.

    I’m really having trouble making heads or tails out of the rest of your post.

    I am more convinced than ever that there are one or two posters here who are posting under multiple sock puppet accounts and arguing with themselves for whatever reason.

  32. Hanlon went to The Marshall School of Law.

    He’ll kick a$$.

    Guess you’d have to see demonstrated what happened. Nothing to be taken lightly.

    This lawsuit of $50K is not outrageous.

    If this woman lost her job and was making $54K/yr, there are your damages.

    Wait to see how this plays out before making judgements on the plaintiff.

  33. i never thought my education would be a topic of public debate.

    I wish to correct erroneous posts about my education.

    First, I graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA),

    Second, I graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).

    Third, and finally, I earned a Juris Doctor (JD) at the John Marshall Law School.

    I have received other education as well.

    I did not know the Defendant in law school or otherwise.

    I am representing my client’s interests.

    Neither my client nor I will comment on the case except in court.

    By posting this comment I do not adopt nor do I endorse any comment made on this blog.

  34. The print edition of today’s NW Herald says that Maria Ramos Warnecke was fired right after this incident.

    My guess is that this lawsuit is some sort of backdoor way of trying to establish a wrongful termination claim.


    I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one.

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