Franks Doing Serious Polling

Jack Franks worked the tables at McHenry County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi's fundraiser in 2014.

Jack Franks worked the tables at McHenry County State’s Attorney Lou Bianchi’s fundraiser in 2014.

Last night a Friend of McHenry County Blog got wind of a 20-minute poll which was all about State Rep. Jack Franks.

It wasn’t a robo-poll.

It was a real live person.

To say it was “in-depth” would be an understatement.

Questions about a State Rep. race.

Questions about a run for Chairman of the McHenry County Board.

Questions about the Presidential candidates.

The conclusion was that Franks was exploring the water, if he hadn’t already put one foot in the water.

Would he be ambitious enough to run for both State Rep. and County Board Chairman (which, of course, being a good Democrat, he would call “County Board Chair”)?

If you can fill in some more details on the survey, please do so in the comment section.


Franks Doing Serious Polling — 4 Comments

  1. Hey I was that Bianchi Fundraiser Jacko infiltrated and even witnessed his repartee w/ Doug Kunde captured in the photo.

    I believe Jacko asked Mr. Kunde if people thought he was successful in buffaloing the citizens of McHenry County that he was ‘Pro-Family’ enough.

    I think Mr. Kunde said something to the effect, and I may be paraphrasing,

    ‘C’mon what about your deciding vote in favor of homosexual marriage in Illinois.”

  2. … and when he came to my table, I asked him what did he think he was doing wearing that rather large campaign button on his right lapel which said “I’m One of Mike Madigan’s Ninnies -and Proud of It!”

  3. ‘C’mon what about your deciding vote in favor of homosexual marriage in Illinois.”

    You do know that 61 people voted for marriage equality, right?

    Meaning that Franks couldn’t have been the deciding vote?

  4. Mike Walkup is a Democrat-turned-RINO.

    Jack Franks is a Democrat.

    I predicted from the beginning that if Mike Walkup became the “Republican” for County Board Chairman, his weakness as a candidate and lack of electability would draw Jack Franks like blood in the water…

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